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Kinky Animal Sex stories

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The next day in school was a scary one for Henry and myself. We made it through PE class but ran into some trouble at the showers. We both managed to keep from looking at each other so we wouldn't instantly get a hard-on. The problem arose when we left the showers and got to our lockers. I glanced over at Henry and got a picture perfect shot of his ass. My cock sprang up and almost slapped my stomach before I could grab it. The coach passed by at the same moment and stopped when he saw my cock jump to attention. He glanced over to see what I was looking at and noticed Henry's ass. "Not a bad sight." He said as he walked on without anything else being said.

Henry looked at me to see what the coach was talking about and noticed the head of my cock sticking out of you hand. He turned around so that his back was to everybody else in the room and stood up so I could see his erect cock also. I grabbed my underwear and pulled them on before anyone else saw my condition. Henry started getting dressed as well.

When we left the locker room Coach came up behind us and patted Henry's ass several times. Henry didn't say anything as we just kept walking. We made plans to talk at lunch as we headed in different directions to our classes. At lunch Henry started talking about what we had done the day before with each other, but seemed more excited about the dog. I told him how I had got involved with Dude. All at once he mentioned the Great Dane that his parents owned. I asked him if he was able to take the dog for a walk. He said he wasn't but there were times when his parents were out that he could do just about anything he wanted. He then told me that his parents were out of town today and wouldn't be back until tomorrow around noon. As he told me this he had a funny grin on his face. I asked him if he wanted a friend to spend the night with him.

I told him I believed that my parents would let me stay since it was a Friday. His expression brightened up even more as I suggested this. I told him I would call and get their permission and would go home with him after school. I left him to go use the phone while he was finishing his lunch. My mother said she saw nothing wrong with me sleeping over but I had to call her with the phone number when we go there. When I returned Henry was getting up from the table and said he had gotten a message from Coach and would catch up with me after school. I told him I would see him after school as I sat down to finish my lunch.

That afternoon Henry was waiting for me outside the gym and we started for his house. He was a little quiet and I could sense there was something wrong. After he didn't say much I asked him what the problem was. He said that I knew that the coach had sent for him and he went to his office before lunch was over. I told him I remember him telling me where he was going. Henry said that when he got to Coach's office he told him to come in and have a seat. Henry said he started off talking about coming out for sports, but then somehow got into talking about sex. Coach said that he saw the affect Henry had on me and he wanted Henry to know that he had the same affect on him. Henry said that while he was saying this Coach moved around and sat on the desk while rubbing his apparent hard cock.

Henry said that when Coach asked if he had ever done anything with a boy or man that he couldn't lie. Henry said that Coach stood up and pulled his shorts down and moved right in front of Henry face. Coach told him to suck him off. Henry said that he didn't have to do much just place Coach's cock in his mouth. He said Coach took over and fucked his face. Henry said when he came he swallowed all of his cum. Coach pulled his shorts back up and told Henry that he would get it fixed so that he would spend his library period in Coach's office and they could have a lot more fun.

Henry said as he got up to leave that Coach moved behind him and fondled his ass and told him that Monday he would see what Henry's ass really felt like. I could tell Henry was a little upset by the way he told me about what happened. I asked him if he was all right about it. Henry said he was scared that it would get around school that he had sucked Coach's cock. I stopped Henry as I grabbed his shoulders and turned him around me. I told him that there was no way that Coach would tell anybody because he had too much to lose if it got out. I told Henry to forget about it for now that we had all weekend to figure something out. Henry appeared to relax some as we started off again. I told him we had more impressing things to worry about right now. He looked at me as if he didn't know what I was talking about, so I said we had to take care of his Great Dane.

The walk to his house let Henry come back to what we had planned. We got to his house and I was happy to see that his backyard had one of those six feet high security fences. I knew this would make it easy for us to go back and forth to the dog pen. We went back to check on the dog and were beginning to have second thoughts when I saw the size of the dog's cock hanging inside its sheath. The first thing that hit me was the odor of the dog and pen and told Henry we had to give the dog a bath before we tried anything. Henry agreed and said they had a large tub behind the pen that they used to wash him in.

We pulled the tub down and Henry told me that it actually was a watering trough for cows or horses or some other livestock. It was about eight feet long and oblong shaped. The sides were about two and a half feet tall. I told him it was larger than the bathtub in my home. We placed it by the water hose and started filling it while Henry got the soap, rags, and brushes. It took about fifteen minutes for the tub to get enough water in it. Henry started to go get the dog when I told him we should take our clothes off to keep from getting soaked. He thought for a second and then started removing his clothes.

We got completely naked and I patted Henry's ass and told him I saw what Coach wanted to get a hold of. I could tell Henry was a little uneasy with the comment and I told him to forget it. He headed to the pen while I checked the water in the tub. It was cold to the touch and I knew we would have some fun in it. Henry led the dog to the trough and surprisingly the dog stepped into the tub without us having to do anything. I stepped in with him and started soaking him with the water hose. Henry followed suit and grabbed a rag and the soap. He started soaping up the dog's head while I started on the other end. We had him all lathered up from head to foot within minutes. We took the brushes and scrubbed the dog down as good as we could. By this time we had as much soap on us as we did the dog.

Rubbing up against the dog with soap all over us was beginning to do its job on our cocks. They weren't hard but had assumed their normal size after shrinking from the cold water. I reached underneath the dog and lathered up his balls and sheath. Wanted to be sure and get them clean. The dog at first pulled away from my hand but then straightened back up as I pulled the sheath off of his cock. I jerked him a couple of times and was glad to see he wanted to hump my hand. I let go and splashed some water on him to get the soap off. We started rinsing him off and brushing him down as I kept rubbing his cock through his sheath. I was not pulling the sheath back and in a few seconds the dog's cock had swollen to its very large size.

I told Henry to take a look and when he did he forgot about the hose as he sprayed me. We played around pushing and spraying each other with the water while the dog shook as much of the water that he could off of himself. We got out of the tub and started drying the dog off with some towels Henry had brought. I asked Henry where we could go to have some fun with the dog. He told me that they had a room just inside the back of the house that was used for watching TV and such. He said it was intended to be a playroom but his father hadn't put in a pool table yet and he wasn't real sure if he ever would. Henry said it was a nice carpeted room with nothing in the middle of the floor. He said that when they let the dog in he was allowed to stay in that room. I grabbed the dog's collar and started toward the back of the house and Henry followed. The dog was being very cooperative, as he probably would have followed even if I hadn't been holding his collar. Henry opened the door and the dog walked right on in.

I moved to the middle of the room as the dog moved beside me. I reached underneath and jerked on his sheath until his cock was forced out of it. As soon as the dog started humping I released his cock. Told Henry that we probably should spread something on the floor to keep from messing up the carpet. He went to the closet and pulled out a few old sheets that we spread on the floor. I told Henry to grab the dog's sheath and jerk on it but to let go as soon as he started humping. He did as I said and the dog started bouncing around with its tail swinging wildly. I knew he was excited but I was not sure what we were going to do. I told Henry to get some lube and he left the room. I moved up to the dog's head and held him on either side. He was hassling and I pushed my cock into his mouth.

He rolled my cock around in his mouth trying to push it back out, but was really giving my cock a warm work over. He managed to push my cock out of his mouth but then licked at it. I pushed it back in and the same thing happened again. Seemed as if he didn't want my dick in his mouth, but would lick it once it was out. Henry came back in and said it looked like we were having fun. I grinned at him and told him that we were just getting to know each other. The dog took a couple more licks at my now hard cock. I told Henry to come to the dogs head and I showed him what I had been doing. The dog did the same thing to Henry who was hard within seconds. I asked Henry if he wanted to let the dog fuck him or just play with the dog's cock. Henry said he was a little scared of the size of the dog.

We both moved down and started playing with the dog's cock and balls. I bounced his balls around in my hand as Henry got him to hump his hand. The dog's cock and knot was outside its sheath and I told Henry to grab right behind the knot and hold on tight. He did as we both watched the dog's long slender cock start to swell and turn dark purple. The cock was probably twice as thick as our cock and about eight inches long not including the knot, which had swelled to the size of a baseball. The dog had stopped humping as his cock was throbbing and squirting a stream of liquid with each throb. I noticed that Henry was really fascinated by the streams so I told him to go ahead and taste it. I figured he would catch some on his hand and lick it but he had other plans as he sucked the dog's cock in his mouth.

Of course his mouth could only accommodate about the first four inches, but when the dog felt his mouth around his cock he thrust another inch or two inside. The dog's cock must have squirted a couple of times before Henry could pull his mouth off of it. Henry said he wanted to try to let him fuck him. I told him that we needed to let him cool down a little before he would be ready for Henry's ass. I told Henry he should let me fuck his ass to loosen it up for the dog. Henry seemed to understand this logic as he got up and started applying some lube to his asshole. He then dropped on all fours and told me to help myself. I was really hard and worked up as I mounted Henry's ass.

My cock met very little resistance as it slid right up in Henry's hot tunnel. The heat was almost too much as I had to stop to keep from cumming. The sight of the dog's huge cock swinging down beneath him and knowing it was going to be where my cock was in a few minutes was too much for me. I started shooting my cum inside Henry as I heard him moan. He pulled his ass away from me as he spun around and sucked my cock in his mouth. My cock had one last blast as it filled Henry's mouth. He swallowed all of the cum he could and then continued to suck on my cock as it tried to go soft. Henry made sure he kept my cock hard. He pulled his mouth off of my cock and we both noticed that the dog had managed to lick his cock until it was back in its sheath. Henry looked at me and asked if the dog was ready for him. I said he probably was but said we needed to do something about his front paws. I reached into my shoes and pulled out my socks.

With some help from Henry we were able to put my socks on the dog's front legs. The dog looked and acted a little funny with the socks but when I jerked his cock a time or two he forgot about the socks and stood up on all fours. Henry saw the reaction of the dog and he appeared as excited. He dropped on all fours and pushed his ass toward the dog. The dog took a sniff or two at Henry's asshole and then tried to mount him. He grabbed Henry around the waist but when he pumped at his ass he wasn't even close. The dog's cock was about a foot above Henry's ass. At first I laughed but then told Henry we had to get a better position for him if he intended to get fucked by the dog. I pulled the dog off of Henry and suggested that Henry stand up and move over to the recliner. Told him to lean over and place his chest on the back of the chair and keep his legs spread and straight.

I moved the dog back to his ass and he jumped upon Henry's back. This time when he tried to drive his cock into Henry's asshole it was a lot closer. I grabbed the dogs cock and pushed it down until it slid right in. Henry's body tried to pull away, as is the natural reaction from something being forced in your asshole. He relaxed and pushed back as the dog started humping faster and faster. I watched as the dog's knot kept slapping at the entrance of Henry's asshole. I noticed it forced its way in once or twice before I placed my hand between it and Henry. I didn't want Henry's first fuck from the dog to be a painful one and I knew when that knot started swelling it was more than Henry was ready for. The dog's cock had swollen enough that Henry's prostate was getting rubbed just enough to cause him to moan and groan. The dog made a couple of hard thrust and relaxed as he started empting his cum in Henry's ass. Henry wanted to know if the dog's knot was inside because he said he felt something swelling. I told him it was only the dog's cock, that I had made sure his knot didn't get inside this time. Henry asked me to jerk on his cock so he could get some relief. He said he was afraid to move his hands because of the weight of the dog.

I moved around and grabbed his hard cock and it only took two jerks before his cum was blasting out of him and hitting the chair in front of him. He moaned a couple of times as I continued to jerk him off but at a slower pace. I knew how it felt when your balls were trying to shoot but the action on the cock had stopped. I watched until I could not squeeze anymore cum out of his shaft. Had to look because his cock was not getting soft. The dog made a quick move and stepped down from Henry's back. I heard Henry yelp as the dog's thick cock was forcefully removed from his asshole. When I looked at Henry's asshole it was still gapped open as the doggy cum started streaming out. I heard Henry sigh as he relaxed himself against the chair. He squatted on the floor as he let as much of the cum drain out of him. I asked him how it felt and he said it was great.

He then wanted to know how soon the dog would be able to do it again and he wanted to see if he could take the dog's knot. I looked at him a little questionably. He said that he almost came without touching his cock and he believed that had there been just a little more pressure in his ass he would have. He thanked me for the hand job and started to go clean himself up but then said that if he was going to do it again there was no reason to clean the lube out of is asshole. Henry looked over at my semi-hard cock and asked if he could play with it because he was still horny as hell. I spread my legs out and lay back on the floor. Henry crawled over and placed his mouth on my cock and started sucking. My cock responded and I noticed the dog was licking his deflating cock and knot.

Henry had sucked my cock back to a hard state but was not trying to make me cum he was just enjoying my cock like a kid with a lollipop. We stayed in that position for about five minutes when I noticed the dog had begun to sniff around on Henry's ass. Henry had raised himself upon his knees and allowed the dog to lick at his asshole. I could tell by the way the dog was acting that he wanted to do more than lick. I told Henry that his friend was ready for action and he pulled his head off of my cock. Henry moved back to the chair and assumed the position he had used earlier.

The dog immediately mounted Henry. I helped by directing the dog's cock again. The dog started fucking Henry and this time when his knot slipped inside the dog looked like he was trying to climb upon Henry's butt. Henry had started moaning the second the dog entered him. He let out a little scream as the dog's knot started swelling inside him. He told me to pull it out that it was too big but by that time it also was too late. I pushed against the dog's ass to keep him from trying to pull it back out because I knew that would be very painful. When I pushed forward on the dog my hand slipped and pushed his tail away from his asshole. This actually stretched his asshole open a little and I knew right then what I wanted to do. I ran across the room and grabbed the lube while I noticed Henry's grunting from the pain was turning into more of a moan. I pulled the dog's tail back up and spread a big glob of lube right on the hole. I placed my cock at the entrance of the dog's asshole and started pushing. At first I didn't think my cock was going to force its way in but when it got past the tight muscle it seemed to open up as the rest of my cock entered. The dog yelped this time as I started fucking as fast as I could into his asshole. His ass was hotter than anything I had ever stuck my dick into before. I could actually feel the dog's cock as it squirted more cum up Henry's asshole.

Henry had almost become quiet except for a low moan every time his cock shot cum on the chair. I wasn't far from cumming myself and the picture in my mind of Henry tied to the dog and me fucking the dog up its ass was too much. I screamed out as my balls pulled up against my cock and then exploded into the dog's ass. I must have shot ten times before the wave of the orgasm started subsiding. I stayed where I was until the dog's ass muscles forced my cock out. Henry and the dog remained tied together for another ten minutes and when they finally pulled apart I had a towel ready to catch the cum I knew would come rushing out of Henry's asshole.

The dog and Henry lay down on the floor and Henry dozed off while the dog just licked himself. I decided to let Henry rest as I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich. While sitting there eating I came up with a plan that if Henry was willing to go along with would keep Coach off of Henry's ass, if he wanted him off.

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STORY TIME--M/M/Beast/Enema/Assplay/Zebra

Four Legs Sure

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:19:58 -0400 From: Allen Baker Subject: Four Legs? Sure!

Four Legs? Sure! By Allen Baker

"That's what he said!" Brian was one of the five of us drunken sots sprawled about the pub table in the late-night gloom. "Tom said if it had four legs he'd want to be fucked by it." The others snorted in disbelief or disgust. So Brian gestured toward me. "Go on, Tom. Go on and tell them. Tell them about Fido." He turned to the our new acquaintances before I could swallow the mouthful of beer I had just gulped at. "He has this male black lab that loves to fuck. And Tom loves to be fucked. So just what do you think the two of them do every night in bed? I'm sure he'd even let you watch. But that's beside the point. I know for a fact that he's also had it from other four-legged beasts. He even showed me a picture of him and a pony! You otta see that one!" Now the other three were staring at me with looks between curiosity and envy. I'd just met the three that evening and really had no way of knowing their thoughts on deviant sex. But I was just soused enough to not care if they approved or not. John and Evan didn't comment. But Carl had a question. "What's the biggest cock you've ever handled?" I thought a moment before replying. Not because I had to ponder the answer, but because I wasn't sure they would be able to handle the response. "A Clydesdale." I waited for the thought to register with each of them before I continued. "It was as long as my arm and fully as thick. Thought I'd pass out for sure when he started rutting with that pointed post of his. And when he came it felt like I was getting a two-gallon enema. Best memory of animal sex I got," I confessed. John said nothing, just shook his head in wonder. "Shit!" Evan let his mouth drop open in shocked awe. Carl sat back in his chair and grinned. "So you'd do it with any animal at all, eh?" "Yeah." I replied to his challenging tone. "Get me drunk enough and time to work my back door open a bit, and I'll take on any four-legged critter you can bring on." Carl leaned across the table and held out his hand. "Shake on it, man. I got something that'll love to do you. What d'ya say guys . . . here tomorrow night at 10 and we'll watch Tom meet the challenge of his life?" The other three murmured agreement. I stared into Carl's face for a couple of seconds trying to judge what I was getting myself into before I reached out to grasp his hand in acceptance of the dare.


The next morning I awake with vague recollections of the evening's events. I was halfway through my first cup of coffee before the idea began to surface about Carl's offer. Immediately I was aroused by excitement and concern. What had I agreed to? And what new experience was in store for me? I sat nude at the table with my coffee and fantasized as to what just might happen that night. Soon, I felt my dick bump against the bottom of the table in anticipation. After some typical Saturday chores and errands, I ended up back at the apartment with time to think about the evening ahead. Since I had no idea what Carl had in store for me, I decided I'd at least better do some preparation. I stripped down and headed to the bathroom to fill my enema bag. It was a custom, two-gallon thing that always delighted me when I eyed it. I filled it to the brim and stepped into the tub. I shivered as I slipped the oversized nozzle up my butt and flipped open the hose. Cool liquid began to fill and slosh my gut as I slid down to my hands and knees. I slipped forward and back, moving the fluid deeper and deeper into my gut. I began to feel the fullness and glanced to the bag. Only half empty. A ways to go yet. I lowered my chest to the bottom of the tub and raised my ass to change the tilt of my tunnels. The water gurgled inside me as it coursed along the channel to ever more remote areas. I began to cramp, and massaged my stomach muscles to ease the stress and encourage even more volume. Finally, the bag was empty. I gently eased the nozzle out and clamped my muscles tight to hold in every drop. Carefully, I reached over the edge of the tub and felt among the toys I had placed there. Finally, I grasped the item I wanted and placed it at my asshole opening. Slowly I eased the four-inch butt plug forward and back, edging in deeper with each probe. With a gasp I felt the last flange pop into place, sealing the opening with all the water trapped inside. A big sigh escaped my lips as I reveled in the nicely stretched feel of my straining ass ring which quivered with the effort. I pulled on a pair of tight shorts to help hold the plug in place and went back to the kitchen to unload my groceries and put clothes into the dryer. All the time I worked, I was very aware of the taught stretching taking place in my abdomen. It was a delicious feeling that spread to my crotch and expanded my dick. Soon, there was a wet spot of ooze spreading across the front of my shorts. Fido sniffed the spot and licked at it. His tongue felt real good against my dick. Suddenly, the cramping returned, and I knew that I'd have to soon empty out. Back in the bathroom, I started toward the commode but a deviously kinky urge propelled me to the bathtub instead. Placing the back of my shoulder blades onto the bottom of the tub, I walked my heels up the side of the shower. Then with a grunt, I forced the plug to pop out of my hole. Immediately, a flow brown liquid oozed out and began to lava its way through my crotch and over my stomach. Soon my front and back were covered with the ass slime. It puddled over the floor of the tub and massed about my shoulders and neck. The heady aroma of shit smothered my nostrils and struck me straight in the crotch. My dick grew hard and liquid manure dripped from its end onto my chin. I closed my eyes and forced myself to part my lips and let the droppings accumulate in my mouth. I reached up to grasp my cock and use the brown sludge as lubricant to stroke myself. As I climaxed, I forced myself to swallow the goo that filled my mouth. Then I slid down the tub and rested in the brown water until my breathing had calmed. I showered off and kneeled on the floor to reach in and clean the tub. That's when Fido took advantage of my position to attack and mount me. I figured it was a good prelude to the evening, so I let him fuck his brains out. Later, I reached for more stretching toys. I progressed to ever thicker and longer items in an attempt to fully prepare my ass for the unknown events ahead. As I played, I let my imagination roam to the potentials of what Carl might have for me. In all my dreams, nothing rivaled the reality of it.


The other four were already at the bar when I arrived. They handed me a beer, and we chatted a bit. Finally, I could contain my curiosity no longer. "Well, Carl, where we headed? You got a barn or something full of sheep or goats or what?" Carl just smiled. "No, nothing that mundane. Any of you have any idea what I do for a living?" We all looked about the table and shook our heads. None of us had bothered to ask the night before. "Well, I work with the film industry. I train exotic animals for the movies. I have my own little ranch outside of town where I work with all kinds of critters. And I have something very special for you tonight. Shall we go?" He stood and lead the way to the door. I was surprised and immediately aroused. Exotic animals. Shit! This guy could have any number of things in his menagerie. Damn, what did I have myself in for this time? I found it both frightening and very stimulating. I hurried to catch up to the other guys as they piled into Carl's van. Once inside, Carl ordered me to the very back while the others took the bucket seats. "Tom, strip down and place all your clothes in the plastic tub back there." It seemed like a good idea to me. Soon I was wearing nothing but a five-inch butt plug and a cock ring. Carl handed a bag back to Evan and Brian. "Here guys, put those on him." The two men joined me in the back and opened the bag. First they pulled out a ball gag. When I started to protest, Carl had a logical explanation. "Just so you don't shout out at the wrong time. Some of my animals get skittish and excitable when sexually aroused." Then came padded leather cuffs for my wrists and ankles. I didn't bother to ask the reasoning behind them. I just figured Carl had a purpose for them. That and the fact that I have always been keen on bondage made me eager to cooperate. And coupled with bestiality, I figured this just had to be a night to remember. It wasn't long after that when we turned off the main road onto a gravel lane. We passed a sign, but it was too dark to read it. Figured it must be a sign for Carl's ranch. Soon, we pulled up beside a group of large buildings and piled out onto the grass. It was damp under my bare feet. Carl unlocked a door in the side of one building and ushered us in. I was immediately struck by the zoo-like aroma of the inhabitants. Animal smells abound and stimulated us all. Carl lead us down through a maze of stalls and cages. Everything from squirrels and skunks (descented, Carl assured us) to monkeys and snakes. Wow, this could be very interesting. Carl led us into a back room that was evidently used as a clinic. He led me to a medical table in the middle and leaned me over it. He attached my wrists to the top above my head and stretched my feet to the sides where the other guys secured them. Then Carl spied the butt plug lodged in my upturned ass. "Better get rid of this," he said as he grasped its base. "Don't want some wildly rutting beast to push it in two feet farther." He yanked it out, leaving my hole gaping and longing to be refilled. He left the room and the other guys made lewd remarks about my naked vulnerability. Soon they were rubbing their fabric covered crotches. Behind me, I heard a sliding door grate open on its rollers. Then the sound of hoofs as Carl led some animal into the area. "I think this is a good place to start." By twisting my head, I could just see the side of a white and black striped beast. A zebra. Wow. Now that was exotic. I had handled that previous horse with enough ease that I was not disturbed by it. In fact, I was very excited about it. "Damn," whispered Evan to no one in particular, "look at the size of the dick on that beast." I couldn't see it from my point of view. But I could see the other guys' faces, and that was enough to tell me I was in for a workout. Carl led the zebra to my back end. It took a couple of sniffs of my puckered ass lips and gave it a lick. His textured tongue sent shivers of delight rippling through my body. I nearly climaxed on the spot. Carl must have trained him well, because that one lick was all the introduction the zebra needed. He reared up and planted his front hoofs on the large wooden blocks set on either side of the table and inched forward until his soft fuzzy belly grazed my back and butt. Carl moved to the side and reached between us to guide the critter to the right place. I felt the blunt moist end of a leathery baseball bat. Then animal instincts took over, and that zebra lunged forward to take control. That's when I learned the wisdom of the gag. I screeched in pain with that quadruped's indelicate lurch. He obviously didn't believe in foreplay. I went from totally empty to an all-out assault. I was gasping for breath at the animal plunged in and out, fulfilling ancient natural urges. He had no regard for his partner. And actually, I was glad. I had my fill of compliant but tentative sexual partners. What I loved most about animal sex was that they were always attentive only to their own needs and urges. They expected me to be a receptacle only. I was the one who had to adapt. And boy did I. Soon we were rutting in style. I shouted encouragement behind my gag as I felt that furry stomach slide none too gently across my back. When I looked to the side, I saw the guys had either dropped their pants or stripped entirely. Some were stroking their cocks, some were stroking their neighbor's. Looking back along my side, I could see that Carl was reaching in to caress the beast. I could feel two giant testicles slap against my thighs with each stroke. My ass adjusted and finally stopped complainingI was in heaven. But it must have been a while since the animal had climaxed, because it wasn't long at all before it buried itself one last time and held its place. I felt the throb of an ejaculating dick deep inside me as two massive nuts rode up their cords and slide up my legs to lodge against my crack. It seemed to go on and on. Then suddenly, the beast pulled away, and its huge declining dick came loose with an audible plop. I nearly cried with emptiness. Then other guys gathered around my ass. "Look at that. Look at that white milk pour outta that hole." I could feel what they described. It felt like quarts of liquid spilled down my inner thighs. Soon the guys were plunging their dicks into my ass, slithering up their cocks with the zebra cum. Then they whipped their dicks, bent each other over and plowed tight- holed asses with the exotic lubricant. Soon the shouts of climaxing men filled the air. I sighed in contentment, thinking the evening's events were over. I was so wrong. Once he had recovered, Carl led the zebra toward the door. "Get him freed from the table, guys, and bring him out here for the main event." My head was reeling with the thought that the zebra was just the warm up round. The guys lead me out and down a ramp. We followed Carl to a side door. He picked up a bundle of ropes and straps and led us outside into a large high, fenced-in field. The stench was strong. At first, we didn't see anything in the darkness. Then a huge shadow separated itself from the trees and came our way. The guys gasped, and I nearly fainted when we made out that it was an elephant. If I could have spoken, I'd have screamed out a loud no. As it was, I tried to turn and make a hasty retreat. But the other guys grabbed me. "Don't you remember your boast?" John's voice spoke in my ear. "Anything with four legs." And he laughed. In the meantime, Carl had approached the elephant and talked to it, reassuring it that our presence at the unusual hour was nothing to fear. Maybe nothing for the animal to fear. Wasn't so sure about that for myself. Then Carl attached some of the straps and ropes to the harness that already surrounded the big brute's body. "Ok guys, bring him over." They nearly carried my, because I certainly would not have willingly walked to my doom. Carl attached my wrists and then my ankles to the harness so that I swung under the animal, with our stomachs touching. Then he placed a tarpaulin-like support about my back which took the weight off my extremities. In the meantime, I could tell the huge mammal was becoming aroused and knew what was about to take place. I could sense its excitement and feel the slapping of a gigantic phallus against my legs. By the feel, it could certainly have been the thickness of my calf and the length of my leg! I envisioned the need of medical care before the night was over. I tried not to panic, knowing the need to keep my muscles very, very relaxed. Carl, leaned in to talk to me. "I'm going to slide this whole contraption back in a minute. I'll have the guys guide his prick to your hole as I do that. You are in for the experience of a life time. This old guy loves to get his rocks off this way, and he's found that trotting about the grounds makes you move up and down on his dick. It'll feel like riding a horse bareback with a huge dildo up your ass. Only thing is, this guy isn't as young as he used to be, so it's unpredictable as to how long it will take him to climax. It might be over in five minutes, or you just might get rammed for a good thirty or forty minutes before he cums." It was too dark to see, but I could hear the smile in Carl's voice. Again I nearly panicked, but soon desire won out. My libido overruled my head. My ass had a mind of its own and wouldn't willingly miss out on this experience. Carl called the guys to assist and then began to inch the harness toward the animals rear. The head of an elephant's cock is unbelievably sized. I actually passed out for a few seconds when it popped inside me. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I was hyperventilating and screaming behind the gag. And still Carl slid the harness back until he finally had it where he wanted it. "That should do it. The natural movement as he moves about will bury it deeper all the time. Hold on Tom, you'll never forget this wager." With that, Carl slapped the flat of his palm to the elephants side, and it began to move. Walk at first. Even that gentle movement caused agonizing streaks of pain to ripple through me. Then he picked up the pace a bit as he moved. Carl was right, each motion moved me up and down that intruding telephone pole. Each step caused me to fuck myself on that boy's hard organ. Soon I was grunting with each motion. And then I felt something I really hadn't expected. My own cock was rubbing up and down, too. Each thrust of the animal's cock in my ass, caused my own dick to slide along the leathery skin of his belly. Now I wasn't sure where to concentrate my feeling. My ass was being ripped open and at the same time my cock was being sandpapered into a sensitive log fr desire. I soon lost track of the time. Brian later said it went on for no more that ten minutes. To me, it seemed forever. At some point, the endorphin rush kicked in and the agony turned to bliss. I felt everything still, but the feelings had new meaning. I stopped screaming and started shouting. I felt that huge pilaster rub against my prostate with every movement. My dick got harder and soon my nuts pulled up and I blasted my spunk onto our adjoining stomachs. The slithering goo only acted as lubricant and caused me to erect once more. My ass muscles finally relented all attempts to expel the intrusion and went totally limp, opening much farther than it ever had in any previous fantasy. I was floating somewhere between ecstasy and paradise. I didn't want it to ever end. But it did with a flourish. The beast came to an abrupt halt but kept his hips bucking. He reared back his head and raised his trunk. His trumpeting broke the night stillness in echoing shrieks. He raised back on his haunches with his front legs raised high in the air. In that upward position, gravity pulled all my weight even farther down onto that hard organ. And his already massive cock expanded even more as it throbbed and plastered my innards with it's sperm. It sent blast after blast deeper and deeper into my extended guts. The stretched lips of my ass finally had met their limit and split open under the pressure. The added pain of ripping flesh along with the prostate pounding once again sparked an orgasm of my own. My head flew into sparks against the inner darkness. I passed out. When I came around, the guys had carried me back to the medical table. Carl had my legs up in stirrups and had already shot my ass area with painkiller. He was threading suture into a needle in preparation for mending my damaged ass. When he saw me come around, he moved up beside me. "How's it going man? You had quite a ride. And there's hardly any damage at all. In a week you'll be back to normal." Then he gave me wicked grin. "Well, you really may never be quite normal again." "You can say that again." From the feel of every muscle in my body, I doubted that I'd feel back in shape for months. "That was the most amazing experience ever. But I can't help but ask, Carl, did you actually train those animals to do that?" He smiled as he stitched me up. "Actually, I do train animals for the movies. But I make much more money training them to work with the actors. You'd be surprised what big name stars visit this place after dark for special sessions with my four legged playmates." That remark reminded me of my own attitude from just the night before. "It's got four legs? Sure!"

Monday, April 06, 2009

STORY TIME- 'The Stables'-(Beast/man)

From: Nathan Harvey Subject: The Stables

The Stables By Nathan Harvey

Billy, Sammy and I had been going with me to the canteen on base for the better part of the year since they been stationed here. I was glad to have them as friends, even if I did pay for their beers all the time just so they would go with me. It was common knowledge in the Air Force that Del Rio was the last stop for guys who refused reenlistment and jerk offs like me they didn't know what to do with. After basic I'd flunked out of most of the stuff they wanted me to teach me and they wouldn't let me work as an auto mechanic, something I was good at. They finally sent me here to Lackland Air Base on permanent GI duty. The guys all kept calling this place the armpit of Texas but I really liked it here. Billy and Sammy had been assigned as my new room mates when my last ones got their discharges. In the last five years I'd had a whole slew of roommates but I liked these two best of all. Mostly the guys I bunked with were the drunks, or guys tat was just plain mean to me. These two were different. They treated me nice most of the time and they were really smart.

Billy and Sammy had good jobs in one of the offices because they were so smart, my job was picking up cigarette butts and trash all over the base. They called it Permanent policing duty. Well, at least I was in the fresh air getting lots of exercise and if it rained I got the day off. When it was real hot I would just goof off and go out to the edge of the base where no one ever came and strip naked and just lay on my uniform working my tan. I loved the looks I got when the guys saw me naked in the showers with that dark tan and not even a tan line anywhere on my body. I was proud of my body and I loved showing it off. Billy called me an exhibitionist, I'd been policing the base all of my time now for nearly five years now. No one ever seemed to pay any attention to me so I would goof off when it was two hot to work. No one was ever out in the Texas heat at that time of day to check up on me. This would all be coming to an end for me soon. Billy, Sammy and I were all due to get out of the service at the same time. Billy kept kidding me telling and me I was to stupid to do anything but pick up trash and fuck. I was hurt but most of the time he was nice to me. I knew I wasn't as smart as they were but I sure wasn't stupid either, I was a damn good mechanic and I'd passed all their tests, it was just that I was a little slow.

One Friday night we were sitting there at the post's canteen's bar talking about what we were going to do when we got out of the service. Billy said he wanted to go back Indiana and get a good job, Sandy didn't know were he wanted to live saying he might visit New York and maybe even go to College then. I said I liked it here in Texas and I would love to stay here if I could find a good job. I was nursing my beer for the better part of the night drinking as little as I could. The only thing the three two stuff did for me was give me a full gut and make me want to piss a lot. Besides I had to have enough money to pay for my buddies beer or they would go back to the barracks. The canteen was almost empty when this big burly Sargent that had been sitting the end of the bar watching us came over. In a surly voice he asked if they were two sergeants and the private that were due to muster out at the end of next month. When we nodded yes he made himself comfortable sitting down on the stool next to mine.

Leaning over he began telling us he knew a place the three of us could go if we wanted a real change of pace. Rubbing his crotch and telling us that it was the kind of place where young men could go that was really private and could fool around in total privacy. Billy spoke up saying all the excitement he wanted was to get out of this hell hole of Texas. Laughing the Sargent gave me a wink and rubbing his leg again mine said he thought we were just blowing wind out of our asses about wanting something hot to do. Billy and Sammy just laughed saying all they wanted to do was finish their time and get the hell out of the service. Me I told him I liked the way the service took care of me but I supposed I would love to go to someplace like Corpus Cristi Bay. Then I could spend my free time working on my tan and trying to pick up tourist ladies to fuck. Billy piped up then saying I was just a big fucken sex maniac, all I ever talked about was getting a tan and my getting my nuts off.

Making a joke out of me he said I was so damn vain I even sunbathed naked so I wouldn't have a tan line. Then Sammy chimed in saying I needed a keeper I was nothing but a big beautiful animal that should be kept in a cage. With a wink Sargent Shelton slipped me a card with his name and telephone number on it. He told me if I was serious about wanting to live in Texas and wanted something different when I got out of the service he knew just the place I could work. I would even get all the sex I ever wanted. The Sargent was such a great looking stud I him why if it was so great he wasn't working there. Chuckling he said he owned the place he was telling us about. One of these days he was going to retire at his lodge, but for now he ran it just on weekends. Looking at me and winking he said he was looking for a nice boy to help him in the entertainment department.

Walking back to the barracks Billy made a couple of jokes about that Sargent calling him a pimp on the lookout for a fancy boy to work for him. Looking at Billy I ask what kind of work and what was a fancy boy he started giggling telling me just to forget about it. Sammy was laughing when he said I would be good as a Fancy boy, I sure had the equipment for it. Sorting out my beer receipts, change and shit in my pockets I just threw it and the Sergeants card into my footlocker with on the way to the Latrine. When I saw his card later I did remember how handsome he was and sadly I just pitched the card. I knew I couldn't apply for that job he was talking about, I didn't know how to sing or dance and I sure wasn't fancy whatever that meant and I'm sure he wasn't interested in a mechanic.

That next Friday I had enough money left and with what I found on the base picking up trash to take Billy and Sammy to the Woolies--It was a dark little local bar just off the base were we all hung out when we were broke. We saw the Sargent sitting at one of the tables in the corner. When he saw us he came over and leaning down ask me if I had given any more thought to doing something really different for fun. Embarrassed, I giggle like a silly goose, telling him I didn't know how to sing or dance and I sure wasn't fancy, I was just a plain guy. As he was leaning over his fatigues gaped open and all I could see was those strong pecks of his. I began blushing and to feel uncomfortable. Sargent Shelton didn't miss a thing. When he looked me straight in my eyes it was like he was reaching into my mind and knew what I was thinking. Blushing again I wondered if he knew I was thinking he was one hell of an outdoorsy looking man and I was trying to imagine what he looked like all naked. I wondered if his cock was as big as mine.

When he leaned against the back of my chair I could feel his basket pushing into my back. It gave me a thrill and I knew he had to have a huge cock to feel like that. Billy and Sammy were getting antsy around him and decided to go telling me if I wanted a ride back to the base I'd better get my ass out to the car. Getting miffed at them I told them I had this three day pass and I'd be damn if I was going to blow it going back to the base this early. I wanted to stay longer, maybe even go into town and pick somebody up. Sitting there leaning back on my chair I rubbed my crotch telling them I was so damn horny my balls were going to explode. I wanted to find some action and have some fun. That's when the Sargent set me up with another drink. Billy said all I was going to do tonight was end up beating off in the showers like I always did.

Billy drained his beer saying I was on my own then getting back to the base and they left. Reaching under the table Sarge. felt my crotch telling me I really was a hot stud and saying he was going to a party later and ask if I wanted to go with him. Giggling I thought to myself I wasn't so dumb if he wanted me to hang with him and he even invited me to a party. What the hell, I decided to go with him, what could I lose? Sargent Shelton was a guy with great looks and smarts. I bet he could get any girl he wanted. He might even teach me a couple of tricks on how to make out. Shelton kept buying me drinks and I kept drinking them. Then he said he had to go now and asked me again if I still wanted to go with him to the party. Reaching over and rubbing my crotch he told me I would get a lot of real good sex. Giggling I said I was always ready for a good fuck.

Fumbling in his breast pocket he handed me a little bottle telling me to take a swig of it and it would sober me up. Taking the vial I chugalugged it down saying I wanted to be sober when I got to the party. Chuckling he said I was good for another drink. He was a Sargent and that mean he had to be a smart man. He knew if I was drunk or not and if he said I could drink more I would. I hardly remembered when we left Woolies Bar. I'm sure he almost carried me out. Setting there in the dark empty parking lot he pulled me close giving me a big wet kiss. The Sargent's kiss was the kind of kiss a man usually gives a girl when he was trying to get into her pants. His tongue seemed to reach into my mouth and it felt wonderful. I'd never been kissed like that and I just kept letting him kiss me, in fact I began kissing him back. Then laying my head on his shoulder he told me to close my eyes and get some rest.

As we pulled out on the highway he patted my leg calling me his pretty boy and telling me just to relax and he would drive us to the party. Leaning over on his shoulder I started to drift off to sleep. I felt his hand moving to my crotch and it felt so good I just humped up so he could get his hand around my meat. It felt good and I drifted off to sleep. Shaking me slightly saying I would be more comfortable if I would lay my head in his lap I curled up and got comfortable. When I laid my head in his lap he began pushing his hard cock into my mouth. Keeping my mouth closed I said I didn't do that stuff that kind of stuff. Laughing he ask if my girlfriend ever sucked me off.

I told him I didn't really know any girls he just patted my head telling me lots of boys didn't like girls. Then he said it was alright for guys to suck other guys off, animals did it, little boys did it, and yes, girls did it to boys so there wasn't any reason I shouldn't do it to him. Going on, he said that grown men had been doing it to each other since olden times and I should at least give it a try just once. He was sure I would like it when I tried it. Gently and slowly he worked his cock into my mouth. I liked the taste of his cock and started sucking on him. He asked if I'd ever sucked off Billy and Sammy. When I shook my head no he said I should really learn how to suck a cock because he'd bet me they would like me better if I gave a blowjob.

Shelton told me over and over how handsome and what a beautiful body I had he said it was time for me to have a little fun. As he talked he kept working his cock further into my mouth saying he wouldn't ask me to do anything that wasn't natural. As I sucked on him he told me how wonderful it felt and how few people had the real talent to make a man feel so wonderful. Moving me off the seat he ran the car seat back and spreading his legs told me to crawl between his legs on the floor and it would be easier for me to suck him off. I was surprised how big his Trouper was in front and that I could craw between his legs. He was right it was real easy sucking his cock on my knees like that. He kept telling me how everyone liked getting blowjobs. Some boys even liked getting fucked in their ass and the really special men liked to have sex with animals.

Sargent Shelton told me someday when I felt really special I might even want to have sex with an animal of some kind. Then softly he told me if I ever wanted to do it with an animal he had lots of nice gentle dogs and ponies that would love to fuck a beautiful boy like me. I figured if a stud like the Sargent said it was ok. I would suck his cock but I sure wasn't going to have sex with any damn animals. As I was moving up and down on his shaft he kept telling me how wonderful it felt and that I was a natural cocksucker but just to take it a little deeper into my throat. Rubbing my shoulders as I sucked on him he said I was such a pretty looking boy I should have lots of friends that wanted me to suck them off.

Looking up at him I said I didn't have any friends but Billy and Sammy. Pushing me back down on his cock he asked me if I would like him to get me a lot of friends. They might even want me to suck them off. I really didn't understand what he was saying. He kept rubbing my head and pushing me further down on his cock until my lips were around the base of his cock. I was surprised at how my throat just seemed to expand to let his cock go deeper into me. It was such a nice feeling and I liked how it felt. Then he told me now that I had all of him in me to work up and down on him and go faster. I had his cock all wet and slick then with my saliva it was easy to suck, his cock just seemed to slide right down my throat. Sargent Shelton told me I was doing it just the right way and he was surprised that this wasn't something I'd learned to do years ago in High School because I was so good at it.

I really liked doing the Sargent and as I kept sucking his cock. All the while he kept telling me how good it felt and I shouldn't pay any attention to what anyone said about people who suck cocks. Some guys just didn't want anyone to have any fun. Then slowing his Trouper and pulling into the driveway of this house and parked. He held my head down on him telling me I was getting so good sucking cock he was going to prove to me how much he really liked me. He was going to give me a part of him. No sooner had he said that then he began shooting his load into me. I wanted to show him how much I liked him and I wanted him to become a part of me.

Swallowing hard and choking down his cum I liked the was he tasted. Pulling me up then he gave me a big hard kiss saying I was a real good cocksucker and he thought I did a wonderful job. Giggling, I was so proud I'd pleased him I told him so. Hugging me again he told me to get out of the car and he would show me how wonderful it felt to get a blowjob. Walking around and getting on his knees there in the driveway he reached up unzipping my pants. Pulling them and my shorts down he took my cock into his mouth. In seconds I was hard as a rock. He began to lick and suck my cock and I almost fainted from the wonderful sensations that were shooting though by body. Then when his fingers began moving in my ass I got so hot I began shooting my load into his mouth. Pulling me deeper into his throat he swallowed everything I was shooting then licked my cock clean saying "now you and I are part of one another now".

Leading me then by the hand he said it was time to go to the party now. As I zipped up he kissing me again telling me I was that special kind of person that was born to please men. As soon as we were in the living room I moved behind him telling him I was scared. I saw all these Air Force Officers standing around the room drinking. Dumbly I said their weren't any girls here, they were all men. Putting his arm around me Sargent Shelton gave me a hug saying they were all here to celebrate one of the men getting married next week. It was his bachelor party and it was his last wild fling so it was all right. One of the guys with a lot of brass pushed a drink into my hands telling me he'd seen me all over the base and I knew it was all right then, the Sargent told me so. The officers kept patting me on the back and pinching my ass and some of them were even groping my crotch when they were telling me how smart and good looking I was. They were such a friendly bunch of guys.

I felt real special like Sargent Shelton had told me I was. It wasn't long before I found myself standing in the center of the room with the Sargent We were the center of attention. I was so proud that I would do anything to make him know how I felt about him. Then they started making a game of taking my clothes off. They applauded when Shelton took my shirt off, then whirling me around he took my T shirt off. Then he was on his knees taking my shoes off. I loved this showing my body off to them and I was really beginning to enjoy myself. When I staggered they laughed and applauded me. When Shelton did my pants they really started getting excited and I began striking muscle poses. When he took my shorts off the guys went wild. I was standing there naked then and they began chanting for the show to start.

I stood there watching my Sargent strip now wondering what kind of show we were going to put on. It must be like some of those sexy videos some of the guys back at the base were always watching. I knew it was going to be a big show because a lot of the officers had started taking their clothes off. I kept watching the Sargent. He had the most beautiful hairy body I'd ever seen. He almost looked like a beast just like beauty and the beast, he was just like I'd imagined he would be. I was really getting a rush on just looking at his body and I didn't know how to hide the hard-on. Every time he would pull off a part of his uniform the men would applaud until at last he was standing there stark naked.

Reaching over he pulled me close to him and holding me close pushed me to my knees rubbing my body against his all the way down until my face was pressing into his crotch. That was when the men began chanting for me to blow him. My head was spinning as I kneeled there. I was excited and my cock was rock hard at being in this whole wild scene. Shelton gently took his cock placing its moist drooling head on my lips and began pushing it between my lips. I began then to lick the cum from him getting a real high. When he saw how willing I was he pushed his cocks deep into my mouth saying to suck on him just like he was my big pacifier like I had done him in the car. Working his cock into my mouth Shelton kept saying over and over "just like in the car baby take it right down to my root. You were born to suck cock and you know you love it." Then he began this slow rhythm and as they called for us to really do it Sargent Shelton started getting wild.

Soon he was ramming this cock into my mouth like a jackhammer. Hanging on to my ears he pushed and pumped into my mouth as the chanting of the crowd got louder and more excited. They were calling out for him to give it to me. Caught up in the frenzy of the crowd I reached up and grabbing his ass and began pumping him into me. When he and I heard them yell fuck that damn fagot he was now sinking into me and down my throat right up to his balls. Suddenly my throat was filled with his cum and I was sucking it down.. He kept pumping and then my mouth got all slick with his cum letting his rod slam into me real deep. Looking up at that hard hairy body pushing into me I wanted him to keep it up forever.

The faster he pumped, the louder the crowd chanted, the more excited he got. He kept it up until he came again. I felt like I was having a dream because this just couldn't be real yet it felt so wonderful and I didn't want it to stop. I could even smell Sargent Shelton's musty crotch as he rammed his cock down my throat. His big balls began slapping at my chin, his cock forcing my throat to expanded taking even more of him into me. When I had taken everything down to his root he began grinding his hips and working my mouth. I heard the Sargent saying I was all broke in and ready to give blowjobs to anyone in the room now that wanted to get his nuts off.

This was no dream and I knew what I was doing and I liked it. Kneeling there with this crowd of men began forming around me I was so excited with all the attention I was getting I threw all abandonment to the wind. I wanted to suck them all off. Someone, Shelton I think, was holding my head as they took turns pumping their cocks into my mouth. One at a time they all got there nuts off. I was glad they wanted me. All my life I wanted to be popular like this and now I was the center of everything. The Sargent kept telling them to cum just once and give the other guys a chance. Then the chant began again, "Lets fuck the bitch lets fuck the bitches ass. Suddenly I was being pushed over to my hands and I felt my ass being greased up. I would have cried out but I was two busy sucking their cocks. The Sargent let out a yell "we got us a virgin here!" and with that he rammed his cock up my ass crying out, "down with all virgins!"

They all applauded then as they watched Shelton's huge cock working into my ass. They really liked what he was doing to me. Shelton cock kept plummeting deep into my ass and the men kept ramming there cocks down my throat filling me with there cum. Pulling out of my ass he yelled get yourself a good fuck from this former virgin boy. After that I lost all sense of time and body. I lay there on a mattress someone had thrown on the floor servicing all of them. It went on all night and even into the next day. They stood me up on my shoulders screwing my ass, on my back fucking me and bent over ramming it up my ass. They fucked me in every known position. Now whatever they wanted to do to me they did. I'd lost any desire to resist because it felt so wonderful. It was like my body belonged to all of them. I drifted off into a state of euphoria enjoying them ravaging my body.

It wasn't until I was sitting in the seat of Shelton's car on the way back to the base that I fully realized what I'd done, what I'd become. I had given my body to the officers for their weekend of debaucheries like some fagot queer. Patting me on the knee he said I would really love to see the tapes of my performance the last two days. All the men had copies of it. Looking over at him I asked why the fuck he'd done it to me, why did he make me a whore. Chuckling he said he liked bringing young men out of the closet and I really came out in a big way. Laughing at me he said I took it like a trooper. I had taken every cock their more than just a few times and I loved it and was begging for more.

Crying like some ninny I said I was going to turn him in for rape. Looking over at me and giggling he said no one was going to believe a bull like me twenty five years old and standing six four weighting two hundred forty pounds was ever going to believe I was raped. Pulling a paper from of his pocked told me I had even signed a contract with him before the party. It was a consent form saying I was gay and I was taking the job of entertaining the officers at their bachelor dinner for money. In other words I admitted I was a whore and rented my body to the officers for sex. It was my work against the theirs and no one would believe a fucken enlisted man's word against all those officers. Then Sargent Shelton told me to put my hand in my pocket. Reaching in I felt this wad of Bialys. Pulling them out there was e a couple hundred dollars in five dollar Bills.

With an evil smirk he said, "You see boy you're a whore now and you work for me." Then saying it again he said "do you under stand me boy, you're a fagot, a whore and I'm your pimp. I get you customers that want to fuck you for money, got it now kid?". When pulled his trooper up in front of my barracks. I jumped out and slamming the door ran into the barracks. As soon as I got to our room I pealed off my jeans and T and grabbing a towel went down to the showers. I felt dirty and I wanted to scrub off all that filth before anyone in the barracks got up. Standing alone the shower and crying in shame for what I had done I let the water flowed over my body. Soaping up as my hands ran over my cock and balls at my touch I was hard in seconds. Shit, I got so hot I started shooting all over the shower stall.

My cock seemed to have a mind of it's own now. Rinsing the cum off the walls and wrapping my towel around me I hurriedly went back to our room. Laying down on my cot I tried putting the memories of me sucking all those cock out of my mind. No sooner would I close my eyes then I would get all excited and hot just thinking about Shelton's kiss and his cock and then all those men. I finally admitted to my self I really like it all. When I finally sat up to dress Billy and Sammy were awake. Excitedly they ask were I was all weekend and did I get a lot of sex. Blushing as they stared at my boner I said I had all I could handle then I started to cry and blurted out the whole story. Billy stood and rubbing his crotch with a laugh Blurted out "so your Shelton's fancy boy now". Telling me I had to be one of the dumbest fucker he ever met.

Billy dropped his skivvies then saying if I sucked all those yahoos for money then I damn well better give my buddies a Blowjob. Looking up at Sammy for help he was pulling his shorts down saying, "You know what you are now and we're damn well going to fuck you so get with it". "Guys" I said "I thought you were my best friends". Hell kid we're going to fuck you not marry you. Standing there both of them naked now eager for me to service them. Bowing my head in submission and getting on my knees I said I'd do anything they wanted me to. Smiling they knew they had me then. Billy was in my face in a flash with his cock harder than a rock shoving it in my mouth.

When I began sucking on him he just kept getting hotter and hotter and then I really started working him like the way I had sucked off Shelton. When he came he was almost crying from the sensations of me taking him right down to his balls. Sammy was there to take his place saying he wanted as good a blowjob as I gave Billy. I started on Sammy then. Giggling Billy said wanted to fuck me next saying if my ass was as good as my mouth he almost wanted to marry me. It was like my like my weekend all over again. It was just like Sargent Shelton had said, they really liked it when I sucked their cocks. Now I knew they would really like me when they fucked me.

I had just barely taken Billy up my ass and as he began working my as I was hotter than hell with a raging hard on. Surrendering to my lust I began pumping back on him. Grabbing my hips he yelled out "Go bitch make it loose and hot for me, take it all baby". Now I was so hot and horny I begged Sammy to fuck me next and all that morning they both took turns fucking me. They kept at it for so long they had to scramble to get into their fatigues to report for duty. When I started my job walking the base policing the grounds the bending and stooping and picking up all that crap all day made my body hurt like hell but it was worth it, it had been so wonderful having sex with Billy and Sammy.

The one good thing was I had time to understand and realize I was a Homosexual like Shelton had told me I was. I was content with that because I really liked getting fucked, and I loved sucking cock. My ass felt like it was on fire everytime some hunk came by. All I could look at now was there baskets and my mouth would start to water. I remembered Shelton saying special guys had sex with animals and began to wonder what it would feel like to have sex with an animal. I would ask Shelton that when I saw him next time. That's when I began to realize how much I owed to Sargent Shelton. He brought me out and he was so kind and gentle and was teaching me so much. really did own my ass.

Like Shelton said, I was now his whore and I belonged to him. When I was finally finished for the day skipping supper at the mess hall I hurried back to our room. I just wanted to be around when my friends got to the room. Sammy and Billy were already there when I got back. Billy dropped his fatigues as soon as I was in the door. Telling me, "We want a real fuck now, long hard and slow." Standing and stripping I was now more than willing to service them, I liked making them feel good and I was happy they wanted me again. They pulled my cot around and my told me to lay on it so that my legs hung over one side and my mouth was ready for them on the other side.

Giggling they agreed with each other that there last month of service was going to be great now that they had there own bitch to fuck as well to pay for there booze. Then they began screwing me from both ends like the officers had done at the party. When they had satisfied there lust they told me to dress that we would all be going over to Sammy's for a night of drinking and some real good food. Billy drove with me between them. The first thing they did was to order the most expensive thing on the menu to eat. Giving the waitress a wink they said to put it all on one check that their date would pay for everything.

Sitting there with them I knew I would pay like always but this time I knew I was going to get there cocks when we went back to the barracks. It was going to be worth every penny of what the night would cost me. That next week was a wonderful. I knew until they got their papers I was going to get to service them for the next three weeks. I was happy to do every thing they told me to do. I almost threw up when I first had to eat Billy's ass out but I soon got use to it. I even started to do Sammy's ass then. My whole world had changed since my life was taken over by Sargent Shelton. I was desperate to see him again. Now whenever I saw him around the base I felt this hot feeling in my groin. I kept hoping he would come for me and tell me he had another party to take me to.

That following week Shelton came by as I was policing along the airport road. Stopping to talk and rubbing his crotch as he stood there he asked if I was ready for another party. Blushing like crazy I nodded yes. Then leaning against his truck he pulled his hard cock out and let me have it. That next week I was taking Billy and Sammy out for expensive dinners and then we would come back to the barracks they would fuck the daylights out of me. It was wonderful. In the mornings I even got to blow them before they dressed for work. It was Friday when an envelope was delivered to my mail box. It had a signed three day pass in it. I knew Shelton had gotten me that party he was telling me about.

I was almost sad to tell Billy and Sammy I was going with Sargent Shelton for the weekend. I would not be able to service them but I knew Shelton was going to make sure I had a good time. I was just coming back from the showers when Billy and Sammy came in. Bowing my head I told them I had to go with Shelton to a party that he'd gotten me a three day pass. Coming into the room quickly and shutting the door they pulled my towel from around me saying they'd better get all there fucking done early then. I pulled my cot to the center of the room and laying down on it with my legs on one side and my face on the other I was ready and eager to service them. Dropping their fatigues and kicking them off they came at me hot wanting their fuck.

They kept at me until I said I had to dress and leave. Giggling and laying back on their bunks naked they said they would be waiting for me Sunday night when I got back. Licking their cock clean I said I would show them a real good time then. Pulling on a white T and a pair of jeans and sneakers Shelton had sent over to me they told me I looked real sharp. My Shelton really knew how I should dress. He'd even put a little note in with them telling me not to wear underwear or socks. My jeans were so tight they rode right up the crack of my ass and I had a hard time getting them zipped up. They boys said I looked real sharp and smacking my ass and groping me said to remember the would be here for me when I got back. Hurrying out and closing the door I left and stood in front of the barracks waiting for Shelton to pick me up.

When I got into his Trooper he said I really looked hot. Then saying it was two early for the party so we would have a drink at this bar downtown called the Leather Shaft. On the long drive into town I ask him about the animals. How did a guy have sex with them. Chuckling he said you do it just like you do with men. You blow their cocks and they fuck you. If your interested when you get really good at doing men if you want me to I'll teach you to make love with an animal. Snuggling up to him I thanked him and reaching over kissed him on his cheek. Reaching down he began rubbing my cock telling me I was a real animal when it came to sex. Giving my cock a squeeze he asked if I wanted to live with him at the Stables when I got my discharge from the service. Giggling I said I would do anything to live with him, anything he wanted.

Walking into the bar the noise was deafening as this diva screamed out her tortured songs on the jukebox. Several people nodded to Shelton and asked him who his new boy was. Waving them off he worked his way to a booth in the back next to the pool tables. Setting down he placed a little vile on the table suggesting I have a little sip of the elixir before we started out. Winking he said it was something special that that would make me hotter than hell for the party. Our beer arrived just then and Shelton paid and pushed the vial over to me with a big wink. Then he went to the wash room. Afraid not to do as he told me I opened the bottle and chugalugged it down. It tasted bad, real thick and sweet like a medicine.

When Shelton came back to our booth I ask if he wanted the bottle back. Looking startled he said I should have only taken a sip of the stuff, now I was going to turn into a real party animal telling me the stuff was so strong it would turn me into a sex maniac in just a few seconds. Reaching down feeling my crotch and rubbing it he said the stuff was starting to work on me that I was already getting hard. Now in just a few seconds I would want to suck off everyone in the bar. Then asking me again how I was feeling I told him I was feeling dizzy and my balls were so hot they felt like they were going to explode. Well then he said, "My little animal might as well get his party time started early".

Leading me to the back of the barroom he waved to the bartender calling him over. They stood pointing and talking and laughing as they looked at me as I began to sweat and squirm. Frank the Bartender started giggling as he walked back to the bar saying he would take care of everything. The music suddenly died out in an ugly squawk and this low baritone voice of Frank the bartender boomed over the speakers saying The Leather Shaft was privileged tonight to treat its customers to a one time special. Anyone wanting or needing to be serviced should step to the back of the bar where a `master' was breaking in his new boy. Like an after thought this voice boomed out again saying this was a complimentary service provided by `The Stables' a resort for men that was opening this summer. Then the music blared out again at an even louder volume.

Shelton led me back to the men's room telling me to loose the T and drop my levies that I was now going to get all the cock I needed to get me over that overdose of elixir I'd taken. My heart was beating furiously and my cock was straining against my jeans. I was so hot now I would suck anything. Letting my jeans puddle around my sneakers and loosing my `T' I dropped to my knees almost naked next to the urinal, my cock now hard and bouncing around. It was a relief just for it to be free. Frank was back with a beer for Shelton and ripping open his jeans leaned forward shoveling his hard cock into my eager mouth. He was dripping cum and he tasted so wonderful I sank down right down to balls eager not to loose a precious drop of him. My mind was on fire with lust as I worked his meat hungrily for his milk. He was moaning and groaning and suddenly he was pouring his cum down my throat. It felt and tasted wonderful.

Gasping Frank threw his head back in rapture telling Shelton his bar tab was on him tonight. Then as an after thought he asked if I was into golden rain. Shrugging his shoulders Shelton said try him and see. I kneeled there and as he told me to open my mouth and he began pissing in my mouth and all over me. I greedily drank all of it I could catch. Then it really got wild with this big crowd of guys all lining up at the john door. They were coming in two and three at a time pissing all over me and fucking my mouth. Kneeling there in a pool of there urine I serviced them as fast as they could get there cocks into my mouth. This had to be one of the best days of my life. I was thinking of how popular I was. It was about eleven when Shelton came for me saying we had to go.

Leading me out while I was still struggling to get my piss soaked jeans on there was to a series of thank you and come back soon. It was a short ride to where we were going. Shelton said it was a group of guys that were in the town for a night and wanted a service boy. Looking at him he giggled saying they want to fuck your ass boy and you will love it. Leading me up the long winding walk we came upon rather a dumpy old house with boarded up windows and a for sale sign laying in the yard. Shelton pounded on the door. We stood there quite a while until the door finally swung open. Standing there holding an old miners kerosene lamp was the meanest dirtiest looking man I'd ever seen. As my eyes traveled down that unshaven face to his protruding gut sticking out of an unbuttoned shirt I was repulsed until I saw his bulging basket. Shoving a hand out to shake he said his name was Hugo.

Taking my hand and running it down his hairy belly to his crotch suddenly it didn't matter what he looked like or smelled like, I had to have that big cock of his. Grinning with a broken smile of missing teeth he pulled us in slamming the door. The room was illuminated with Kerosene lamps and candles. Then waving his hands toward the center of the room he told us the keg was tapped and the hairy bear vat was iced. Laughing at our blank look he said all the guys brought a bottle of hooch, brandy, gin whiskey whatever anything but wine and you put it all together with a big chuck of ice. That's a hairy bear. Dragging a cup through the murky liquid in the garbage pail he handed me a cup.

Taking the cup from me Shelton pulled out another vile telling me to drink it. Taking it and looking at him he just nodded telling me to drain it, he wanted the boys to get there moneys worth tonight. He said he knew I was hot now but he wanted to see just how wild I could get. Tipping the vile and swallowing the sickeningly sweet liquid I could feel the burning all the way down to my groin. Taking the vile from me he led me into the room telling me to hurry and strip because I was gong to become a wild sex crazed animal. Looking around at all those big dirty ugly bikers I couldn't move fast enough to get naked. All I wanted now was their cocks. My body was on fire and my ass was already pumping hungry for cock. Getting on my knees I began crawling to them begging them to fuck me.

Standing they all formed a big circle around me and grabbing for my cock began playing their game of grab ass. Moving closer they began to grab my tits and balls squeezing them until finally when I began begging for them to fuck me they pushed me down on my knees. Spreading my legs wide I began taking them up my ass. I was getting so good at it now I didn't even need any lubricant. Looking up I opened my mouth and reaching out pulled one of them close to me and licking and sucking his cock pulled him into my mouth. Closing my eyes I was in ecstasy as I serviced two of them at once my body began to shiver in delight. Hoping it would never end I lost all track of time. I was getting all that wonderful cock.

Then Sargent Shelton told them there time was up and there party boy had to leave. I begged him to let me stay a little more because Hugo had promised to teach me something called fisting. Laughing he said a couple more hours and then he wanted to take me up to `The Stables' for that special training he'd promised me. The boys had me lay there on my back and one of them picked my up legs holding them apart and pulling them over my head. I felt like my ass was going to rip apart. Then I felt fingers working my hole with something greasy and slick. Suddenly it was more than his fingers, it was a fist, and then an arm. I squealed and giggled in excitement as Hugo worked more of that huge hand of his up my ass. It was like by body had come alive and I thought I would faint from the excitement of it all.

Shelton stood grinning as he watched me laying there begging for more. It got even better as Hugo began to slowly fuck me with his hand and arm. I never thought anything could feel that wonderful. Finally when it was time to leave Shelton tossed me my jeans and shirt telling me to follow him. Hugo came up to Shelton giving him the money for my services and telling him they would call when they were in town again. They really liked his boy. As I started to pull on my jeans Shelton told me to just carry them that he liked to see me naked. Following Shelton out to the car and getting in I snuggled up to him rubbing his crotch and begged him to let me suck him off. Pulling his jeans down he told me to go to it. Pushing the seat back again I crawled between his legs then ready to take his cock. As I went down on him he told me he loved me.

The sun was coming up as he pulled out onto the highway. I was in heaven as I worked Shelton's cock. I had what I needed now and I worked on him for about an hour until he got so excited he began groaning and I went deep taking him letting him fill me with cum. As I sucked and licked his balls he said we were almost there. Then pulling up in front of this big adobe lodge he told me we were at the `The Stables' a place where men could come and bring their lovers. He was going to cater to all the gay men that needed a place of there own to go. The sun was coming up and I could see this wonderful adobe Hacienda with all the quaint adobe out building around it surrounded it. Laying in the rolling hills it looked like an Old Spanish village.

Pulling me close he asked if I remembered my asking him about teaching me to have sex with animals. Nodding he then ask if I loved cock enough to try a cock that was bigger and more thrilling than any man I'd ever had. Starting to get hard just thinking about doing it with animals I begged him to teach me. Leading me into then house he said this would be where we would stay and he would begin teaching me with the dogs tomorrow. Then pulling me close he asked me again if I was sure I wanted to have sex with animals. Throwing my arms around him I told him I loved him and I wanted to stay with him forever and I wanted him to teach me to love animals. Sweeping me up in his arms he carried me up by the closed doors of the empty guest rooms to his bedroom.

My body throbbed as he lay me on the bed and undressed me. Then he stripped putting his arms around me and took me in his arms telling me I smelled earthy and sexy. He held me he calling me his beautiful animal boy. Laying there I felt his hot lips on my cock and looking up he said he wanted to make me happy. As he worked me and I filled him with my seed he told me I would never be without him. I belonged to him now. Smiling and nestling up in his arms I murmured yes master and fell into a deep drugged sleep. Waking was a slow and wonderful experience as I felt the warmth of his body tight against mine. His arms were still holding me tightly as if he wanted to keep me forever. I could feel his hard cock resting against my butt. Wiggling closer to him he began to tighten his arms around me.

Then in a low serious voice he asked me if I had fun last night. Turning and giving him that wonderfully passionate terrible tasting first kiss of the morning I told him I loved him and wanted to stay with him forever. Grabbing me and pulling me on top of him he ask if I remembered telling him I wanted him to belong to me, to be his animal boy. Giggling and licking at his face I made a face at him saying yes master I remember. Getting serious he said no he wasn't kidding did I want to be his property. Getting on my knees I looked up into his eyes saying I loved him and if being his property meant he would take care of me and love me I wanted to belong to him. Pulling me from my knees and leading me to the shower he said I smelled like a public toilet.

We played in the water and all I could do was just marvel at the touch of his hands on my body. Getting aroused he pushed me down on my knees and I sucked his hard cock into my mouth desperate to show him how much I needed him. I was no sooner on his cock in my mouth when he released a stream of hot piss into me. Swallowing hard I managed to take it all. Then as he pumped his cock into and he began to swell filling my mouth and throat me he told me he found me, he'd brought me out, and he broke me and now he clamed me as his property. Looking up at my hairy bear I was content. As he filled me with his cum

I kept remembering the first time I took him and he said he was giving a part of himself to me. I loved my man. When we dried off and returned to the bedroom. Taking this decorated shinny metal collar from the chest he fasten it around my neck. Then holding me close he told me I belonged to him now as he snapped the lock on my collar. That was the weekend that opened up a new wonderful world for me. Sitting on the bed watching Shelton pull on his jeans and boots. Pulling a shirt out of the closet he slipped it on and buttoned it he told me to come with him. Following him naked to the kitchen I sat on the floor watching him working at the counter and fixing two bowls of cereal. Putting mine on the floor and telling me I would learn now how to eat like an animal.

He said he wanted me to learn how to think like an as well as suck and fuck like an animal and soon I would be his animal boy. Kneeling then dropping to all fours to eat out of my dish he began telling me that this was the beginning of my training. I would become his animal boy, the star of his new guest entertainment show. Going on he told me many of his guests had suggested that he have entertainment for them on weekends. He'd thought it over and liked the idea and wanting to provide something in character with `The Stables.' Finally he'd decided to go with a dog and pony show. Then going on saying what helped him make up his mind was he already had the dogs and ponies all he needed was the animal boy to perform with the animals. He wanted to teach me to be that animal boy and make me a star.

Looking down at me he asked if I was really sure I wanted to be his animal boy, his star. Nodding yes I told him I would do anything for him. Finishing his breakfast he came to me and taking another much bigger vile of that liquid telling me to drink it all that I was going to really have some fun now. He thought first we would start by my become a bitch for his dogs. Obediently I drank the sickeningly sweet liquid he offered me knowing it would make me want the dogs more. I began feeling the heat in my groin begin again. I was hard in seconds and hungry for cock. Grabbing his legs I began to beg him for his meat. Pulling me up on my feet he said he had wonderful plans for his beautiful animal boy. It was time now to introduce me to the dogs. Blushing at his words I was eager to learn what he had for me to do. Leading me out by my leash my hard cock waggling in front of me I scrambled after him.

I was so hot now my balls were hurting. We were moving toward the sounds of the kennels. He paused and opening the doors walked me by the cages introducing me to each of the dogs. He seemed to be telling each of them I was going to be there new bitch. Leading me over to what he said was a breeding cage he told me to craw into it. Dropping to my knees I scurried quickly into the cage. Because of the shape of the cage as I moved forward to the enclosed part that covered my shoulders I was being forced to spread my legs around this wide wire form that my belly came to rest on. When I was full into the cage with just my lower back and ass sticking out Shelton reached in and tied a leather thong around my balls pulling them down and fasting them to a hook between my legs. Now there was no movements I could make. My body was immobilized with only my head pushed through the small opening at the front of the cage.

I was no sooner secured when Shelton went for one of the dogs. He brought over this big black Dane he called King. Leading him to my face he told me to open my mouth and lick the dogs face. The dog began to respond and sticking his tongue into my mouth it was like we were French kissing. As Shelton led him away I tried to look to see what was going on. I felt paws then on my still exposed back and the dog wining and straining in excitement. I almost fainted from the sheer ecstasy of my ass being licked by this rough wonderful tongue of the dog. He knew what this cage was for and he seemed to know what I was here for.. The creature didn't give a damn what he was screwing he just wanted to get a good fuck. When the dogs paws were around on my back he began struggling to mount me. I was so excited now I could hardly wait. My head was whirling and I was so hungry for a cock up my ass.

I was thrilled when I felt the dogs cock beginning to work its way into me. As he began penetration his paws slipped around my hips holding us together. Trying to push back as much as I could without tearing my balls off he moved even deeper into me. Suddenly I felt this wonderful growing cock beginning to swell in me. As he pumped I cried out to Shelton I felt something big and hard swelling in my ass. Shelton began laughing telling me just to relax and enjoy it. That was how a dog tied himself to his bitch. He had accepted me as his bitch. It was then that King began working me like a jackhammer until my body shook with every deep thrusts of his cock. Then when volleys of cum began shooting deep into me it was so wonderful I cried begging Shelton for more.

Smiling Shelton came around saying I had to wait for the tie to release and it might take about a half hour but he would bring another dog to me to get to know. Then pausing he said he might as well use this time. Dropping his jeans he shoved his cock into my mouth saying "eat me baby" telling me I made him hot just watching the dog fucking me. He said our guests were going to love the show and I was going to be the star. When the dog released me Shelton led another dog out and we repeated my training first kissing and licking and then the mating. I kept begging for more and finally we'd gone through all six dogs. I felt wonderful but exhausted from the thrill and excitement of it all. Releasing me from the cage he said we wouldn't need to use the cage next time because all the dogs had all bonded with me, I was now their bitch as well as his and pulling me close our mouths met and we kissed.

Shelton led me to the house saying I needed to showered and rest. As I lay there I felt his fingers in my ass and as he worked me I begged him for more until he was working his hand and arm deep up my ass. I was alive then and wanting more sex. As I wreathed in pleasure I begged him for more cock. Giggling he rolled over kissing me telling me I was a nymphomaniac. Looking hurt I ask what that big word meant. Giggling he said all it mean was I like sucking and getting fucked by a lot of big cocks. Then he told me he had a little surprise for his little Animal boy, a real cock that he was sure was going to please me but he was going to save it for me until tomorrow.

Rolling over I began begging him to let me have more tonight. Laughing he told me his new little animal boy could have anything he wanted. Handing me a big glass of that liquid to drink he said I really needed to get real hot and excited for this new cock. Eagerly swallowing all of it and telling him I was ready, I could feel the heat building in my body. Putting on his jeans he led me naked to the barn. Stabled there were five small palomino pony's. Leading me around to the first beast he reached under his hindquarters and began stroking the ponies cock. In an instant I was looking at the most beautiful leathery cock I'd ever seen. Telling me it was all mine if I really wanted to do this. I was on my knees scooting down eager to get my mouth on that big beautiful cock.

The Pony seemed startled at first but when I began massaging his balls started licking at his cock I knew he liked what I was doing. It was awesome as I put his cockshead into my mouth because it just kept swelling. Shelton kept saying go for it and I kept working it into my mouth deeper down my throat until thought I would burst. Then I began that slow wonderful sucking. Shelton kept encouraging me to take more of it until finally I had it so far down into me he began to applaud calling me a wonderful wild thing. When I felt his balls grow tight I knew I was going to get my reward. Suddenly I was struggling to swallow his load, it was like a flood and even though I was swallowing as fast as I could it was running into my mouth and all over my face. Licking his cock clean then Shelton pulled me up saying that was enough for the poor beast. that was all he could stand.

Begging Shelton I said I needed more. He just smiled and leading me to the next stall told me to mount the special bench he'd made for me. Eager for more sex I crawled up and as I lay there my hard cock hanging through the hole and spreading my legs wide opening my ass he then secured my ankles to the bench. Then he did my hands with leather straps. When I was secure he began wheeling the bench into the next stall. Standing their stall watching all of this was this beautiful black and white pony. Shelton stuck his fingers up my ass then walked to the front of the stall and began petting his nose letting him smell his fingers and asking him if he wanted a great fuck from his animal boy. I was really excited now knowing I was going to get fucked by a real pony. The size of that cock of his was as big as Hugo's arm.

Shelton began placing leather straps around the pony's legs and to hooks in the stall telling me it was to keep him from bucking saying he didn't want me hurt. The Pony stood there without even a snort almost knowing what his reward was going to be. Shelton then came back to me and scooping a hand full of lard from a tin began shoving it up my ass working his arm into me saying he wanted me all loose greased and stretched out. I was now so excited now at the thought of that growing cock under the pony I was begging him to hurry. Then greasing the animals cock to lube him up he began to shove me under the animal until my hips were inline with the animals cock. Then I felt the bench begin to rise as he pumped it higher and I could feel the belly of the pony against my skin.

As he aligned my ass he held the head of the ponies cock he began directing it into me. No sooner had the pony made contact with my ass he began moving forward driving that cock of his deep into my ass. The pony knew then he had his mare and he was hot to fuck me. In a quick thrust he drove that huge cock in me almost as deep as Hugo had worked his arm into me. This was even better than when Hugo had fist fucked me. This animal was driving his cock up my ass deeper with every stroke. The beast fucked my ass like a sledge hammer driving himself into me again and again. I got so excited I began shooting all over myself. Then the beast came I could feel my body expanding as he filled me with his hot cum and I thought I would explode. When he began to withdraw Shelton lowered me and pulled me away. I lay there glassy eyed and happy as he cleaned the pony's cock.

Looking at me he promised me next time I could lick the pony's cock clean as a treat. Patting my ass he told me he wanted all his animals to get to know each other a little at a time so we could perform without all the straps and cages. Shelton promised me tomorrow I could mate with the other ponies if I wasn't too sore. Nodding I ask him if I could just suck one more pony off tonight. Shaking his head he said I had to wait, I had enough for one night. Then as he pulled me out of the stall still fixed to my bench and looking at me he said I was just to hot and juicy not to fuck. It felt so good when he entered me and began to screw me. He said my ass just kept getting better with more use. He really knew how to take care of me and now I was so glad I belong to him.

When he did take me loose I followed him to the house. Turning and telling me he was going to clean me up and he wanted me to rest. He was so gentle as he washed me and gave me an enema saying it was to disinfect me in case I had hurt myself getting fucked by the pony. When they had stretched my body enough it wouldn't be necessary. Exhausted I slept like a contented baby in his arms that night. Shelton let me sleep in and I woke late. Telling me to get up and take a shower as I crawled out of bed I ask him what I was to wear today.

Pointing to my collar he told me that was all I would ever wear when I was here he loved to see my body. As I sat on the kitchen floor watching him he fixed us bacon, eggs and toast. Asking if I was hungry I nodded yes as he cut my food and put it into my dish. Then asking if I wanted coffee he poured it into another dish and setting them on the floor told me after I'd finished eating we would start working the ponies if I wanted. Now excited at the though of my ponies I wolfed down my breakfast. I was ready and sitting at his feet eager to begin. I lay on my bench eager to start. Shelton started with Blackey the pony I had sucked off. I lay on my platform and he made the necessary tiedowns to both of us. I was so excited when he started greasing me up I shot my load.

Then as he cranked me up Blackey knew what he had as soon as his cock entered my ass he went right to fucking me. It was rough at first but the more he hammered it into me the more relaxed I became. True to his promise Shelton pulled me out and turning the platform wheeled me back under him and I began licking and sucking his cock off until he was clean. Now we began to develop this system and we went from one pony to the next and each time it was just as exciting for me. Each time that I was fucked the cock seemed to be able to go deeper into me and when we got to the last one when his cock entered me I was so loose you could hear the cock sucking in and out of my ass. It had taken less time then Shelton had thought to break me in saying I was all animal. Giving me a hot wet kiss as he released me saying I could either suck the ponies off or mate with the dogs after lunch.

Looking up at him I told him I was two sore to go with the dogs. He began laughing saying why didn't I just suck the dogs off then. Thinking for only a second I was all for it. Then blushing I ask when he was going to start taking Videos of me to sell. Giving me a hug he said we could start today that I was a business natural. When Monday finally arrived I knew our weekend at an end. Holding Shelton tight I cried telling him I didn't want to go back to the base. Chiding me he said only two more weeks and then he would keep me and take care of me. Standing there crying in his arms I kept telling him I loved him. We left at dawn to make it back to the base early.

On our long drive back to the base I told him about how Billy and Sammy were screwing me. Looking over at me he asked what did I expect He'd told me they would love my blowing them and giving them my ass to fuck. Then pulling me closer saying "my dear sweet bitch, your place in this world is to service your fellow creatures and those two boys just need a good fuck. You know how to take care of them and keep them happy, it's the least you can do before they muster out and go home. Sitting there thinking of sucking and getting fucked by that Pony I though of how much fun Billy and Sammy had screwing me. I knew Shelton was right. I would show the boys just how good a fuck I could be.

When I got to our room they were sitting on their bunks waiting for me. Quickly dropping my jeans and pealing my shirt I begged them to fuck me. Surprised at my begging them they were on me squealing and pawing at me and I gave them the ride of their life. I sucked and licked and they fucked until they were glassy eyed with pleasure. Every night now I was in our room waiting to service them when they came from work. They were beside themselves and we stayed in our room as much as we could. I tried to take them to new delights from all that I had learned from my new experiences. They said I was the best fuck they'd ever had better than any girl. The only times we weren't together making it was the nights Shelton took me to The Stables to service the animals. By the time I had done them all several times they had learned to mount me without all the trappings because we had now bonded. They now considered me one of them.

My animals knew me and wanted my ass as badly as I wanted their cocks. The following weekend was the last weekend the boys would be here and then they would be going home . Shelton told me to invite Billy and Sammy for the weekend to watch me make it with the animals. He said I was good enough now that I should get use to having people watching me perform my act. Billy and Sammy seemed to love every minuet of it hooting and clapping as I took on each animal. I think they liked the ponies better than the dogs. When we all went to bed that night Shelton sent me up to there room with wine. He told me to service them saying I would be servicing the guests the same as he would. The boys would be good ones to practice on. Shelton taught me the right way to bring them their breakfast trays in bed and to serve them in the dining room. Whenever I wasn't servicing my animals I was servicing Shelton or the boys. On the drive back they said I was wonderful, I was truly a star and he had decided to put in for retirement. Now that he had me he wanted to retire . Finally my day of separation came and it was such a letdown, Billy Sammy and I all reported to the Officer of the Day. He had us sign a few papers. He telling us how much mustering out pay we were due and saluting us he shoved the checks and discharge papers in our hands. It was all over just like that, the last thing he told us was to be off the base in two hours. Walking back to the barracks Billy and Sammy ask if they could have one last fuck. Giggling I said only if I could blow them first. As soon as we were in the room I stripped eager to give my body to them. This time they were so gentle almost loving as the fucked me telling me they would miss me.

I watched as they packed their gear and dressed. All that was left was for them to lug their stuff down to the bus. I knew I would never see them again but I knew they would never forget me. As I packed my gear I knew where I was going, I was going home. It was like Shelton had told me, I was his property now his animal boy. When Shelton's van pulled up I dumped my stuff into the back and got inside. Signing my severance pay check I gave it to him saying it was his, I was his. On the drive up to The Stables Shelton told me that this was weekend The Stables was booked and I would be giving my dog and pony act now for paying guests. Looking over to him and squeezing his cock I ask if I had to wait that long for my animals to fuck me.

Chuckling he said anytime I wanted it I could have it. He had six dogs and five ponies that should keep me happy but just make sure he was there to keep me safe when the ponies screwed me. Reaching down and squeezing my hard on he said he would keep his love happy. Chuckling then he said he would love to video tape me and offer tapes to the guests if I didn't mind. Giggling I said I would love being in pictures. Scooting close to Shelton and unzipping his fly and asking if he had any more of that liquid to get me hot. Laughing and saying "that was just Karo Syrup and sugar, baby all the lust was you wanting sex. All you needed was something to give you the freedom from your own inhibitions". Chuckling I went down on him saying I was going to get my treat now. Patting my head he said he always gave his animals what was good for them.

Then as an after though he said he had a stop before we drove out to the Stables. Slowing at a Tacky little roadside store with a weathered sign saying Cal's tattoo parlor. He led me in. This big hulk of a Texan came out of the back room to greet us. Shelton told him he needed his new animal branded. Leading me to a chair in one of the empty cubicles he pulled out a drawing and showed it to me. It was a brand with the name of the Stables around the top of it and property of Matthew Shelton around the bottom. I recognized it instantly, it was on the hind end of all of my ponies and the horses. Looking at me Shelton asked if I was sure I wanted to belong to him, to be one of his animals. Nodding yes he told me to take off my pants then. It hurt a little and it was a tattoo about six inched in Diameter and it was on my right cheek of my ass.

Looking at my brand I though it looked rather nice. It told everyone I was Shelton's property. Finishing it up Cal asked if he could take pictures of me for his catalogue. Nodding yes he said to take his pictures while he went to the kitchen to get a beer. Then as an afterthought he asked Cal and me if we wanted a beer. Nodding yes he said he would be right back. He had a black velvet backdrop for his pictures and telling me to strip my shirt off and kneel he wanted my pictures of me naked since I was such a good looking man. That was when Shelton returned. Looking at me kneeling naked he told Cal to take his clothes off and I would get a real hard-on for his pictures.

As soon as I saw that big Texan's cock I was hotter than hell and hard as a rock. As Cal worked his cameras Shelton ask what he was charging him for the tattoo. Looking down for a second he said about an hour of fucking your boys ass. Shelton said "done deal" if you don't mind my watching. When he was through with me Shelton told him to let me clean him off. I sucked that big luscious cock of his right down to his root. Cal told Shelton he was lucky that I was one great fuck. If I wanted nipple rings or a PA to come and he would be glad to trade for sex. Laughing Shelton said he didn't want any of that stuff, but if Cal wanted to fuck me again just to come out to the Stables and he would give him a weekday special. As I picked up my jeans to put them on Shelton told me to carry them out, I wouldn't be needing clothes anymore until winter to keep me warm.

Walking to the car naked with just my collar on I was proud. I was going home at last where I belonged for once and somebody loved me and wanted to take care of me. Pulling back onto the road Shelton pulled me over and giving my balls a tug saying as a treat for me being so wonderful he was going to let the horses fuck me. Then tomorrow we would start picking out the animals I wanted to use in my show. Looking at him I ask if I could still let the other animals screw me. Giggling he said not only the ponies and horses but the dogs and me. You got us all baby and if that isn't enough I will buy you any animal you want. I love you.