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What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck?


What is a a rice 'n potato gay fuck? 

, July 17th, 2011 at 10:22 PM

It's interracial sex between an Asian guy and a white guy.

It's when white gay guy or twink has sex with an Asian gay guy or twink. It's seems to be rare enough to find it in gay porn .. although not for those of us who lives in an Asian country, it's a daily occurrence.

See a Rocket Tube video from Out in Public, where an Asian top fucks a white bottom's ass:

Below see some bareback fuck-packed video scenes from Bareback Surf Riders. Brice (white guy) and Jon (Asian) are bored out of their minds so to beat the boredom they decide to shag. After
reciprocating blow jobs, Jon takes on the submissive role and lends his little butt to Brice`s white cock. Jon gets taken for one hot 'n sweet rice boy balling of his life.
Gay 4u Tube - Rice `n Potato Gay Boy Bareback Fuck

Here are some other photos and a couple of videos of more interracial gay sex scenes involving Asian men or twinks.




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Letters to Billy, the skinnydipping mountain guy: For a former friend on

by sunbuns99
July 22nd, 2007, 01:43 PM

Dear Billy,
Long time no see. It's summer so you're probably at your busiest time on the ranch. I'll go on vacation (July 27-Aug 29) to Hawaii, New York, Tennessee/KY. Yep.. you should come to Japan - if you're anything like what I see in the photo you'd be a popular guy (So desu neh!)


It seems many Tribe people are gravitating to the visual culture offered by Flickr - I find myself going there a lot more than Tribe - nobody every writes much any way (or read what I write on my Tribe or other blogs). But on Flickr, if I have a nice photo (hot guy, interesting situation or porn), people seem to flock around. It's habit-forming so I don't recommend it for everyone.


You don't seem like a porn-loving kind of guy - which is great if you are or aren't. But I can certainly see where you'd probably be good at starring in your own 'movies' - not crass pornography - but classic nudes.

See ya' when I see ya', Kelly.


Dear Billy (a day later),

I can't recall if I started talking first about this - -maybe it's because I vaguely remember your describing yourself doing this (nude all day long on a horse) from another Tribe post.

It's a very erotic image - bTW what'S the one that always can get you off in the one DVD you have? Well.. I'm anything if not kind, generous, serious, kinky and horny. Dirty old men DO have their virtues as well as their benefits. (HeHe). Is that all David does when he comes? Just bring you new porn - he's not much of a Brokeback Buddy or is he? (HATs off and pants down... whooa.)
Sorry .. I'm giddy with excitement (NOT just because I can imagine your butt rubbed raw from horse hair - although that would probably get any warm-bloodied man boiling......) I'm thrilled because I am COMING TO AMERICA (do-waddy diddy bo bap!)

You're hardly the only young (or even older) guy who knows he likes men that sometimes or even a lot of times ALSO like seeing men with women or even more than that. Most of humanity is bisexual or omnisexual... but society (civilization or whatever) can't 'allow' that since it would have a dramatic effect on what the world works - power / control / nationalism / territories / war / economics ,etc.... Enuf of that shit (right!)

I'm just saying it's totally natural and it turned your stomach to see pussy or a long thick cock stuffed in one then you'd not be like most men -- gay or str8 or in-between.
By the same token, that' s why most str8 men prefer seeing couples or MFM or M2F scenes in porn.
They enjoy seeing (even if they can't quite admit it) the same thing - it's like a projection of themselves - so str8 men have a craving for cock (well at least seeing it) too. How's that for reverse psychology!

Didn't I mention (perhaps not to you in an email) -- I am married ... still and have two almost grown sons.
I'm not a womanizer and I don't play both sides of the fence but I had my share of enjoyment with sex with a woman. I was fully queer until I met the woman who became my wife and the mother of my sons.
We are still happily married and they ALL know I'm gay (not very bisexual any more).

At your young age, there is every reason to believe that you CAN'T and shouldn't set the course on your life in one certain direction with 100% assurance it will ONLY be that. Who knows you might one day fly to moon, fall in love (with somebody else besides a horse LOL, or even get married and have kids.
That IS what Ennis (sp?) (was that his name?) did in Brokeback Mountain, right?


--------------------------- Billy's reply
Hello again.
It's cool writing to you. Who knows when I make it to Japan. lol About your advice. I do know I want to have my own kids someday but I also know that I don''t want to mislead some girl to have em. I have had pussy, in LA a few times but it just ain't the same as a guy. I wont change I don't think. Ennis was a chicken shit. His behavior was a little too confused for me to like him very much. Jack should''ve forced the issue. Oh well. What I like about my one porn flick is this particular dude. He's close to perfect in my mind and the girl was halfway decent so she doesn't detract fom him. But when I'm wasted I could watch chickens fucking and get off. lol
Oh, and one more thing, don''t be dissin' my horse. She and I are an item around here. The other is a quarter horse gelding named Buck. You can diss him since the futhermucker bit me this morning
Ok dude. Chow time. We'll dedicate tonights rocket launch to you. Cool?

Once on the 'road' I won't be online regularly - I'm camping for two weeks (separated by travels, biz)
Once I hit American highways in mid August - I am GONE in 60 seconds... driving in Japan is such boring pain... that I just love travelling hundreds of miles at a stretch once I get to Kentucky / Tennessee and the Carolinas. I think nothing of a 500 mile trip - my parents live just north of Nashville.

That feeling (rush of freedom/speed/wind) is probably something similar to how you must feel to get up on a horse again - after weeks or months of being stuck in LA. Maybe not.. since you CAN ride a skateboard to get around in LA, here in Tokyo, I have to drive at hour each way in slow moving traffic - there are few sidewalks and skateboarding on streets is illegal here (at least you never ever see anyone doing it) -- only in designated sk8 parks.

See ya', Kelly

Dear Billy,

One new and happy development here.. we are getting a MATE for our dog. She's another Toy Manchester Terrier and she going to arrive on Sunday. They are keeping her at the pet shop to finish her vet check and to complete her shots. She' just a 40 day old puppy.

We've been looking (not to seriously) for a few years -- it's incredibly expensive to get a puppy of this breed (about $2000 for a female) and much more for a champion male (which is what our first dog is). He's getting to be eight years old so if he's going to have offspring it's now or never.
He's an incredibly smart dog and belongs to an animal talent agency so he's been on TV several times.

We're hoping to have a side career (animal (dog) handler for TV, movies, and print ads) when their puppies are growing up and being trained.

Finding a bitch (dog talk - not human speech ) for a TMT is not easy - especially in Japan and there is not guarantee that things will work out with breeding), but we're getting this puppy so she can grow up with her future husband.

Our dog is named Batistuta (named after the Argentine soccer player who made Italy what it is today - not exactly). But he did a lot more than David Beckham is probably going to do for the US soccer pro league (although I hope his coming to LA has a great effect on the popularity of the sports in the US).
I'm NOT a team sport guy - I just think soccer has a many social benefits since it's NOT a rich kids or upper middle class-only game like some team (and individual) sports.

Hey. already too long for your tired eyes to stay up late and read... (it's almost noon here).

Ciao, baby.. chow, puppy.. puppy chow!!!


------------ (just a few extracts) ----

From Billy to Kelly,

Ok. absence makes the heart grow fonder "doesn't" it. that better? My grandfather speaks better english than me/I do. Puppies rule and I like their stinky puppiness. My hairs short right now as of last week. I got pine sap in it and just got fed up and cut it off. Have fun in the hostels. Ive never been in one.
Later bro, Billy

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Anyone into nude hiking? Where can you do it?

[Repost from Discussion on Male-to-Male Flashing]

like2jack asked:  Is anyone into nude hiking? As in, out on actual hiking trails, for moderate-to-long distances? Would love to hear some stories & suggestions, both about free-hiking (leaving all clothes behind) and just
stripping down & packing all your clothes in your backpack, etc.                 I live in Seattle, and though winter is coming, would love to find out about some good places/trails for naked hikes - would like to spend the cold months checking some suggested trails out so i can get familiar w/ them & have a good list of places to hike naked when it gets warmer (or even on less-cold winter days).                                                                Also wondering if there's any naked hiking groups in the area? I think most people into this do it for "naturist" reasons rather than anything sexual, but would really love to find some trails i could hike long distances naked either way - it's still a total thrill for me, especially if i can be seen by others.

Naktiv is a blend of Naked and Active - you can call it Nacktiv or Naktiv, as you please, we're very tolerant here ;-) The Naktiv hiking sign, (spelt Nacktiv for distribution in Germany/Austria/Switzerland), includes the delta symbol for several reasons:

  • Being naktiv can be seen as the delta of being naked and being active.
  • In legal shorthand the delta represents a defendant, and naktivists, while generally pacific by nature and tolerant of others, may be called upon to defend their position in many ways.
  • In many contexts, eg; macro, automata and medical, the delta stands for change.
  • The delta is an easily recognised insignia.
The Naktiv hiking sign is © Copyright Richard Foley2005-2010, and may be copied and reproduced to encourage the Naktiv idea, by any and all enthusiasts around the world - the sign has already been spotted on flickr .

NEWT Naked European Walking Tours from the Naktiv site above

In 2005 I walked naked across the European Alps starting in Germany, going through Austria, and ending in Italy. This walk, which took 5 days, is described here in the Newt 2005 article, a short version was published in the September issue of the H&E Naturist magazine, and there's an online version at Isabelle's beautiful site. Apart from being a fantastic walk, this also got me the dubious privilege of an entry in the Naked World Records database. Being the first man to cross the European Alps naked was not enough to get me into the Guiness book of records though - they are not interested in nudity - yet :-) Newt reports can also been seen elsewhere online:

A similar walk was repeated as Newt 2006Newt 2007 and Newt 2008, with company, and the current plan is to
organise another naked alpine hike in the summer of 2009. If anyone wishes to come along, here is the current plan for the next Newt (2011), simply register your interest by sending me an email: newt.2011[at] NB. This is not a private/secret nudist club walk. Please don't be motivated to come along by the photos on these pages and then complain that you don't want your photo taken - I'm not interested - anyone coming on a Newt explicitly accepts the idea that we will be taking photos of these adventures, and we will then publish them to encourage others to do likewise. Naturally we take into consideration such points as "this is my good side", "please don't do a close-up of the pimple on my nose", and similar reasonable requests. While the next route might be somewhat different, the current date and plans are:

First week in July: Sunday 3rd July -> Saturday 9th July 2011 

English Deutsch Francais Dutch Italiano

Various day walks are planned, none of which will be too strenous so as to encourage lighter walkers, throughout the week, but you should still be walking fit. The route will be somewhere amongst the central European Alps, possibly using a fixed hut base, or tents. The precise plan is variable depending on circumstances, including group capabilities, weather etc.

Anyone is welcome to join for a part of a day, or for the entire walk, dressed or undressed, however their time, commitment or inclination allows. The preferred intention is to do all walks completely naked except for essential walking boots, sun hats and rucksacks. The exception to this is when going through towns and villages, when walking on made-up roads, (the unofficial but very effective tarmac rule), or when in a gasthof or restaurant. If anyone is uncertain as to dress code, or how to join in, please do not hesitate to send me an email for clarification - I/we aim to make this easy for people. Please note that this is not a protest march, this is merely a walk through a fantastic chunk of our environment with less encumbarage than most people consider necessary.

There are many people getting into naked walks, and outdoor activities of all kinds, individuals, families and
groups, from all sorts of cultural backgrounds, right across Europe and the rest of the world. See the hiking,cycling and riding links for further info.
Other Nude Hiking Sites or Groups Ron's Log - a nude hiking enthusiast and photographer in Palm Springs leads various groups on naked hikes and documents the trips on his Flickr account. Here were some interesting and useful comments to a question about nude hiking in San Diego on Yelp.

READERS COMMENTS to the article posted 


The comments below included some valuable info about

nude hiking in North America and Europe - so that I

could find them again, I have reposted them below:
Freehiked Deep Creek in so. Cal. Last Friday. Two miles in and two miles out all nude. I carried my shorts and slipped them on once when I met another group on the trail, but they saw me nude before and after and really did not care. Greatest hiking experience of my life. Will do it again as soon as possible.Posted: Sep 14, 2010 Patrick

Naked hiking can be a truly relaxing experience, soaking up the rays, enjoying either a lonesome or a companiable time amongst nature's many places. To see what we're talking about, take a look at this regular event: The important thing, if you're a little uncertain, is to just relax and consider trying it out sometime :-)

Posted: Jul 17, 2010 Richard Foley (richinud)
summertime desert hiking is the best. no one anywhere. after the first few miles you forget about the fact that you are naked.

Posted: Jun 13, 2010 rocketmancub
I write this while relaxing nude, after a skinny dip, In a remote area by a river. Most rivers create natural sand beaches by their banks, so it is like thebeach, but isolated and free of onlookers and or gawkers. Mud baths by these riverbanks are invigorating, then making the skinny dip more exhilirating!! Try it u will like it!!

Posted: Apr 08, 2010 Swimbikesail
My wife and I love to go hiking nude in the Palm Springs area.

Posted: Nov 17, 2009 Rich
Dude, I have no problem what-so-ever with "Hiking In The Buff" It's too bad that folks in the countryside are like this the world over, when it comes to being a tad bit anal to the offbeat!

Posted: Sep 05, 2009 narutofightindreamer
Every time I go for a freehike I'm more and more convinced of how enjoyable and good and right and wonderfully beneficial naturism, and especially naked hiking, is for my life.
All are welcome to visit my naked hiking blog at

Posted: Aug 06, 2009 Ken Freehiker
Sunscreen, bug repellant do you laterh it all over?

Posted: Jun 28, 2009 Curious and a bit repulsed
Just hiked Green Mountain trail nude (shorts in hand to cover genitals in case I ran into anyone, which I didn't) 1.5hrs on the trail, FABULOUS!!!!

Posted: Jun 19, 2009 Port
There are a few naked hiking groups at Yahoo for interested guys. NOT sex, but "freehiking." Email me if interested, especially if in Palm Springs or Phoenix. TAKE CARE, HIKE BARE! -Budd

Posted: Apr 14, 2009
I've hiked naked a number of times and it is an awesome feeling! Try it, you'll like it! And it is even better if you can find a place to skinny-dip while you're hiking naked.
P.S. Don't knock it until you've tried it. You don't know what you are missing!

Posted: Mar 31, 2009 Naked Boy
I have hiked nude in Yosemite National Park and it was great. I found a small waterfall and got in. Something I have always wanted to do. The sun on my body and the cold water was so fantastic. Just below the falls the water pooled and I was able to soak up the experience. I hike nude whenever the opportunity comes up.

Posted: Mar 29, 2009 John
I have hiked and mountain biked nude on a few occassions and look forward to the opportunity to do it again. My favorite is hiking in the rain. The feeling of the cool random raindrops is unlike any other. After shedding the clothing, it's not long before it feels completely normal. The worse thing about the entire experience is knowing it has to end. I dread that time of having to get dressed. 

Posted: Mar 25, 2009 jcg
There is hardly anything that compares to the feeling of being naked. Most of the time when I am naked in nature it will be when I am alone. I do prefer company, but do not find myself in an environment where it is easy to make contact with others who also prefer going naked. Wearing clothes just feels tireing after you have experienced what it feels like going around naked. I would be walking somewhere and suddenly realize that the opportunity to go naked exists and just strip there and then. Enjoy your freedom!

Posted: Mar 19, 2009 Ralph
Bummer. Nude hiking is freedom and the ultimate way to experience nature.

Posted: Mar 02, 2009 john
I enjoy hiking in the nude, free and feel whole with Nature, the Earth and the Sky. Its an overwhelming feeling of Joy. Having to do this in secret, almost hiding, does not feel right at all to me, but our Society has not understood that yet. I wish i knew more of those places where I could hike freely without meeting any clothes hikers or rangers.

Posted: Feb 28, 2009 nudist in Palm Springs
I spent two days hiking nude in a California State Park. The only person I saw was a ranger that drove by on a backroad, he just waved and kept going. Good thing he didn't ask me to put my shorts back on, I didn't realize I had accidentally dropped them a couple miles back. Oops! Found them on the way out the next day. A nude hike to a backcountry lake for a swim is the only way to go!

Posted: Feb 18, 2009 Anonymous
Been freehiking for a couple of years. Nothing more enjoyable than the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors with nothing inhibiting all the sensations the environment has to offer. The fact that I have also lost 30lbs is a bonus. (not including the clothes:) I highly recommend it to all hiking enthusiasts.

Posted: Feb 17, 2009 ddoger
There is a great nude hike in Southern California to Deep Creek Hot Springs. It's about 2 miles from the parking lot to the hot springs, and you can do all of it nude, then soak in the hot springs. For a full report check out Things To Do Nude which has page on Deep Creek with directions. 

Posted: Feb 15, 2009 Dan
Freehiking is great. I don't mind hiking clothed if its cold; but if it is warm, the clothing has to go!