Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Father knows best (Part 3)

I rewrote the same story but this time from the father’s perspective because after
all, father knows best.

Dad's story:
I remember the first day I realized I was falling for my son. We were on a family vacation by the beach.
 I remember being captivated at a what a strapping and handsome man my son was developing into. I didn’t think anything of it but found it difficult to take my eyes away from his beautiful young body. I remember noticing several women on the beach admiring him. That’s’ my boy,

I remember thinking proudly. His bathing suit fit him so perfectly I remember thinking he could be a model. I had a camcorder I recently bought and was shooting lots of footage of our extended family. But I made sure to capture as much footage of him frolicking around the beach in his bathing suit as I could. Lucky for me the camera had a very good zoom lens so I capture some great close-ups.

We were staying with my wife’s family. After the beach we returned to their house and everyone took turns showering and getting ready. I walked into the bathroom to shower and locked the door. I was about to enter the shower but froze when my eyes caught sight of my son’s bathing suit. I picked it up and my heart started to race. I turned it inside out and felt the soft fabric. Fabric that not long ago had been in contact with my son’s ass, my son’s balls and his cock. My son’s cock. I had sprung a huge aching erection. I mustn’t have these feelings, its my son, I thought.

But there was the bathing suite and there were some pubes and my heart was racing. I turned on the shower to cover any noise I might make and jerked off while fondling his bathing suit and thinking about him on the beach.

I edited the beach video and removed all extraneous footage so that it featured only my son. This video became my primary beating off material. When I was alone at home I would go to my son’s room and swipe a pair of his used undies. If I was lucky I would get his sweaty underwear from after the gym. I would jerk off while sniffing the undies and watching the video.

Then the unexpected happened. My son came out of the closet. This was a shock to me and my wife. It stirred up a lot of feelings in me. If my son was brave enough to come out it was time for me to do the same. So I did and my wife left us. She was hurt and angry but it was difficult for me to believe it was a complete shock for her since our sex life was basically nonexistent. It felt good to finally be out. I dated men and it was fun but I had not stopped longing or my son. If anything my feelings were growing stronger since we were alone at the house. I was insanely jealous of his boyfriends and did my best to scare them away. I had always loved my son but was I falling in love with him?

I still loved the video but as luck would have it my son started walking around the house in his underwear or sometimes a jockstrap. I remember one time sitting on the kitchen table as he did the dishes in tight blue briefs. I could not stop staring at his perfect ass. I actually drooled on the kitchen table. My cock felt very constricted in my underwear and pants. At first I thought that he was walking around in his underwear because he felt more uninhibited now that his mom was away. But I started to wonder if something else wasn’t going on. I started to feel like he was putting on a show for me. Or was it just my imagination?

One night I came home from work after having drinks with coworkers. I was feeling very relaxed and slightly tipsy. There was my son on the couch in skimpy undies. I stared at his sexy body and my eyes were drawn to his crotch. Was it my imagination or did he have an erection? He caught my eye and I felt flustered. I didn’t know what to say. “How is it that you don’t have a boyfriend?”. I blurted out. “Because you chase them off” he replied. I became overcome with emotions.“You’re too good for them” “You deserve better. You are a prize. If you weren’t my son, I would worship you, I would” and then I stopped.

What was I thinking? “Never mind” I said. But he protested and told me that I could do him whatever I wanted. I looked at his crotch. Definitely an erection hiding underneath that fabric.

An erection that I desperately want in my mouth. I pounced on him and me started making out. It was so nice to kiss him and taste his mouth. I greedily explored the insides of him mouth with my tongue. My hands finally got to explore the luscious body I had longed for. My mouth finally got to taste my son’s cock. And how nice he tasted. His cock was exquisite. My cock is large and uncut. It’s scary looking. His cock on the other hand was beautiful. Like a work of art. Perfectly sized with a delectably pink head. I stared at the head. His piss slit was accumulating moisture which I happily lapped up with my tongue.

We explored each other's body all night. We rubbed our cocks together. Daddy's larger foreskin draped cock rubbing lovingly against son’s cut cock. Funny how much heat you can generate rubbing two sticks together. We certainly were shouldering. I sucked his fingers, his toes, his nipples, his balls and of course his cock. He was very intent on sucking me and I let him have at it. To me my cock was always ugly looking but apparently not to him. He was fixated on it. He nibbled my foreskin and slipped his tongue underneath, savouring his dad’s juices. I lay back an enjoyed the sensations of having my cock enthusiastically sucked on by my loving son.

In the morning I awoke first. He was lying on his stomach and I was staring at his perfectly shaped firm young ass and beautiful slightly hairy legs. I started caressing his ass and he woke up. I kissed the sole of his foot and worked my way up his leg, kissing as I went along. I got to his ass and I spread his legs apart. I looked at the beautiful pink hole and kissed it. I felt his body twitch. His ass was covered with soft hair. I covered it with kisses and buried my face in, pushing my tongue into his fresh pink asshole. He moaned and pushed his ass against my face as I jerked my cock and rimmed him. I thought about other things we could do. As if he read my mind he pulled me up and positioned his ass on my cock. He told me he wanted me to be the first. My mind said “YES YES YES YES”, but I didn’t want to rush him.

I asked if he was sure and he said he was ready. I know I certainly was. In fact, I was concerned I would not be able to enter him without blowing my load. I worked his asshole with my fingers sliding them inside him as his asshole relaxed. I entered him very slowly. My cock is rather large and I did not want to hurt him so I was very slow and gentle. I felt my cock slide inside him and be enveloped by his warm silky moist insides. I was close to coming so I did not thrust at all but just let my cock rest inside him.

There we were father and son bonded together in the most intimate carnal way possible. I kissed and bit his neck and gently moved my cock around inside him. “How do you like it to have daddies cock inside you?” I asked. “Feels so good” he moaned and clenched his cheeks on me. The clenching felt unreal. I puckered my lips and sucked air. He knew the clenching pleased daddy. He continued clenching and moaned “fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy”.

I didn’t answer but if I did it would be, “YES YES YES YES”.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Seeing my Dad in his white undies


      I do remember being fascinated by seeing my dad in his white undies and would try them on occasionally. Daddies are supposed to be masculine protective and loving. The idea of pleasing daddy is primal and erotic.

Here is a story I wrote:

      I had just turned 18 and my parents were going through a messy divorce. They were high school sweethearts but my father had a dark secret: he was a gay man. He grew up in a conservative military family and he himself worked in the military for many years. My own coming up had stirred a lot of conflicting feelings in him. My coming out was the catalyst for his coming out. My mom was devastated. She would never forgive me. Mom moved in with her folks and I stayed with dad. I had the option to go with her but our relationship was strained by my coming out and the subsequent coming out of her husband. I loved my dad and was more than happy to stay with him anyway.

Dad was very handsome and well built. He had mischievous eyes, a moustache and a hairy chest. Dad and I got along well except that he was very disapproving of any man I was dating. According to him they were l jerks and not good enough for me. I was angry at this attitude but at the same time I felt strangely flattered. Not that I was dating many guys. I was spending most of my free time with dad. I enjoyed seeing his warm comforting smile and mischievous eyes. It felt warm to be near his masculine body. I felt guilty and tried my hardest to suppress my feelings. But it was quite difficult to suppress my urges. The sight of dad walking around the house in white briefs would make my heart race so fast I would feel dizzy. A couple of times I had been lucky enough to see him naked. I was fascinated by his cock. It was rather large, larger than mine. He was uncut and the foreskin completely enveloped his cockhead.

It looked much different than my smaller cut cock. I longed to see it up close and study it more. I would anxiously wait for him to leave the house and I would instantly run into his room and find his dirty laundry. I pleasured my self for hours fondling his socks and inhaling the sweet, musky, yeasty essence of his white briefs. I noticed that he started to look and smile at me more often. I would look away but it was difficult not to stare into his dreamy eyes.

His looks gave me goosebumps. I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination. I started walking around the house in my briefs because I knew they seemed to catch his eye. I felt guilty about doing this but could not control myself. Watching him trying to keep from staring at me was intoxicating. One night he came home from work late. He went out or drinks with co workers and was tipsy. I was lying on the couch reading. I was wearing tight blue briefs. His eyes fixated on my briefs and then he quickly looked away. I felt guilty for tempting him.

Guilty for trying to be make him attracted to me. He was my dad after all, what on earth was I thinking? He looked at me again. “God damn” he said. “How is it that you don’t have a boyfriend?”. “Because you chase them off” I replied. “You’re too good for them” “You deserve better. You are a prize. If you weren’t my son, I would worship you, I would” and then he stopped. “Never mind” he said. “No” I protested.

“Finish your thought. If I wasn’t your son, you would what? What would you do? Because whatever it is that you want to do, I want you to do it”. That was it took. He pounced on top of me and locked his mouth on mine. I felt him push his tongue into my mouth and I greedily welcomed it sucking it in with all my might. His hand were all over my body and he reached into my underwear and grabbed my erect cock.

 He caressed my cock and balls and slid off my underwear. He was on top of me and he started exploring my body. His moustache felt ticklish. He was still fully dressed as he took my cock in his mouth. I felt myself on the verge of coming but I desperately wanted to see, feel, smell and taste his cock. It was a challenge to get him to stop sucking me. After firmly pulling his head off of my crotch I took control of the situation and started taking his clothes off until he was in his sexy white briefs.

His large cock was bulging out of the white fabric a drop of moisture permeated the tip. I buried my face in his crotch and inhaled the sweet fragrance of daddies underwear. As sexy as he was in his underwear I knew it was time for them to come off. I ripped them off. There he was. Mischievous eye looking more mischievous than ever and all mine to enjoy. I gazed into his eyes for a moment, kissed him and buried my face his crotch. I sniffed his balls and pubes.

After jerking off to his underwear for so long it felt unreal to smell the real thing. He smelled so good it was difficult to stop sniffing him. I kissed his cock and played with the long foreskin I had dreamed about for ages. I took his cock in my mouth and he moaned. It felt good to have daddies cock in my mouth and hear him moan in pleasure. To feel daddies cock moving inside of my mouth. I sucked him and felt his cock swell in my mouth. I was in ecstasy as my mouth filled with daddy’s foreskin juice and precome. He pulled my mouth off his cock and took me in his arms. There we were father and son. Our naked bodies entwined together as we kissed and our cocks rubbed lovingly together.

What could be more natural? We explored each other’s bodies and made love all night long. Daddy came in my mouth as I sucked him. I almost choked at the copious amount of fluid that exploded out of his body and into my mouth. I swallowed daddies come and felt it coat the back of my throat. In the morning we awoke and started fooling around again. He had me lie on my stomach and he caressed my ass. He kissed the sole of my foot and started kissing my leg slowly moving up until he got to my ass. He spread my cheeks and kissed my asshole. My body shuddered. He covered my ass with kisses and then buried his face in. I felt my heart race as I felt his tongue and moustache tickle my asshole.

Having daddies mouth on my ass stirred something inside me. He glanced over and saw that he was jerking his cock as he rimmed me. Daddies tantalizing cock. I had never had anal sex before but I knew that instant that I needed daddies cock inside me. I pulled him up and pushed my ass onto his cock. He moaned and rubbed his cock against my crack. We stayed like this for a while until I grabbed his cock and pushed it onto my tight virgin asshole. “Oh daddy I want you to be the first”.

“Are you sure that you are ready for this?” “I need you inside me” He got up from the bed and went to get some lotion. He spread it on me asshole and probed me with his fingers. I felt my asshole relax and I felt his fingers enter inside me. He spread some lotion on his cock and pushed it against my asshole. Slowly he started to enter me. It hurt a little bit but the idea of him inside me was so stimulating that my asshole relaxed and welcomed him inside. He moaned and thrust. He kissed my neck and his moustache was ticklish. It felt so good to feel his powerful body on top of mine and have his cock inside me. Every time he thrust I would jerk my cock in ecstasy. He picked up the pace and I clenched my cheeks as hard as I could. He hissed and bit me ear. I heard him scream as he pushed his cock inside me and flooded my insides with his come. This pushed me over the edge and what felt like buckets of come shot out of my cock…


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spanking combines many sexual attractions that we Dads enjoy

Spanking - combines many of sexual attractions... -

Spanking can be an erotic activity - not only for sexual gratification - but also because of the part it plays in many other types of situations. Spanking either using the bare hand or a paddle, particularly when applied to the bare buttocks is used in discipline (father-son, coach - athlete, officer-soldier) and in training, it plays a role in individual and group man-to-man communication, in a dominant/submissive relationship, being subjected to a older male's authority, as a form of male bonding (frats, sports team, hazing / initiation for male groups) are situations I find increasingly erotically stimulating.

For me, it combines several important gay male themes into one activity: older-younger, CMNM (clothed male / naked male), submission / dominance, but without being focused on simply causing pain. While spanking can be pain-causing, it is normally not ever serious or permanently damaging. So it doesn't go as far as being real bondage or BDSM, which is scary for some guys. It also can be a social or group event, occurring outside and in public, so it, therefore, has elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism, which also make it appealing.

Here are a few links I have found for sites that include photos or stories of male-male spanking:

Find many more interesting links below:
Bill wrote: "I'm one of your Tribe friends, and I'm the spankingest guy on all of tribe and you didn't include any of my links. "

My apologies, Bill, I guess I need a spanking for that oversight.

Bill's Basement Spanking links:

"If you need a spanking, I'm the guy to call", says Bill, one of my friends on 

Thu, January 20, 2011 - 5:58 AM
Many interesting links but
You're my friend, and I'm the spankingest guy on all of tribe and you didn't include any of my links (added above).

I Had One Gay Experience

My Gay Spanking 

I had gone into town expecting a warm day, in just shorts and t shirt. I had arrived early and I was a bit cold, I wandered down the street looking for a shop to go in till the weather warmed up a bit. Came to what I thought was a sex shop and went inside, it was nice and warm and it took me a few seconds to realise I had walked into a gay sex shop. the man at the counter looked up and asked if I needed some help? I said' I was just looking around', he said 'in that case, as you are the only one in the shop, do you mind if I go and get a drink from the back of the shop?' I said 'I didn't'. He then surprised me by going to the front door and locking it before he disappeared into the back. I started looking at all of these things that I had never seem before, It was quite arousing.
        I was looking at some spanking paddles when the man came back to the front of the shop, he asked me if I was interested in one. I asked, do they hurt? quick as a flash he got one down and slapped my bum with it,, not very hard and to be honest I hardly felt it. 'mmmm' I said 'cheeky, where would you normally use it then?'. 'come over to the paddle bench he said and led me across to this low bench with some loops at either side. 'Bend over here and put your hands through the loops and grab hold of the edge. It was very low, so my bum was pointing up in the air. He slapped me a bit harder this time, it caught me by surprise and I lifted my whole body up, only to find that the loops tightened around my wrists not letting me away from the bench but still with me bent over in an inviting way.

'To be spanked properly' said the man 'you need to be spanked on bare flesh' and with that he undid the buttons and zip on my shorts and pulled them and my pants strait down. To try and cover my self I knelt down, I was now sprawled across the bench arms almost straight out to my sides. I didn't realise till the man started, that there were loops on the side of the bench that he tied my legs to holding me firm against the bench. going to the side of the bench, the man pulled a lever

and my knees were pulled a part. at this point I started shouting and telling him to let me go, but while I was shouting and calling him names he got hold of a gag shaped like a cok and while I was shouting, he shoved it in my mouth and told me that because I had called him names, he was now going to spank me.

As he started, the strangest thing, I started to get an erection, It got harder with each slap, it was becoming painful against the side of the bench and I was wriggling around to get comfortable suddenly I could feel a hole in the side and I maneuvered my ass around until I could push it though the hole, I was expecting just a hole, but as I pushed forwards I realised, I was pushing it into a fleshlight. I must  have made a noise or a strange face because the man realised what I had done , because he stopped spanking me, leaned over and flicked a switch and the fleshlight started massaging my asshole.

"You are a very naughty boy," the man said as I was now rocking myself into the bench. There was a sudden cold sensation around my ass and then his fingers started sliding in my hole. I realised that I was about to be had up the ass, but I didn't care I was desperate to get off myself. He let go with his fingers, I then felt his cock gently push into my asshole, as he finally broke through I could feel myself cum like I had never before. he must have sensed this as he started pushing in and out really quickly and within a few thrusts I could feel him cum as well, as he withdrew I realised he had a condom on.

 He released one of my legs and one of my arms, I withdrew my cock which seemed to have got hard again and turned round, he lifted up my t shirt and emptied the contents of the condom all over my chest. he released my other arm and leg, I pulled my t shirt off so as not to get it messy, and undid the gag, I didn't know what to say, as I had obviously enjoyed it. He told me where I could shower and by the time I had finished and come back to the shop, he was already serving someone else.As I was about to leave he handed me a package, and said that he hoped he would see me in the shop again. I left as quickly as I could. When I got away from the shop I looked in the bag to see, a flashlight, the cock-shaped gag, and a couple of pics of my red bottom.
Will I be going back?  You bet I will.