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Hanging out nudae with other dudes - non-sexual camaraderie

Big Island CMNM Festa,  Dec 22 - 24, 2017,  Meet up at Xmas at Beach 67 (Waialea Beach), 12:00 - 4:00 pm 
U.S.A. : New York : New York 
Original posting: lexington3
11 Jun 2009, 04:16
Hanging naked is fun. You don't have to be a nudist to enjoy. Anyone feel the same way? It's a pretty low stress way to meet up.

U.S.A. : California : Martinez 
Follow up: TKNAKED1
11 Jun 2009, 08:09
Love just kiking back naked. Used to hit a beach / campground near Santa Cruz many times till is closed a couple years ago. This pic, I believe, is from one of our last trips. Man that was a GREAT trip.
I'll be naked at home and if my buddy drops by he either sheds his clothes or it's no big deal for me to stay naked.

U.S.A. : New York : New York 
Follow up: nyce2awl
11 Jun 2009, 08:09
I think hanging out naked is so damn great. So freeing and liberating (same thing?!). Wish I could do it all the time. My problem is that I'm turned on by being naked and almost always have a that REALLY a problem?

U.S.A. : New York : New York 
Follow up: lexington3
11 Jun 2009, 09:25
Everybody thinks that and its natural and shouldn't be anything to worry about. As you get used to doing it (hanging naked non-solo) you'll become more comfortable and it will not be the problem or issue you think.

If you meet guys into it randomly on-line the experience is apt to be more sexual so.. I resisted going to naked things for the same reasons. Guess what it really wasn't an issue. (notice I didn't say a "big deal") LOL,  Enjoy!

U.S.A. : Florida : Tampa 
Follow up: NewdInFl
11 Jun 2009, 09:53
"Male bonding is best done nude."
- Gay Naturist International

Nudists in general are a very friendly community. Being naked with others breaks down so many barriers.

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester 
Follow up: briefs6335
11 Jun 2009, 20:54
It has been a while since I've had a chance to hang out naked and I miss it. too bad we are so hung up on nudity in the US and there are not more nude beaches.

U.S.A. : New York : Brooklyn 
Follow up: Bklynplay
12 Jun 2009, 08:41
never had the real opportunity...use to go to a gay campground that was clothing optional but was too shy to walk around naked

U.S.A. : New York : New York 
Follow up: tomcanx
12 Jun 2009, 08:54
I would love to try it out..but the truth of the matter is I am to conscious of my body...I think that is the problem a lot of people have with being generally nude in a non-sexual environment. But I would love to hang out and just be naked and not care.

U.S.A. : Massachusetts : Malden 
Follow up: nakedinma
12 Jun 2009, 09:58
I host a naked movie nite in the winter, and go out to naked swimming holes in the summer.

Love to just hang out naked.

U.S.A. : Virginia : Woodbridge 
Follow up: Dic
12 Jun 2009, 11:11
I used to hang out with about 10 guys and just get some sun. Some would have on swim trunks and the rest of us would be buck ass naked.

U.S.A. : Missouri : Kansas City 
Follow up: RonnieG
13 Jun 2009, 14:06
Nude pool parties are cool and nude beaches. It is not always sexual, even if I get a little aroused from time to time.

U.K. : Gloucestershire : Cheltenham 
Follow up: flashguy
14 Jun 2009, 05:51
Yep i just love being naked. As soon as i get home from work i'm naked for the rest of the evening.. On my days off work i'm naked all day. unless i have to go shopping. I do enjoy being naked .

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester 
Follow up: hottrodd7
15 Jun 2009, 18:28
Hanging out naked is the best! Even better with buds! The whole hard-on thing soon goes away as it just starts to be so natural to be naked. Pretty soon---you aren't even thinking about it. Be careful though---it's addictive! The more you're naked the more you WANT to be naked!!! LOL

Follow up: dogguy§
10 Aug 2009, 06:19
Love hanging out at the beach nude, nude holiday resorts are great. Like camping/hiking nude. Just walking in the door and dropping the clothes is a natural thing unless I "have" to put clothes on for company/guests....:)

Australia : Western Australia : Perth 
Follow up: eseone§
19 Aug 2009, 14:36
Love being Naked and around other Guys it's Great. There seems to be a barrier between people that is dropped. Luv it I just don't get to do it enough.

U.S.A. : Washington DC : Washington DC 
Follow up: Nakedmatt
20 Aug 2009, 04:48
Love being naked as much as possible! Especially outside, and if other guys are involved even better!

U.S.A. : New York : Rochester 
Follow up: hottrodd7
20 Aug 2009, 17:18
I agree with Nakedmatt--being naked outdoors is the best--and with other naked guys is awesome. Doesn't have to be a sexual thing (can be if you want), but just a bonding thing. I'm going to Hillside campgrounds next weekend--I plan on being naked all weekend long! Can't wait!

U.K. : Essex : Thurrock 
Follow up: oakley
20 Aug 2009, 23:23
love hanging naked with guy or guys.
NOTE from editor: This last respondant, Oakley, is one of the guys who told me about the Naked Disco event that happens at a London gay club the 3rd Friday of every month.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Homo-erotic stimulation and budding bromance while traveling: Hostels

Part I - Hostels
An except from a discussion on (Fetish Forum) about showering with other guys, and other forms of buddy-erotic stimulation.

Hoodies-fun wrote:
I love backpack traveling; as i do enjoy a bit of nudism as well.
Has anyone been to any hostel anywhere with a communal shower(where you can shower in a group)?  Please kindly share with me.

I have one to share: Name: city hostel berlin Location : Berlin,Germany
Tips: there is huge shower room with 6 shower head for dorm tenants on every floor

I thought it might be a great idea to make a Google Form so that people could add the names, location, and tips on such places. Actually, it already exists, but it also includes a lot of other places (both commercial, public and private) where you can see or be seen nude.
Places to be Naked (CMNM Places). 
Any stories of seeing a mate or being caught naked in a dorm or hostel? Being hard is a bonus.;)

I recently spent a week at a hostel and stayed in a 12 bed room with bathroom (3 shower stalls + 3 toilet stalls) attached. I sleep naked, and in the middle of the night I'd just walk naked (and usually hard) to the bathroom, since nobody would be awake. On a few occasions, when I opened to enter/leave, somebody would be on the other side, and they'd see me with my boner and nothing to hide it with. The first time I tried (unsuccessfully) to hide my erect cock and balls with my hands, but the later times I just casually let it hang out as I walked past. One guy commented "nice dick" and laughed, and I explained I thought nobody would be up at this hour. Considering how late it was and how many times guys saw me, I think at least one of these encounters in the bathroom was not just a coincidence, maybe some were curious to see something too lol. Lot of great memories in that hostel.
Sunbuns' response:
It's one of my loves too - traveling by staying in hostels exactly because it's fun to see nude guys and be naked with them (CMNM is my passion). However, there are not too many hostels left with communal showers. It's much the same for most any 'newer' or modern gym, sports club, campgrounds, etc. When they renovate, the management decides it's easier/wiser to put in closed, individual showers - instead of communal ones.

Generator Hostel London is centrally located in Russell Square. There are showers on every floor (separate men and women's) but they aren't really open or communal - although they have just curtains which you can leave open (or partly open) with a common changing area. I stayed in a basement floor room with 20 bunk beds. So I was able to see and be seen a bit even in the room since there are so many people (coming in at all time and hours) - actually, it was not very nice for sleepy but very cheap and in a good location in central London; they also had a lot of amenities / perks for backpackers but it was very large and crowded (even on March 20-21). I slept nude the time I was there and got out of bed naked to pull on shorts to go out into the hall. Once my ass was sticking out from the blanket/sheet so my bunk mates could be heard sneaking a photo of my naked butt.

What might be more fun - although the prices are cheap is to stay in one of New York City's YMCA recreation hotels. If you get a room, you can use the gym, pool, locker room and sauna/steam room freely as a guest. There is plenty of nudity because local men join the YMCA as a health and fitness club so they come there after (or before) work. The West Side YMCA is near 6th Ave and Broadway so it's very convenient.

 I haven't tried any other hostels in NYC.
Thanks for the info on the one in Berlin. If you don't get any answers or suggestions, you should also try (Forum), and and such sites where gay travel or male-to-male exhibitionism is discussed.

  Normally, people who live in a city don't know much about the hostels - you have to find travelers or backpackers who have. Sometimes regular traveler advice sites will have such info (because some people complain about the showers and bathroom etc). Also the hostels describe their own facilities well enough for you to figure out what might work.

I have posted on my blog (here on JUB) about hostels and hooking up with guys (or at least dickflashing or nude-clothed encounters), and also elsewhere on my other blogs. I can direct you to those articles and sites if needed. Let me know.

I'm not a youth but I love staying at (youth) hostels. Today's hostels are not just for the under 26 backpacker. You can often choose from a variety of room types (including privates or double) along with bunk beds in dorms. Some regular hotels even offer 'hostel' type rooms - such as the Gershwin in New York City.
Clearly, some people think these budget accommodations / dorm-type rooms and shared baths should be called 'hostile' - like QueerAngel said - it can be uncomfortable Comfort is not the only reason to stay somewhere. But if comfort's what you need while on vacation, you probably wouldn't find it at most hostels. People who love the outdoors don't expect there to be comfort on a camping trip - so as I said staying in a hostel is a like indoor camping - group spirit, shared facilities, respect for individuality...

 These other benefits of hosteling more than make up for the lack of comfort. Not to speak of the economy, I can stay 4 nights at a night (at least) for the price of one night in a 'comfortable' hotel. Each traveler is different and has different reasons and purposes for the trip. I am NOT trying to defend hostels or deny any traveler what's important for his / her trip, just asking you recognize that one style of vacation or one kind of hotel/accommodation would not suit everyone.

I've almost never found anyone with whom I could not communicate (although I might not have actually have wanted to communicate (grin). It's like boy scout camp or a sleep-over or a college party (without the noise - hopefully).

I enjoy the camaraderie that's generated when strangers esp. travelers (often single men and women) bunk together - it really is more like camping than a hotel stay - so it's not for everyone. But I really enjoy my stays because I fee free to be myself (more than when I'm home or at work). I feel comfortable being the 'gay' guy who is older, wiser, and knowledgeable, and friendly.

I'm not getting 'hit' on by my roomies and wouldn't really want that (at least on the surface). I just enjoy getting to know people, talking, and sometimes getting to see them live their lives in front of me. Sometimes there is 'sexual' attraction - but typically it's not mutual. Still.. my hostel roommates once all went skinny dipping at the local public beach late one night. (4 men and 2 women).

The stay is really what you make out of it.. it can be unfriendly and lonely but normally if you open up to the idea and the possibilities, it can be a great time well spent. Sometimes you make a lot of friends because the group just congeals.

I have written about my 'hostel' stays in my blogs. There is never really anything 'hot' - no sex in the hostel room - but I have certainly had some great fun and got to hang out with some sexy guys and sometimes been naked together.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where can you post naked photos of yourself?

[One of my new gay (online) friends asked me where he can post nude photos of himself so that only I and his other gay friends can view them. Here is my lengthy reply. ]

One thing you may not know is that: IT ONLY MATTERS WHERE YOUR
NUDE PICS ARE HOSTED. Japan does not block outside sites (at least most ISP companies in Japan do not). Your blog is hosted on Blogger so the photos were not kept in Japan but were stored on Google's own web servers in the U.S.

It is not a crime to post naked photos of yourself that do violate international legal standards when the photos are not physically stored on Japanese host web servers.

Privacy versus SITE Privacy

Your 'Out There' blog was not private at all; however, it was also not really possible to find it without seeing the URL in some profile of yours.
Blogger does not password protect blogs but you can make them for 'members only'.
However, you can make it completely private and only allow specific people to view it by sending them an invitation by email.

There may be other blog sites such as LiveJournal, Wordpress and Typepad (or others) where you can set up a password protection for members only.

There are plenty of gay sites where a viewer would first have to become a

member (usually free) before he can actually see your profile or any pics on it. I have shown some examples of such sites below: such as Dudesnude or Manjam or GayWatch or EMAIL: One thing that I do is to have completely SEPARATE email accounts for my married, straight father / professor self, and another completely set of email accounts for my 'gay' self.

I think you're mixing up the two of them - which is perfectly for today's young people. We, who are older and part of an established institution, would not be so happy to have our 'gay' identities shown to everyone.

So I suggest you to make a 'gay/bisexual-only' email account and to use it solely when sending email and logging on to gay sites.

Also, there is a benefit of using email which is already part of a securely encrypted mail server: NOTE* the URL for a site: https://
Google email uses such a system. The 'extra' s after  the http indicates that a site is securely encrypted.

My Blogger blogs (Google):

I can also make you a contributor (member) of one of my blogs so that you can upload photos or write message/texts.

It will probably be best if you used a different email address that the one you

are using for your work, family, and 'straight' friends.

Tell me what email address is. It's probably not good to use the one we are communicating with now but it displays your full name. 

0) Of course, you can post naked photos of yourself on, but (as far as I can see) 'free' members cannot limit who can actually view them. Click the link to see my profile on JUB:

In  fact, most members (free or paid) may not know that they can have a blog, a profile, and a gallery of up to about 200 photos (at least - it may be larger now),  belong to or create groups. 
Click the JUB link above to see my profile, blog and a gallery of your photos (nude and sexual content is accepted).  I often republish my blog entries on the blog in JUB.

1) There are quite a few places where you can upload nude photos.

Probably the best place is Flickr
It is easy to use and you can set the privacy for your photos - at four different levels for EACH photo: public (anyone can see), friends only, family one, friends and family, and completely private.

You have to create a Flickr account - although that doesn't mean that you have to create a new Yahoo email. Formerly, you could only upload  200

photos,  but now that restriction has now been lifted. You designate in Flickr WHO can view each (or a batch) of photos.  So you can naked photos of yourself and allow only friends or family (meaning a close set of acquaintances).   That's a lot of naked pics. 

I can send you an invitation to see some of my naked photos on Flickr: It will come from one of my several Yahoo accounts: hardtwoholed

I have several Flickr accounts. Here is one of my Flickr accounts:

YOU CANNOT see much of anything until you sign up for Flickr (and Yahoo), and also change your SETTINGS so that you can look at sexual content.

Here is another Flickr account:

(There are no naked ones of me in there that are currently visible UNLESS

you are my friend in Flickr. ) So the account is considered 'safe' by Flickr (owned by Yahoo). If your post a nude photo of yourself publicly, then Flickr will warn you and also will make your account labeled as 'unsafe.' Unsafe accounts cannot be viewed by just anyone - so that also helps protect your identity.

Actually, I have at least 5 Flickr accounts since I can only save 200 photos (at least it was that was for a long, long time). I sometimes need more for other types of photos.

2) Goggle also has a similar site: Picasa (Google

Photos for saving and sharing photos).

The photos you uploaded into your 'Out here' blog were uploaded also into a folder in the same Blogger account - but since you may have deleted it completely they might not be there anymore.
You can make each folder public or private. You can send invitations to people (like me) who will be able to view you private pics (but no one else can).

3). One site I  used to really enjoy was
, but it has now been closed down.

4) Inside some sites, you can upload some private photos and then only your 'friends' can view them.

There are both gay and non-sexual sites .. such as

A. Tumblr is another blogging site that has a lot of appeal and is popular among gay bloggers.  You can create a blog and post lots of self-nudes or other gay photos. A little used facet of Tumblr is the ability to post your entries as HTML files. HTML  is available on many other blogs, particularly Blogger, where I post a lot of my own gay-themed blogs. 

You can view my Tumblr blogs from the following Tumblr page:

C. Facebook changed it's privacy policy about nude photos, etc, a few years ago. 
Now it's possible to upload photos that can only be seen by the specific people you allow. However, at this point, I do not trust Facebook to keep its word about this policy.

So far, I have not uploaded any naked photos of myself in Facebook.

But I really enjoy using it to stay in touch.

(of course, I also have another Facebook account for my 'real self' - the married college professor father)

Here is a Facebook page for Guys Into CMNM (clothed male naked male):
    You can only see if you are currently logged in to Facebook. 
Pages in Facebook are public so they do not allow nudity. However, Facebook Groups can be private (by invitation only ), as well as public, therefore the private groups can display nude photos -- although photos of guys having sex are (mostly) banned.   I have created a private Facebook group devoted to CMNM (clothed male nude male) activities:

Ask me to join this Facebook Group if you are interested.

D. There are  a few other gay sites and also quite a few iPhone applications where you can create a profile and have public and private pictures.

You can see all my PUBLIC photos but not the ones I have made 'private.' There is a password that is needed in order to view

those. There is a limit (about 25 I think) to the total number of photos you can upload on your DN (dudesnude) profile.You can choose whether or not to allow this profile to be published or not, and which photos will be private or public. There are ten of thousands of members of from all over the world. So it's popular with the gay population.

Manjam is another similar site:

(You can't see all the photos until you log in).

E. A site that I am very fond of visiting is 
It's mainly about artists and photographs displaying their work, but there are quite a few gay men who are members and who regularly post self-nudes and other nude photography and artwork. There are (somewhat) standards about posting blatantly sexual photos, so you need to be sure not to post erect cocks or those with people engaged in obvious sexual intercourse involving insertion.  
You can find my photographic work at the link below, although you need to be a member to see the nude pics:

Deviant Art: (photos)

F.  Over-blog   is another blogging platform that allows members (free to join) to post blog post with nude people, engaging in sexual conduct, and stories and other content.   You can see my Over-blog blogs below:
 G.  A few other places where you can blog nude photos: