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Hostel Hotness (from discussions on Dudesnude, DickFlash & JUB)

Posted by:  Elegantism (member id) started off the discussion on hostel hotness like this:
Traveling through Europe, [ I stayed in hostels sometimes] 8 guys to a room. I always thought
something hot would go down. 
I remember this one time in Italy where the room was tiny and there were 6 guys in it. All ended up sleeping naked on top of the sheets, sweating and boning all night long.
Any more exciting stories?

Follow up: beachpuppy
I was staying in a hostel in Verona, Italy, in a beautiful converted villa. Some of the showers were communal, shower heads from a common pillar. When you took showers, it meant you were standing around the same pillar, sort of face to face. Got hooked up there taking showers together...

Follow up: nakedparis
It happened to me in Budapest; the hostel was an university residence and showers were in a big room; there were little walls between showers but no curtains, so it was easy to peer the guys in the fron shower's line or drying after the shower.
In Stockholm too, I found two hostels with showers not very private; there were curtains, but the undressing room was common, so before and after the shower, we could peer each other.

My response:

It's great to find others who are equally attracted to CMNM (clothed male / naked male) experiences at hostels. Sex is sometimes overrated and that's not just sour grapes because I
can and do get a lot of it. But I find the male bonding / friendship/ buddy camaraderie / 'skinship' aspect of relationships with other men (not just sex) can be so much more easily experienced in an environment like a hostel and I find myself craving such experiences because I feel so isolated from knowing men fully. Sure I can fuck around with guys, but it find it hard to make friends or just be buddies with guys without sex at the same time releasing our typically mutual inhibitions toward deeper male friendships.

I have had some great times and also some highly homoerotic stays at several hostels... particularly at one hostel (presently unnamed) - which I have described here on a previous thread posting (now disappeared). I've written about these hostels and sought and given advice about travelling using hostels and the male bonding / male nudity that can happen here and on my blogs. 
nakedparis (above) has a great idea but I think we need another site/venue to share these since DN is so limited and the posts eventually scroll up and disappear. Also, there is the issue of privacy - when we start actually naming places and giving out address, then it may get back to the hostel owners (indirectly) that their establishments is targeted by gays/bi-guys seeking sex in their hostels. Some of the hottest places to stay are not always to gay-friendly or diversity oriented. 

In the meantime, I want to hear more from elegantism about his experiences...
Hey, don't any of you guys blog? One cool idea is to create a Group Blog (using Blogger and Flickr) with multiple account holders (blog members). It's easy to set up (I can do that) and then you can either post entries by going to the Blogger (there can be many blog members or you can blog an entry by sending an email (even with an attached photo).

What do you say? Anybody want to try that... the discussion can still go on here but a 'good / useful' entry could also easily be blogged too. It doesn't mean to have to share id or have common passwords either.


A few days later...... I added:

I created the CMNM blog and I can add you as a co-author.
Actually, you don't have to actually join blogger to do so - because even without being an (approved) blog author - it is now set up to allow posts to be sent by e-mail. That address is written in the first (trial) post at:

The problem is how to handle explicit sexual photographs (I discuss in that post). Not having any solves that dilemma-- but there is still the matter of what constitutes 'sensual / sexy vs erotic or artistic nude vs blatant sexual behavior or obscenity as defined by the courts. 

It won't be an issue-- of course -- if nobody ever posts or even reads it. 
Look at it first and then tell me what you think about 'managing' the off-site blog..... Guys Into CMNM

So now it is off and running more to follow later.....
Kelly (sunbuns99) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is a joint JUB / Dudesnude / Manhunt Gathering possible?

Is a joint JustUsBoys (JUB) / Dudesnude / Manhunt Gathering or Summer Party  possible? 
Why? How? Where? When? This is an article for ideas for getting it started.

It seems that JUB ( members are hosting small gatherings across the US. Is anyone here actually participating in those -- attending and/or planning? I wonder if another large online virtual community like or could do the same? Would there be any benefit of trying to hold a joint party/gathering?

That brings up the idea of a "joint" cross-group event - -but after all isn't that what PRIDE events or the annual street fairs are all about (such as Southern Decadence). 

I am not nixing the idea of a Dudesnude party or convention or other event. I am just making some suggestions so it might actually happen. For example, we could hook-up with an existing event and thus attract more JustUsBoys or Dudesnude members to attend. I am also explaining what I think is needed to be decided in order to get one organized. 

At least, we could start by having local JUB or Dudesnudes members sponsor one event at a major Gay Pride / Gay Carnival event (on their continent or region). 
As I thought (and wrote) more about it the idea of a Dudesnude-JUB Gathering seems more possible and more fun -- so I have started making real suggestions (at least on I have approached the idea to anyone here -- except through this blog entry. 

The realities of actually organizing 'party' / 'convention' - 'round-up' or whatever it is called are daunting if you try to actually get many DN members to attend. 
Instead, there may be some wisdom in starting on a smaller scale. It does takes a spark -- a somebody(ies) who will take the initiative to set a place/time, have a clear purpose/events/activities, make contacts and coordinate communication.  

I seems to be a bit difficult to come up with a 'purpose' for a DN party -- if it a sex party/orgy then we'd better call
it that. If it's a social gathering or an organizational meeting then we'd need to get that clear. If it a DN sponsored event that is part of another major gay (men's) event or an event or series of events organized for DN (on its own) that's great but we need something to focus on: a parade float, BBQ, camp-out, beach party, ice-cream social, apres-ski party, pot-luck supper (in the nude) etc) then that would work.

If is going to have multiple purposes then that's got to be decided or at least sorted out, but it seems that we're not likely to come up with ONE general purpose because of the diversity of men, locations, ages, and interests. 

Still, if somebody got one party/convention organized, once it has been started and successfully held, it would be model on how to proceed with others (or how to improve upon the idea).
Also, why not have them rotate from venue to venue and occur several times a year?-- instead of trying to have simultaneous 'parties/conventions'. 

 So ... I'll help organize one in JUB-DudesNude-Manhunt Gathering for Summer 2014 / Fall 2014 / Winter 2014-15 (US (several locations), or Europe would be possible. 

The First Honolulu JUB-DN Gathering is easy - I think it should be on January 1st at Diamond Head Beach from 12:00 noon - until about 5pm. If enough guys are interested, then we could set up a BBQ picnic in nearby Kapiolani Park (but the Jubbing around (talk, chatting, playing game and Dudenuding could go on at the (unofficial gay/nude beach under the Light House on Diamond Head Beach. )

Stay tuned below for more info and an Evite (electronic invitation).  

Palm Springs Dec 22-24 -- we could stay where we like but gather at one site (Inn Exile, CCBC, or wherever) for the main party/event(s). 
Sometime in February 21-March 9 Big Island (nude gay beach party on the Puna shore, accommodation could be at Kalani resort - from camping to bungalows to hotel-class rooms )

Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, Spain) Carnival 2nd to 12th March, 2015 
or later March 19-28, 2015.

There are cheap flights from London, Germany, Amsterdam, Madrid. We could organize shared accommodations at both gay and vacation condo/hotels and have a huge blast on the largest gay beaches in the world during the day (all in the nude) and then split up into small dance/bar-hopping by interest groups at the many clubs in the Yumbo Center in the evenings. 

Tampa or South Florida, March 16-19, 2015

I could attend one in Europe (and maybe help out with one) in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest) in March -- if the Gran Canaria does not work out. 

TRYING OUT EVITE as a way to help organize (and/or just poll the members about enough interest to pursue the idea, and to actually start planning a location/time.

If you guys will indulge me, I have created an Evite to test its ability to actually find out WHO would attend a JUB/Dudesnude party or Gathering.

If you can or can't, I need a few JUB/DN members to try out the Evite link below:

Since it is may be a BROKEN URL link (yes, I understand very well why it may be), then you can piece together the parts of the URL and send me a reply at the EVITE site. Or you can send me e-mail and I will send you an Evite directly. It includes some of the features -- liking polling, brining things, that future JUB and/or DudesNude or Joint JUB-DN gathering hosts might need to know and info they'd need to be able to do collect. 
So I'll someone who reads this will try it out -- even if you can't really attend that event on Jan. 1st in Honolulu.

Since I don't know the everyone's e-mails (nor would I send it to EVERYONE even if I did), but I do need a couple of people to try to see if Eventbrite works.

One major stumbling block to actually organizing an DudesNude  / JustUsBoys / Manhunt event or party is the fact this is not a email LIST or group (Yahoo or MSN, etc). So there is no way to send everyone a message (apart from site host / web admin) - and they should NOT have to organize events AND run / host this site too. 

So here's the link and hope you can make it (or at least try to send a RSVP or decline the invitation). 
It will give me (and maybe someone in a different location) a resource for helping to organize a JUB/ DN event (if it works). 

Sunbuns99 (Kelly)

Or you could just write me e-mail and I'll send you an electronic (email) invitation.

Modern Day Phone Sex - DeviantOtter Style

deviant otter phone sex

When Deviant Otter is bored and horny he whips out his camera so he has a lot of extra footage that he usually can't use in his monthly updates. A few months back Deviant Otter was just planning on filming himself putting a dildo up his ass while watching some porn, but a hot otter buddy of his from Virginia hit him up on FaceTime while The Otter was jerking off so he decided to put on a show for him.
deviant otter phone sex
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hospital Tintillation - Trying to flash the doctor

I am staying in hospital for a condition that has also occurred before. I ended
up on the same ward of the same hospital where I stayed before. Two of the attending doctor's are the same, but one is new .. young, tall, and he has a deep voice and sexy hands. It gives me a thrill when he stops by to examine me on his am/pm rounds. There really is nothing to suspect he'd be interested in one of his patients sexually. But that hasn't stopped me from fantasizing and also trying to flash him from my hospital bed. There is something horny about being physically examined daily by men in white coats! LOL especially when the nature of the illness is rather mild -- by comparison with other patients who seem to suffer a lot more. The fact that I spend time reading porn stories ( some about this very thing - medical exams) while lying hours on a hospital bed certainly enhances the mood. 

Dr. M usually makes a point to stop by twice a I've been greeting him with my robe open slightly at the crotch when he has stopped the last few days so that now I'm thinking he's got the idea I like him seeing me nude. Yesterday he made an unscheduled stop in the p.m. When he asked about my throat, I had just a peek of my crotch showing, but then he wanted to see my ankle so I had to stretch out my leg and I am pretty sure he got a clear view of my semi erect cock when my robe
opened up more. I couldn't really look down and confirm or I'd been obliged to cover my 'accidental' exposure. He stayed a minute more, making small talk, but he was not cruising me -- at least not blatantly -- maybe he's not at all interested, but oddly enough he came back alone this a.m. after a group of doctors he was with stopped by earlier. I made a point of extending my leg to let him feel my ankle thus exposing my groin with my partly open robe. I couldn't gauge hid reaction, however. There is another young doctor who is friendly too, but it's not clear whether my showing some glimpses of penis is having any effect on him either.

Yesterday, after that episode, I got so horny that I decided to go outside while the sun was shining and to try to get partly naked. Behind the hospital but still on its property is a small park area with benches. Trees, and an open area that adjoins the parking lot. That's where I headed mid afternoon wearing my robe and nothing else - actually a Japanese yukata (light cotton kimono-like garment)- while that in itself is not unusual, most of the ones people might sleep in are normally white with a traditional printed pattern. Mine is for casual day wear so it is a tan and beige modern design.
The parking lot is near the back so there are not as many visitors, but instead there are pharmaceutical company salesman who park their cars there and then wait between appointments. A few of them were parked (backed in) and sitting in the driver's seat. They could probably get a look in the rear view mirrors of what I was doing. I opened the front of my robe and then started pulling on my cock until it was fully hard -- a.though I can't be sure anyone's looking, they certainly have the opportunity and that thought kept my juices flowing all evening and half the night. 

Mine is a male patients room shared with three other beds - separated by
curtains. Last night between 12-2am, I couldn't stifle the urge to beat off - but I made sure to make squishy jacking noises on my cock as I edged up and back from a final squirt when the 20-something guy in the corner bed seemed to be likely to be awake and listening ( turned over or got something to drink).

I know it 's not much, but I am confined to my hospital for more than a week and witn security cams everywhere I'm not about to flash strangers on the elevator. What I am doing now is some form of CMNM simulation.

Exactly because he is a serious medical professional, there is nothing to worry about. I talked to him a lot longer today - when he came in to the room, I was lying on my back and my half hard-on was visible through the thin material of the white pj's I'm wearing. As we talked my erection went down although there was some leakage of precum he might have noticed. I even joked with him about finding a bride perhaps among his patients. Our conversation went on for a while -- at least he's not scared of being with / talking to a 'flaming pervert' as some people (on this site) seem to believe.

The next door...

It was a nice sunny afternoon, so getting hornier as I feel better, I went out to the hospital grounds again to get naked in the sun. There cars parking nearby and some strollers, but I sat on the far bench and took off my pajama top. A bit later I pulled down my shorts and manage to get these cellphone pix. Had fun beating off in the April sunshine although most viewers couldn't see much since they were behind me, but a shirtless guy with a hand busy in his lap.

Last day in the hospital ...

Monday was the last of my week-long hospital stay. Young Dr.M, who I described in an earlier posting (below), had already visited me once that morning ,so I thought any chances of him seeing nude were unlikely. But - what do you know! - he came back to say he needed some photos to document how I had healed. What luck! 

I was wearing my gown with nothing underneath. Of course,I knew this was my flashing opportunity come true! 

So I disrobed while on the bed right in front of him. He was very professional, but my cock started swelling up. It took him a few minutes to get the photos - mostly close-ups. By this time, my cock was nearly erect and starting to leak. I was delighted he didn't just hurry away, but stayed a couple more minutes and chatted - all the.while letting me show him my naked body, cock and balls. I think he somehow knew that this was a more intimate kind of bedside manner that this patient really needed and appreciated!

This is how I looked from the end of the hospital bed (taken with a cellphone just after the doctor left).

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hostels - any good for flashing or CMNM scenes

I've brought this up a while ago. But someone may have recent info, recommendations, or actual experiences to share.

I'm staying in NYC in August - just a few nights - passing thru. I'm looking to stay in a hostel or other accommodations - but prefer one where there would be opportunities for male-to-male flashing or at least CMNM.

Can anybody suggest one that is decent and might work for that?

I've stayed the Gershwin Hotel which has dorm-style rooms. The YMCA (Vanderbilt and West Side) are pretty good for that. Can anybody tell me how Jamaica YMCA would be?

I'm not into high risk flashing (at least not yet) with complete strangers in very public settings.

I usually get my jollies by trying to make guys feel comfortable (or loosen up) to showing their own bodies / cocks or to be erotically stimulated enough to pop a boner or even masturbate.

However, I like to get to know my flashing 'target' - it's really hot when a guy I've been talking to -- intellectual discussion or talking about travel or pop culture stuff suddenly gets to take a good hard look at me naked or even partly or fully aroused. (pretending to sleep but have a hard-on exposed). Then later talking to him again, I imagine what he's thinking about having seen my nude body or stiff cock while we're talking about something else. That sense of a shared secret is very exciting - and it works the opposite way too - if I've seen him nude and/or aroused.

Summer vacation's coming in a few weeks.. so I've got several hostel stays, campground stays, and of course nude beach excursions planned.

This photo was taken this morning on a walk (without the dog this time) in the park-like cemetery just a few minutes away on foot.

For nearly two years (very infrequently off and on), I've tried to get a younger man (about 23-27) who rides to work on his bicycle through the cemetery (above) to notice my peekaboo flashing (see thru, hole-riddled and mesh clothes). He's not ever really taken the bait and generally turns his head or avert his eyes - if we're too close - so that he can't be 'accused' of looking. I am pretty positive he knows what I'm up to ... a few times a month I make a sudden appearance on his route - sometimes with my zipper down or sometimes with a pair of mesh shorts with my shirt tucked in just for him to see my pale cock wiggle from side-to-side as walk by him. 

If he were so disgusted or fearful (of being
stalked), he could easily find another path to his work (I think he's working at a
small commercial airport not too far away) because I meet him usually (once a week or so) around 7:00am and he returns about home the same route in mid-afternoon. Wednesday are his day off so he works on Saturdays as well.

Things have gotten more daring on my part this month. A couple of times recently I've gotten more bold.. like this morning. From the road, he would see me something like this (photo attached). I realize it's very tame by comparison (to other's extreme flashing - but HEY!.. we are NOT all made/built the same, right?)

I'm standing in a pathway between grave plots about 7 meters from the main road that runs through the cemetery. It's a straight wide (private) road with no thru vehicle traffic - so I only have to be careful about pedestrians and bicylists going east/west. Before taking up my position just off the road, I scout out down the road to see if he's approaching and then take up my position (like the photo). I'm turned a bit to the left but I can him clearly when I look to my right. I've done this before but never pulled my pants all the way down until recently. Earlier I was taking a piss (or pretending too).

So twice recently.. when I knew nobody else was approaching either direction ..
I've pulled down my pants and starting jerking my cock (not hard in this 'staged' recreation of the scene).
There should be no doubt that he can see me in this peripheral vision but he's TOO damned chicken or just not going to give me the pleasure knowing he's looking. He's smart - not a smart-alec and he's not looking for a confrontation but he's not looking to see 'dick' if he can help it either.

I know it's pretty stupid (fruitless is a better word LOL) -maybe useless to try to keep flashing this guy (if you can call it that). But the challenge just seems to be increasing my feelings of urgency. This time after he went by without so much as a smile or frown/scowl or side glance... I had to go deeper off the main road and beat off til I came.
Is this going to lead to me trying to go to greater lengths to get the guy to look?

   I think the attraction is that I sort of 'feel' like I know him -- ridiculous idea (I  
know) but at least we recognize each other.
Sometimes he almost can't help it if I suddenly meet him coming around a corner but it's risky to be 'showing' more than just wearing see-thru mesh - because mothers with school children, old ladies and men heading to their office job are equally likely to suddenly appear around the same corners.
I know he does look my way at times .. but it's only when I'm 20-50 meters away. There is a large plaza (paved area) along the main road, where we sometimes cross paths at a much great distance. It is at times like that when I have my zipper down and my cock partly exposed. I notice then that he 'seems' to take a brief look .. but if I'm too close.. he averts his eyes or even turns his head.

What do you think? It's not much of a flashing experience - but it's the most 'real' flashing I've ever done (not counting nude beaches and CMNM with male strangers in hostels/campsites). He's got to know that I'm 'beating off' for him, but he's closed to the idea.

Any suggestions?

It's at public cemetery in an Asia country - where I happen to be working now (part of the year). That fact makes the flashing (or peekaboo exposure) even more risky - I'm a white American male and almost all of the people who pass through the cemetery -- including the guy on the bicycle I've been targeting - are Asians.
I'd be very easy to identify in a police line-up (LOL) if he made a complaint to the police.

I don't know what it is - -but I'm not the first person on dickFlash - who has had the urge to flash while living in a place as person of an extreme racial minority (less than 2/10ths of a percent) are not Asian.

Maybe somebody can explain this phenomenon?