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Nudism: Father and Sons

It may be that those who don't have children (of either sex) might possibly 'project' what might be their own doubts (or fears or sexual inclinations) when they consider how gay or bisexual fathers could be perfectly comfortable being naked with their children (especially sons), or even want to make sure that they DO get the opportunity to learn / experience being comfortable naked with their dads and other men.

I don't ever recall having the slightest urge to 'know' my own sons biblically (i.e. in a
less than wholesome way) and never gave the first thought to being sexually attracted to them. I'd be less than honest to say that this was not always true about some of their high school friends and soccer teammates. However, I never ever acted on these thoughts - although I wouldn't morally condemn some man who did - that's not what the issue or the original question on this thread is about.

I'm not rejecting the possibility that some fathers could have more than an affectionate or fatherly interest in their sons, but I'd bet that most do not.

In my own case, there was no willful desire, ulterior motive or sinistre plan to let the boys see me (and my wife) naked. It was just a natural family thing. We did not raise them in Judeo-Christian religion-influenced America so that probably had a lot to do with reasons why it just seemed natural. We bathed together, went to public baths and hot springs resorts, and a few sometime visited nude beaches (or clothing-optional spots, in other countries - such as Greece and Munich's Englischergarten). Conversations sometimes included references to what they saw or were experiencing and there were the inevitable questions. But it was appropriate and in context - so it was a good way and good time to answer their questions: about sex or sexual attraction or feelings and behavior.

I think my sons today have a healthy respect for the human body and an amazing tolerance for diversity - including my own bisexuality, which evidently was even clear to them long before we actually told them.

I can't say that it's all attributable to our being nude together as a family but I think it was a contributing factor or at least just one in a long series of ways of thinking and ways of treating people and being nude that helped them to be open and honest about sexual issues, and not be morally uptight or self-righteous about gender, nudity and human sexual behavior.
They are both heterosexual and over 21-year-old male adults. I am talking about our being nude when they were infants, young boys and into the teenage years. We don't have as much occasion to get naked together these days.

Well... they do mean something.... what more can I say. I'll try.
I was TRYING to support you in the idea that being nude with your sons (or any kids) can be (even should be) something that's very natural and not a cause for alarm. (like some of the hyper-moralistic gay men are suggesting).

BUT .. it does depend on the situation (where you take them and what you 'show' them both physically and your own mental messages to the boys. And it also depends a lot on the boys' (children) own self-understanding and self-acceptance.
Hey, I'm not perfect. The 'idea' of a father and son being sexually involved is a secret fantasy. I enjoy reading Handjobs But it IS just fantasy material - I find I am not attracted at all to my own offspring. However, the thought has crossed my mind often enough about other fathers and their sons.

I think that all boys have at least one time or another (or maybe more than that) had to come to grips with the thought of their father as a sexual being or even an object of some kind of sexual emotions or physical intimacy. But they usually grow out (of it) and grow up (more interested in other things or girls (or guys) their own age before any attraction toward their dad is acted upon. Close to 90% of boys have experience with sexual 'play' with other boys - it's about being a male of the human species.

Fathers are likely to have experienced these same fleeting feelings (and then usually they passed ) and the realization about their sons growing up sexually. I noticed that the discussion has since about stopped. There was one point that had many people curious. You avoided answering the question about your son's ages. In today's climate of "anti-child predator" and all the media hype about child sexual abuse, and Internet child/teen sex / chat rooms etc, I realize you probably don't want to admit much of anything, but you could have said just that it's private or that it's not important to the gist of the discussion. By the way, I would not fault you if you did admit you enjoy being admired by your sons (I don't care what age they are).

Hope you can get what I meant.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Caught Jerking in a Public Park by a Young Japanese Guy

An original story first published on my JUB blog

Some of the photos are of me and a few were even taken on this day by cellphone camera. But the others are just photos found on the Net. I obviously didn't get a photo the stranger who caught me naked and jerking -- although now I wish I had asked him to take a picture.

  I do a lot of travelling to Asia -- recently to Hong Kong and into southern China and have lived in Tokyo for long periods at a time. I want to tell about flashing a clothed Japanese guy in Tokyo a couple of summer .. actually, it was one of the first times to really flash a guy and get more than just a reaction. He seemed to really like seeing me nude and enjoyed watching me jerk off. It happened in a public park on Tokyo Bay and the young man was a complete stranger who was attracted by his noticing I was naked in a public park where other people where around. It caused hime to come closer and catch me masturbating and even to encourage me to ejaculate. It was one of the hottest experiences I've ever had with a stranger.
It was in early June and I had some time off so I went down to Odaiba -- which is a large man-made island in Tokyo Bay just across the Rainbow Bridge (I think that is name). There is a beach (not much good for swimming because the water is so dirty, but there are some windsurfers in the water). Out passed this sandy beach which is about 1000 m/yds longs, there is a walkway out to some old man-made islands (one is exactly square). 
These were built to appear to be fortifications and there were large fake cannons (highly phallic - if you ask me) that were supposed to scare off Admiral Perry and the American Navy way back in the mid 1800s. Anyway, this area is a public park now. So I headed out there one sunny Friday in June to check it out. I found one corner of the 'square' island where there were fewer people. It faced the long suspension bridge that spanned from Odaiba island over to main Tokyo. 

The island has a embankment around the perimeter but the entire center is at a much lower level so you have to climb up stairs to reach the banks -- this means that many people don't actually see over perimeter as they walk around the island. There were some other people (partly clothed) sunning themselves further on down this side of the island so I decided to strip down to undies and catch some rays.

 One guy was wearing only a fundoshi - the wrap around loin cloth that used to be traditional Japanese underwear and now is typically only worn during festivals. Seeing him almost nude inspired me.
It wasn't long before I went further and took off all clothes. It was a grassy slope leading down the bank and I was sitting under a tree so it was not so clearly obvious to pedestrians who went up the stone stairs 30 ft behind me that I was nude. But if someone came off the walkway along the embankment and walked down the grassy slope, they get a good idea. So it was not a blatant act of flashing .. I was sunbathing nude, but that would only be clear to someone who was curious enough to approach me. There were boats that passed in the harbor which might have been able to see more if the driver or passengers were interested -- also pedestrians who walked along the bridge walkway could catch a glimpse of a nude form in the grass but they could not clearly identify me unless that had binoculars (or a zoom lens) since the bridge was far off. I stayed for nearly two hours -- not much happened.

Another foreign guy (not Japanese -- I think he was European) came up and seemed interested. He sat down about 50 ft away and sometimes gave me a look. Later he got up and came over to ask a question about directions, I was pretty sure that he was not going to scream in panic and just wanted to get a closer look so I really didn't cover up. But he was pretty much on the level and didn't comment on my nudity or really show that much interest either. So he moved on after we chatted just a minute.

Well, I found that very stimulating to be sitting there nude in a public park in Tokyo -- admittedly it was rather isolated, but it was one of my first flashing experiences. I never consider being naked on nude beaches as flashing - -although I suppose if you are showing a hard cock in the dunes like you are baiting a cocksucker with a hook, line, and sinker -- that might count. I've done that.. but this was the first time to be completely naked in front of strangers (few and far between ) in a public park where most people would NOT expect nudity.

It was not too long afterward that I noticed a younger Japanese guy (maybe 20) walking along the embankment on my right. There was a concrete gulley (used to drain the central plain of the island) that was too wide to cross between us. He noticed me and then he sat down on a bench about 75 ft away but kept looking over at me, obviously intrigued. I lay back at one point so that he could get a real glimpse of cock and pubic hair so he could confirm I was really nude. That would either get his juices going or he'd just leave if he were not interested in seeing dick. Sure enough, he got up but with an obvious glint of real interest in his eyes. So he made his way back up the ridge, and then proceeded down in the center of the island and disappeared. In a short time, he reappeared at the top again and looked around, seeming to decide if it was all right to approach me. 

After all, I was this naked foreign (white) guy sititing in the grass on a warm summer's day not far from downtown Tokyo. I don't think it was something he had ever seen -- neither was it something I had ever done -- so blatantly. He kept his eyes on me -- wanting to get a look at my cock which had now stood up hard and erect - since his interest was so obvious. I was starting to drip pre-cum as he made his way down the slope and around the tree and then stopped in front of me - standing between me and the bridge in the distance.

He sat down on one of the poles that supported the single length of chain that roped off the edge of the bank, staring at my erection. He was definitely cute and I could see the lust in his eyes -- I was really excited and as he sat there I could not help but reach for my hard cock and stroke it. He moved up closer and stood over me as I stroked more. He braced my legs with his and pushed them wider so that he could get a better look at my ass crack too. He urged to me on -- asking in Japanese, ' Ii kimochi?' (Does that feel good?) I grunted in response and he asked me to go on beating, 'motto yatte'. (Do it more). I wanted him to reach down and touch me but he kept glancing to his left and right down either side of the embankment. Still he was encouraging me to keep stroking, 'ii nah".. "kimochi?". "Yatte." I could not keep quiet because it was SO hot to be watched by a complete stranger in a public park who was clearly enjoying the show. I was moaning too and responding to his taunts I pushed against his legs and raised up to reach for his cock through his loose athletic pants, but he pulled upright. Maybe he was straight or maybe he was too cautious to do anything himself, but he was certainly very interested in watching me jerk my cock which was copiously leaking clear pre-cum across my belly. It didn't take long at this point before I was ready to let my cum fly.

The guy watched more intently and bent over to get a closer look when my spunk started to splatter my stomach and chest. When I was done, he gave me a smile, checked around to see if we had been observed by anybody else. He adjusted his own erection in his pants to make it less obvious and then walked away. It took me a few minutes to get cleaned up but I decided not to press my luck so I got dressed and left shortly after that. It was my first public masturbation for a stranger -- it started me on my 'career' as a cock flasher, I guess. But so far, I've not had quite a similar experience. I have only one regret -- not asking him to take a picture of me jacking in front of him with my cell phone. I have some cell phone cam photos taken then but they don't show him. 

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A Little Wander Through The Mind Of A Sexual Deviant

A Little Wander Through The Mind Of A Sexual Deviant

Originally published on

OK, I'm doing another Meme. I have had plenty of bloggable experiences in the past few weeks. But I have a minor case of writer's block. Also Tommy over at Gay Sky Hooker, never tagged me for this one. I felt a little bit peeved and decided to do it anyway. I'll try to get over my writer's block, by the end of the week.

1. Is there anyone of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with?

I have a few friends who I'd consider having sex with, equally I have a few friend who I've fooled around with and at least two friends who I've actually had sex with.

My friend Stephanie, is married to one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen. Dylan, he's a skinhead with an amazing body. He also has green eyes and cheek bones, I'm a sucker for green eyes and cheek bones. The added bonus is that he is hairy. I'd definitely consider having sex with him, but I'm sure it's not going to happen. I've had sex with my friend Melinda's fiancee, Richard, who's pretty hot. He's a Lifeguard and fills out his speedo nicely, the story is in the blog somewhere. I've also had sex with my friend Owen, another story that's in the blog somewhere. Finally, about a year ago, my friend Damien was having a house party. At 3 in the morning, most people were unconscious. With the exception of myself, Damien and our friend Gerard. None of us was tired, so we were playing the PS2. Damien is a total geek and naturally good at vid games, so Gerard asked me to distract him. I started to tickle Damien. Eventually I progressed to a point where I had my hands in Damien's and Gerard's shorts, they were both fully erect and packing some heat. Both of them have 6 or 7" cocks. That was a good night!

2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night?

Generally in the afternoon or at night. I don't have anything against sex in the morning, I'm just rarely in a position where I can have sex in the morning. Although it's awesome, when a top slides his Morning Glory up your ass and fucks you senseless.

3. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

The right, always!

4. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?

Does having sex for money count? I've decided it does, so Yes. Although, I tried out for Mr Gay UK, the heats were held in the Kremlin and I got a few bills of various denominations stuck in my briefs.

5. Have you ever had sex in the shower or the bath?

Bath = No. Shower = Yes, he was a very good-looking older, married guy and he managed to make it very hot.

6. Do you watch/read pornography?

Of course. I follow a lot of blogs, which are made up entirely of pornographic material. Don't know if Inches (Wank Mag, featuring guys with 8" plus) qualifies as reading material. As for watching porn, big fan of TIM, HDK and ThreshHold Media, also love amateur and vintage porn.

7.Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?

Aggressive guys seem to be able to keep up with me, I am quite aggressive for a bottom and I don't think you can be a passive top. It's a ridiculous concept. However, you do get guys who are lazy tops. I wonder if they might be passive.

8. Do you love someone on your blogroll?

No! There are a few guys that I'd like to be proper friends with possibly and I'm in lust with Dan from Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures. Well that is, I'm in lust with Dan's cock. But I'm not in love with any of them.

9. Would you choose love or money?

I'm a hopeless romantic. I know nobody, who reads the blog will believe that, but it's true. I would choose love. Money is easy to get hold of. Love is a lot hard to obtain and just as difficult to hold on to.

10. Your top three favorite kinks in bed?

Bareback, (Hello, is anyone reading this blog).
Underwear and Wrestling Gear.
Dirty Talk.

11. Has anyone ever gone beyond your personal line of respect sexually?

Yes, any guy who has hurt me while fucking me and failed to stop until I get used to his cock. That shows a total lack of respect. Monster cock is an exception, because it was glaringly obvious that he was going to hurt me.

12. Where is the most romantic place you have had sex?

Outside, in the pouring rain. It was with Christian and we were in Scotland together. The combination of the rain and the rugged landscape made it very romantic. But the fact that I was genuinely in love with Christian, played a part.

13. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?

In a church, it was just a blowjob and it wasn't with the priest. But still!

14. Have you ever been caught having sex?

Twice, toilets in Gr8 Vicky St station and also at Gaint's Ring. Although the time I was caught at Giant's Ring, the guy was a fellow cruiser and wanted to join in.

15. Ever been to a bar just to get sex?

Is that not what your supposed to do at the weekend? I guess the answer is yes then!

16. Ever been picked up in a bar?

Yes, I can't even think of a smart ass comment for this one.

17. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?

This question is retarded. I'm gay, I only kiss and have sex with people of the same sex.

18. Had sex in a movie theater?

Remarkably, No! Must work on that one.

20. Had sex in a bathroom?

Yes. I feel so dirty!

21. Have you ever had sex at work?

No. This is something else I must rectify.

22. Bought something from an adult store?

Porn and Fetish Gear, I guess.

23. Do you own any sex toys?

No! I don't like toys, I want the real thing.

24. Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film?

Probably, I'm sure there's footage of the time I tried out for Mr Gay UK, floating around on the internet somewhere. Also there's photo's of my cock and ass on more than a few guy's mobile phones.

25. Have you ever had sex with someone and called them the wrong name?

Well, when you don't know a person's name, it's freakishly easy to call out the wrong name during sex. I would also have to factor in the times, the guy fucking me lied about his name. Along with the times, that I was having sex with somebody else - in my head. On these occassions, I probably called out Ben Cohen or Brad Pitt's name.

26. Do you think oral sex constitutes as a form of intercourse?

Oral is only foreplay, even when I do it.

27. What's your favorite sexual position?

On my back, with the top holding my legs apart and fucking me senseless. I love to see a top's face, when he cums in my ass.

28. What's your favorite sex act?

Anal, without doubt!

29. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?

Yes! A couple of threesome and the occasional GangBang. I wish, Mark was still available to pimp my ass out. I miss being fucked and bred by multiple guys.