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Would a Joint Tribe JUB Dudesnude Adam4adam Manhunt Grindr Recon Gathering (Party ) be Possible?

How about a joint, JUB (, Dudesnude, Adam4Adam,  and Manhunt Gathering or Party?

Do you think it could be possible? Why? How? Where? When?
 Got any  ideas about how to make it work?

 It seems that JUB ( members  and even members  are hosting small gatherings across the US. So I'm wondering if guys on,,,, Recon, etc, would be interested in organizing some private parties or one giant party or event -- either in the USA or Europe (or both or even elsewhere)?

 Is anyone here actually participating in those -- attending and/or planning? I wonder if another large online virtual community like could do the same? Would there be any benefit of trying to hold a joint party/gathering?

That brings up the idea of a "joint" cross-group event - -but after all,  isn't that what PRIDE events or the annual street fairs are all about (such as Southern Decadence).

I am not nixing the idea of a Off-Line Mixer, or DN party or RECON convention or some  other event,  I am just making some suggestions so it might actually happen. For example, we could hook-up with an existing event and thus attract more Tribe / Manhunt / JUB or DN members to attend. I am also explaining what I think is needed to be decided in order to get one organized.

At least, we could start by having local /  JUB/ Manhunt/ or Dudesnude members sponsor one event at a major Gay Pride / Gay Carnival event (on their continent or region).

As I thought (and wrote) more about it the idea of a Tribe/ Manhunt/ Dudesnude-JustUsBoys Gathering seems more possible and more fun -- so I have started making real suggestions (at least on I have approached the idea to anyone here -- except through this blog entry.

The realities of actually organizing 'party' / 'convention' - 'round-up' or whatever it is called are
daunting if you try to actually get many DN members to attend. 

Instead, there may be some wisdom in starting on a smaller scale. It does takes a spark -- a
somebody(ies) who will take the initiative to set a place/time, have a clear purpose/events/activities, make contacts and coordinate communication.

It seems to be a bit difficult to come up with a 'purpose' for a such a giant  party -- if it a sex party/orgy then we'd better call it that. If it's a social gathering or an organizational meeting then we'd need to get that clear. If it a sponsored event that is part of another major gay (men's) event or an event or series of events organized for one of these sites (on its own) that's great but we need something to focus on: a parade float, BBQ, camp-out, beach party, ice-cream social, apres-ski party, pot-luck supper (in the nude) etc) then that would work.

If is going to have mulitple purposes then that's got to be decided or at least sorted out, but it seems that we're not likely to come up with ONE general purpose because of the diversity of men, locations, ages, and interests.
Still, if somebody got one party/convention organized, once it has been started and successfully held, it would be model on how to proceed with others (or how to improve upon the idea).
Also, why not have them rotate from venue to venue and occur several times a year?-- instead of trying to have simultaneous 'parties/conventions'.

 So ... I'll help organize one in Tribe / Manhunt / Adam4Adam/ JUB / DudesNude Gathering for winter,  spring or summer 2015 in the US (several locations), or at similar times in Europe since it would be possible for me to attend. I' m sure there are plenty of guys in either region to make the party a smashing success.

The First Gathering could be easy. If enough guys are interested, then we could set up a BBQ picnic in designated city and location, such as public park, so  the Jubbing around ( good clean fun - such as talking, chatting, playing games and any Dudenuding could go on at the (unofficial gay/nude beach or at a private residence or hotel room (suite).

Stay tuned below for more info and an Evite (electronic invitation) or MeetUp and also listed on each of the gay social network sites listed above.
Palm Springs  -- we could stay where we like but gather at one site (Inn Exile, CCBC, or wherever) for the main party/event(s).

Or it could be held sometime in February 21-March 5 either Honolulu (lots of hotels and also plenty of beach), or The Big Island (nude gay beach party on the Puna shore, accommodation could be at Kalani resort - from camping to bungalows to hotel-class rooms )

Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, Spain) Carnival 15th March - 20th, 2015 (or 2016).
or perhaps later March 19-28 the same years.
There are cheap flights from London, Germany, Amsterdam, Madrid. We could organize shared accommodations at both gay and vacation condo/hotels and have a huge blast on the largest gay beaches in the world during the day (all in the nude) and then split up into small dance/bar-hopping by interest groups at the many clubs in the Yumbo Center in the evenings.

There are other locations that may also be great:
Tampa or South Florida, March 12-15
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (Nude Gay beach party), March 18 - 28 (dates to be arranged)

I could attend one in Europe (and maybe help out with one) in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest) in March -- if the Gran Canaria does not work out.


TRYING OUT EVITE or MEETUP (both have websites and also iPhone apps) as ways to help organize (and/or just poll the members about enough interest to pursue the idea, and to actually start planning a location/time.

If you guys will indulge me, I have created an Evite to test its ability to actually find out WHO would attend a JUB/Dudesnude party or Gathering.

If you can or can't, I need a few JUB/DN members to try out the Evite link below:

Since it is may be a BROKEN URL link (yes, I understand very well why it may be), then you can piece together the parts of the URL and send me a reply at the EVITE site. Or you can send me e-mail and I will send you an Evite directly. It includes some of the features -- liking polling, brining things, that future JUB and/or DudesNude or Joint JUB-DN gathering hosts might need to know and info they'd need to be able to do collect.

So I'll someone who reads this will try it out -- even if you can't really attend that event on Jan. 1st in Honolulu.

Since I don't know the everyone's e-mails (nor would I send it to EVERYONE even if I did), but I do need a couple of people to try to see if the Evite works. It could also be useful to try as a site for setting up and sending out invitations and tickets to such an event.

One major stumbling block to actually organizing an DN event or party is the fact this is not a email LIST or group (Yahoo or MSN, etc). So there is no way to send everyone a message (apart from site host / web admin) - and they should NOT have to organize events AND run / host this site too.

So here's the link and hope you can make it (or at least try to send a RSVP or decline the invitation).
It will give me (and maybe someone in a different location) a resource for helping to organize a JUB/ DN event (if it works).

If the URL link is broken or incomplete, try piecing together the three parts in your browser. I hope you can please try it (if you have time and are willing to test out the Evite or Eventbrite systems as a possible vehicle for helping organize future events (and more accessible to more numbers of  DN/ JUB, Tribe, Adam4Adam, and Manhunt members).

Thanx from Sunbuns99 (Kelly) or sunbuns

Naked Camping: From then to now - Memory and tribute to 'nakid'

 [ Previously posted on and slightly revised now since it was a response to a member named 'nakid' who set fire to the imagination because he is gay and such an exhibitionist. ]

Camping, hiking, outdoor recreation are my favorites (along with scuba diving) so freeballing goes without saying. When I can, I also get naked too -- even when it's not a nudist camp. Fife's Ranch on the Russian River is a great place for that - except for holidays and the weekends, it's not too crowded and there is always 'space' to get naked down on the river itself.
Some of the hot springs mentioned above would be great places too. I've been a couple of times to places in California and also in Oregon. Even skinny-dipped at Yosemite in crowded mid-summer season one year.
I hope to go nude hiking and camping in the Anza-Borrego State Park in San Diego County this winter and again in the spring.

Camping has such a special meaning for me because it was really while camping or at summer camp that I got to see guys my age and also older (like the adults and camp counselor) naked, but it was the wholesome, good-natured expression of fun, self-confidence with one's body, and being close to
other guys that was the most significant. I guess some of them were freeballing too but I don't really remember focusing on that fact. It was the skinnydipping, or changing in the tent or cabins, getting ready for bed, and sometime sleeping nude next to your buddies -- those were times that made indelible memories for me that I remember fondly.

I am going camping in the desert of Southern Calif just before Christmas and will also be on the Big Island for camping -- both of which will be mostly nude.
I have some land (an acre) near Pahoa which is partly wooded and the nearest neighbors are few so I can get nude while camping there - Kehena
Black Sands beach is not far away (SEE ABOVE PHOTO). Kehena  is a nude mixed beach --- with a lot of people there on the weekends -- and some cool dudes who love to body surf naked. Just up the road is Kalani resort where I sometimes camp out.. it's not nude camping, but the pool area is clothing-optional after 4pm. So it's pretty cool, too.

This reminds me of my own teenage camping trips. I guess I 'm sort of trying to relive them when I go camping now...

Further down the road (the old Puna Hwy or "Red Road',  you can go camping at either MacKenzie Beach Park (very rustic - no facilities), or at the much nicer (and recently renovated), Isaac Hale Beach Park. I sometimes wear my shorty board shorts while out on the rocky black lava shore of Puna, Big Island Hawaii.

If you have a long enough time to spend, you'll probably be able to do the same on the Hawaiian islands -- it's a little known fact that there are quite a few county and state parks, in addition there is
one National Park (Volcanoes NP) that have camp sites. None of those are officially (or even unofficially nude) -- but it never stops me if there's nobody around from getting that way. Still, the public park campgrounds supposedly require a permit - but in reality, I doubt that many people get one. As long as you don't camp too long in one spot, no one is likely to check up on you -- although technically they could and would if you tried camping on Oahu's Waikiki beaches or Kona's beaches on the west (and more touristy) side of the Big Island. Although if you don't put up a tent, you could probably get away with it on Diamond Head beach (past Waikiki) -- if you get up in the hill side nooks and crannies. Of course, you have to watch out for the guys cruising for sex up there too [you'd no doubt be targeted]. But if there are two of you hooked together in one sleeping, they'll probably figure it best to leave you alone.

There will also be plenty of places on the Big Island where one can camp on private property (if you not TOO noisy during the night [smile]). Now that gets the imagination going - fo'sure! -- I can just imagine what that Aussie dude was thinking because I know I would get turned on by the sounds of
passion -- whoever it was going at it in the tent next door!

Hey, nakid, when it gets closer to the time you start actually planning a trip to Hawaii -- let me know and I'll fill you in on more exactly where (at least Oahu and Hawaii -- I don't know Mauai, Kauai very well). Maybe I'll let you stay on my property -- it's nothing but a square acre partly forested land - but someday I'll have built it up more like a outdoor camp or maybe a bungalow. It's not near the ocean -- so you'll probably enjoy more staying at a place like Kalani Resort (not free but has camping at $20 per night for a tent site). Kalani has a large pool with hot tubs and sauna which is clothing optional after 5pm every day.

Kalani is within walking distance to Kehena Black Sands beach and that's nude all year long - very mixed set of people who hang out at Kehena -- as well as at Kalani. BTW, you might be able to get a job at Kalani -- they have a program for temporary work-stays (pays your room and board in
exchange for some work). There are usually some really cool guys and gals -- from young people to seniors are needed for various kinds of work (kitchen, grounds, guest services, etc) and for teaching classes too. You could also look into temp jobs elsewhere around the islands if you wanted to stay longer.

Oahu has a very adequate public bus system that can get you almost anywhere on the island you want to go. The Big Island is a different story -- you'll either have to hitch rides (very doable in Puna (southeast region where I've been describing) or share a rental car - although there may be very limited bus service between major points. It's by picking up hitchers that I kind of stay tuned to the local vibes and also what the 'visitors' are doing - some are homesteading or housesetting, or just making ends meet by doing odd jobs etc. I've almost never been asked for money -- just rides or maybe cigs (but I don't smoke).

Some of the people I've picked up are just living for a while on the island because they can and they like the laid-back life. Actually, there are always some people staying/camping on Kehena Beach -- I guess you have to call them 'hippies' - I mean that's exactly what they look like and how they live --
most of the guys seem to let their hair grow long and they braid it and twist into a Rastafarian (sp?) reggae style. They often wear long flowing shirts with or without pants and are obviously anti-underwear - there are women too, but fewer actually live/camp on the beach -- although there are all kinds of people there, especially on the weekends. It's really cool on Sundays when dozens -- even hundreds of people gather on Kehena to dance, play music, and enjoy partying/socializing/smoking.

The hippie guys and gals never hesitate to join in and love to get naked and gyrate, cavort to the ethnic beat that the drummers and other amateur musicians have gathered to improvise. Why that's amusing .. it's more fun to watch for dolphins and whales (not the beached types) and to look at the cool board-type male and female bodies (many who aren't wearing any at the moment) throw themselves into the crashing waves trying to bodysurf or boogie board. Hey. I've gone on way to long....

Below is a pic of me walking back from Kehena Black Sands Beach, it's in a sheltered lagoon under a cliff face (so it's not public exposure and so too why some people camp out there - discreetly, of course) -- I am freeballing in my see-thru mesh shorts. I can't wait to get back there after Xmas - just after I leave LA from a few days in the Cali desert.

Here is a pic of one of the body-surfer types you're likely to see on Kehena Black Sands Beach. No, I did NOT take the photo -- although I like to admire, I respect my photos subjects and would always ask first. It is rude to take a camera to a nude beach and that's the easiest way to NOT be invited back.

Because nudity is popular here and ignored by most people -- esp the authorities, both Kehena and also Diamond Head Beach (Honolulu) are sometimes used for nude photos shoots for fashion mags, Hustler/Penthouse type spreads. It's more common to see naked women/models than nude men as the subject of the photos shoots. However, as a rule, the number of nude men just enjoying the beach usually outnumber the women 4:1. It depends too on if there is a weekend or holiday gathering going on.

Of course, the age span varies widely - but I find that there is a tendency to get a lot of teenagers,
young adults at Kehena along with the saggy boobed and wrinkled skin seniors too. There is a nice vacation home community that starts just a minute's walk west of the beach -- up on Hwy 137 - the Red Road. So you get a teenage boy and his younger brother down with the nudies.. it's cool and also cute when the teenager comes down to the beach -- casually takes off his boardshorts while the younger pre-pubescent brother keeps his on. That happened the last time I was there. On afternoons after school and on weekends there are always kids from 1 to 71 years old on the black sand or in the waves.
It's a place where you can actually swim with dolphins or at least see them and the humpback whales (Dec-March for the latter).

But every one is welcomed on Kehena - gay/str8 / young and old, singles/couples, all creeds, ethnicity, sexual persuasions,  and lifestyles.
It is NOT a GQ or  Cosmopolitan type beach for the fashion-conscious. Nudity and the freeball-easy clothing are the norm here and also the great leveler of personal status.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gettin' my rocks offs: plugging holes

Having sex every which way and any place!

During the long months of summer, I have had plenty of opportunity to get my rocks off at public (gay) beaches, sex clubs, saunas, and at gay trysting spots in parks and public restrooms. Cruising site:
It's been really fun getting to suck dick, sit on cocks, and ram my boner up a hot, tight hole these last few weeks.

Public anonymous sex with strangers:

Probably some fo the best sex (with strangers) has been a 24-Kaikan in Tokyo's gay center in Shinjuku Ni (2)- chome). It seems like when I've gone in July before my vacation abroad and since I've returned for my work-project in Tokyo (twice already), I've had the pleasure of fucking and getting fucked - all in close succession. The other weekend, I had no sooner arrive and dropped by the 'dorm' room (three adjoining darkened rooms with various platform and bunk beds for guys to sleep and have sex - all beds come equipped with a boxes of tissue, blanket and pillow and trash can.) No sooner had I squatted down to look at what action was going on in a bottom bunk (moans and groans) than an assertive Japanese guy sticks his cock in my face and- of course, I couldn't refuse the offer to taste dick. With a couple of minutes, he bent over and felt of my freshing douched butthole, probing my asshole with a finger. So he raised me up on my knees and proceeds to rub his cock into my hole, searching out the entrance to my pleasure pocket. Once he found it, he gave me a hot damn fucking and then pulled me over to one of the platform beds so he can really get me punked hard and good.

Once he applied a condom, he fucked like a bunny on steroids and had me moaning in pleasure so loudly, half the room crowded around to see what fun was going on and whether they could get a piece of the butt-fuck action. My wild fucker would have nothing of that and keep ramming his moderately long, but superhard dick into my pulsing hole until he came like gangbusters. I wiped off when he left and decided to go up the next floor where there are semi private rooms (several darkened smaller adjoining rooms fully padded with futons that can sleep about 4 each).

Sometimes I like to rest after a good fuck or fucking so when I entered one and found it empty I paused just a minute when I heard somebody come in the anteroom that leads into two adjoining rooms. The guys wasn't particularly my type but when you're horny as hell (getting fucked makes me want to fuck somebody's hole like crazy), you'll take anything you can get. He noticed my erection (sustained by my metal cock ring) and decided to get a closer look, eventually getting down on his knees
to give me a more than adequate blow-job. He stopped sucking and showed interest in my rubbing his butt so I could tell that he was up for a good fuck from a white foreigner. He had me don a rubber dick-glove and then proceeded to sit his butt down on my hard meat until I had hit bottom.

That guy could take a hard cock (about like I had just just 10 minutes earlier) and before long he let me turn him so I could fuck his ass from behind doggie style - my favorite to give and to get. I always love fucking my woman this way because I would be distracted by her flopping tits. Besides there is something feral and animalistic about inserting your penis into another human being's anus from behind that gets my juices really flowing and brings out the rutting beast in me.

Sex Fun on a National Park Beach
To try to meet up with gay men on the Big Island, it's been my habit to frequent spots where guys like to cruiseTo try to meet up with gay men on the Big Island, it's been my habit to frequent spots where guys like to cruise.

Still NOT FINISHED WITH THIS ENTRY YET (Sept 7 2014) Kelly (sunbuns99)