Friday, November 25, 2016

Exhibitionism leading to Public Sex Outdoors

Exhibitionism and Public Sex Outdoors
As an ardent would-be exhibitionist, I find that I'm really more like a avid nudist/naturist who would like to be seen by other males. Although true trench coat cock flashing is a rare activity, love to get naked where it's not quite expected and love getting others to be naked with me. I write about this on my blog or at dickflash dot com. 

 My most memorable 'flashing' experience was in a public park on Tokyo Bay (at Odaiba) in June a few summer ago. I was sitting nude (there were other people in various states of undress, but none completely naked) in a semi-secluded area (regular pedestrian parks goer couldn't easily see, but anyone who had mind too could get an eyeful. 

I was far enough away from the other people or from the Rainbow Bridge in the distance to not be obviously exposing myself naked. Still, I had a few guys come up and get a glimpse (one even chatted a minute). But the highlight of that afternoon was when a cute Japanese guy about 20 year old who seemed overly curious, arrived and noticed me. He kept getting closer and closer, pretending to be looking out the ocean scenery, but obviously throwing glances at the naked foreigner. 

When I started pulling on my now erect cock, he took the bait and eventually came up and stood nearby. He was just too intrigued and wanted to see my cock and see me jack off, so he stood almost over me - in the end, he stood right over me, spreading my legs wider with his own, and giving me soft verbal commands to beat off until I ejaculated. He didn't get naked himself, but it was one of the hottest exhibitionist experiences I have had - to be approached by a perfect stranger who turned me on and was himself turned on my public sexual behavior. 


It was one of my first CMNM) (clothed male-naked-male) experiences that involved sex (well - I reached ejaculation - although it wasn't mutual). That experience sort of ratcheted up the level for what I expected from flashing and exhibitionism from myself- but since then, I've not really had the same of level of exhibitionist experience. Having sex at a gay nude beach is pretty hot especially while other guys watch - which is definitely why I go to gay baths or public cruising spots (it's being seen nude that is so arousing), but it's almost expected there - meaning it's not that out of the ordinary.

Recently, taking a new friend to a nude beach - and getting him to go naked with me was a really fun time. But it was about sex, really. I could go on but will stop and continue enjoying other guy's stories.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

[thorngay] Sagging + A guy in the clearing (story) by Thorn

--- On Mon, 9/8/08, Thorn, moderator of Yahoo Group: thorngay wrote:

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 A guy in the clearing
An original stoy by Thorn (distributed on Thorngay Yahoo Groups to all members)
It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I didn't want
 to be stuck in my apartment. So I pulled on a pair of shorts
 and a T-shirt, grabbed the car keys and headed out to a forest
 walk just out of town.

I often went there in nice weather and caught a bit of sunshine. Although it was close to town It was very quiet and I would take my shirt off walk around for a bit in just my shorts, but usually, before long, I would get so horny the shorts would come off too... at least if I was reasonably sure there was no-one around. I just love the feeling of the sun and the breeze wafting on my naked skin.


I arrived, parked the car and walked into the woods. It was a beautiful summer's day with just the distant buzz of insects going about the their business and the occasional chirp of birds. I walked in some distance into the forest and didn't see a soul.

By now my T-shirt was off and I was wearing just my shorts and feeling quite horny. I was looking forward to the usual routine of losing the shorts, getting really horny with being naked and the danger of being seen, then wanking off in a glorious frenzy.

I reached my favorite clearing where the shorts usually come off and I was starting to slide them down, when I realized I had company. There was a figure lying on the ground. All I could see were naked knees pointing skyward out of the long grass.  
There was a ridge up to the right and I realized I could get up through the undergrowth and get a better look. As I climbed up to higher ground I could not believe my eyes.

It was a young lad, about my own age I would guess and he was quite clearly wanking although I couldn't yet see his whole body. The arm was moving rhythmically and his T-shirt and possibly his shorts were lying beside him.

My heart pounding and moving as quietly as I could I crept up to a higher position where I could see more clearly. Sure enough he was working it hard and it looked just beautiful. He was about 19 or 20 years old I guess. Slim but not too skinny, with dirty blond hair. Beautiful. I crept closer, now with my shorts round my knees, wanking as I watched this guy rythmically pumping his rock hard, beautiful dick.

I decided to crawl forwards to get closer to the action. Then, horror, I knelt on the inevitable twig which snapped with a loud crack.The guy stopped wanking immediately and sat up, looking around. He must have spotted me as I was now only about 20 feet away and instinctively reached for his clothes. I decided to go for broke and stood up, with my shorts around my knees still wanking and said. "No, don't stop, I'll come and join you".

Without waiting for a response I walked over and lay down beside him. Still wanking. He reached out and grabbed my dick and started to wank me, I grabbed his. We lay there for some 20 minutes saying nothing but just wanking and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. Then it was clear that he was about to cum. I was ready too and we both exploded over each other and the surrounding grass, with happy contented moans.

Walks in the woods were not so solitary in the future and with Stephen there, we both encouraged each other to try more and more daring locations for our exploits.
(--The end--)
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Nudism: Father and sons / parent-child

It may be that those who don't have children (of either sex) might possibly 'project' what might be their own doubts (or fears or sexual inclinations) when they consider how gay or bisexual fathers could be perfectly comfortable being naked with their children (especially sons), or even want to make sure that they DO get the opportunity to learn / experience being comfortable naked with their dads and other men.

I don't ever recall having the slightest urge to 'know' my own sons biblically (i.e. in a less than wholesome way) and never gave the first thought to being sexually attracted to them. I'd be less than honest to say that this was not always true about some of their high school friends and soccer teammates. However, I never ever acted on these thoughts - although I wouldn't morally condemn some man who did - that's not what the issue or the original question on this thread is about.

I'm not rejecting the possibility that some fathers could have more than an affectionate or fatherly interest in their sons, but I'd bet that most do not.


In my own case, there was no willful desire, ulterior motive or sinister plan to let the boys see me (and my wife) naked. It was just a natural family thing. We did not raise them in Judeo-Christian religion-influenced America so that probably had a lot to do with reasons why it just seemed natural. We bathed together, went to public baths and hot springs resorts, and a few sometime visited nude beaches (or clothing-optional spots, in other countries - such as Greece and Munich's Englischergarten). Conversations sometimes included references to what they saw or were experiencing and there were the inevitable questions. But it was appropriate and in context - so it was a good way and good time to answer their questions: about sex or sexual attraction or feelings and behavior.

I think my sons today have a healthy respect for the human body and an amazing tolerance for
diversity - including my own bisexuality, which evidently was even clear to them long before we actually told them.

I can't say that it's all attributable to our being nude together as a family but I think it was a contributing factor or at least just one in a long series of ways of thinking and ways of treating people and being nude that helped them to be open and honest about sexual issues, and not be morally uptight or self-righteous about gender, nudity and human sexual behavior.
They are both heterosexual and over 21-year-old male adults. I am talking about our being nude when they were infants, young boys and into the teenage years. We don't have as much occasion to get naked together these days.

Well... they do mean something.... what more can I say. I'll try.
I was TRYING to support you in the idea that being nude with your sons (or any kids) can be (even should be) something that's very natural and not a cause for alarm. (like some of the hyper-moralistic gay men are suggesting).

BUT .. it does depend on the situation (where you take them and what you 'show' them both physically and your own mental messages to the boys. And it also depends a lot on the boys' (children) own self-understanding and self-acceptance.
Hey, I'm not perfect. The 'idea' of a father and son being sexually involved is a secret fantasy. I enjoy reading Handjobs
But it IS just fantasy material - I find I am not attracted at all to my own offspring. However, the thought has crossed my mind often enough about other fathers and their sons.

I think that all boys have at least one time or another (or maybe more than that) had to come to grips with the thought of their father as a sexual being or even an object of some kind of sexual emotions or physical intimacy. But they usually grow out (of it) and grow up (more interested in other things or girls (or guys) their own age before any attraction toward their dad is acted upon. Close to 90% of boys have experience with sexual 'play' with other boys - it's about being a male of the human species.

Fathers are likely to have experienced these same fleeting feelings (and then usually they passed ) and the realization about their sons growing up sexually. I noticed that the discussion has since about stopped. There was one point that had many people curious. You avoided answering the question about your son's ages. In today's climate of "anti-child predator" and all the media hype about child sexual abuse, and Internet child/teen sex / chat rooms etc, I realize you probably don't want to admit much of anything, but you could have said just that it's private or that it's not important to the gist of the discussion. By the way, I would not fault you if you did admit you enjoy being admired by your sons (I don't care what age they are).

Hope you can get what I meant.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The CMNM dynamic drives a lot of men to explore 'gay' issues


The  photo is only one of two dozen that a young man (who called himself Str8man) posted on another gay discussion board. The user explained that he was 'really' straight, but that he wanted (or needed) the advice of guys who could be honest about whether his 'dick' was big enough or not. It was obviously more than simply that because the posting of his self-pics (never the face) has gone on periodically for several months now.

       While initially a 'virgin', he explained during the course of the posts how 
he had had sexual experiences with his girlfriend, but was often horny so considered getting a 'blowjob' from a guy at some point. I think this type of Net 'naked' exposure or self-revelation is symptomatic of what I call the need for male 'skinship' - a form of the CMNM experience. As our societies have accepted 'gayness' (at least to some legal extent), the stigma about being bi or gay - while not vanished - is certainly greatly reduced and for a few happy (no pun intended) gay men, it may be non-existent. 

However, at the same time, I think this new sexual 'freedom' for all males puts traditional self-identity in some type of young males and even older men into greater jeopardy. In a way, the macho male is even more threatened in his feelings of isolation and his lack of ability to make 'acceptable' buddy-buddy relationships with other males (particularly those a little older and wiser ) in whom he cannot fully confide or whose affection and need for intimacy he feels he must still largely deny - except for 'outburst' like this one on gay/bi Net sites. 

         In a way, gay sites are becoming the confessionals of a whole new
generation of males who crave deeper male intimacy - with or without everything else that is involved in a emotional romantic or sexual interpersonal relationship. For the young kid or full-blow teenage, (such as Str8man above) who may have no father (divorced parents) or even no close adult relationships at all - especially men because of today's climate of paranoia about the potential of 'child abuse' by ordinary adults and social authorities figures (teachers, counselors, coaches, priests). He may feel particularly isolated or alone in his feeling of inadequacy -- especially when he is growing up, going through adolescence's change and hormonal upheavals, and experiencing the first few sexual and romantic relationships. It seems to be all to common to see exactly we are seeing above -- it's emblematic of a larger social phenomenon. 


 I think that many guys who visit (lurk) or participate in the message boards and forums of gay social networking and gay hook-up sites such as Dudesnude, JustusBoys, Gaywatch, Dlist, Lifeout, and definitely on sites such as DickFlash are actually craving CMNM experiences -- rather than true simply just sex to get off. It's not that they don't need or wan
t to get off (ejaculate) or that they don't need to communicate or try to relate and form relationships or friendship, but I believe that the need to profoundly reach a deep intimate level of emotional or psycho-sexual communication or interaction with other men - THAT fundamentally involves nudity - is a very strong force and a desire they feel that must fulfill.

Therefore, I would like to expand the definition of CMNM (clothed male - naked male). You can see that expanded definition in earlier entries of the blog I have started, devoted to this topic: Guys Into CMNM You can read it at: Your experiences, stories, comments/reactions, Net resources, pics are welcomed as contributions for the CMNM blog. Please send them to: sunbunz AT gmail DOT com

           In CNMN experiences, not everyone involved needs to be to
completely dressed or undressed (there can be mixed dressed/nude people in the same situation). It's the potential for nudity as a form of intimate or erotic communication that is more important than actually who is nude or clothed and how far each way.

 There can be more than one nude guys - it's just that there must be one clothed guys too. Often, guys can get CMNM thrills by being the dressed one or the naked one alternatively. I know that it works this way for me. I'm not passing any critical judgement on any other kind of male-oriented sexual lifestyle -- (flashing, BDSM, leather, role-playing (involving uniforms or costumes) because some people are turned on by multiple form of sexual stimulation - some of us are bisexual (past / present and future) and some of us get off flashing or simply just being exposed (or getting to see those who do). 

A true (extreme) dickflasher seems to get off by
showing an erect cock in places/situations where people don't expect it and are shocked to have the 'space' invaded by a hard dick.. at the extreme, it may be the only way he can get off (ejaculate). It seems that there are actually very few guys who fall into that category. 

         The CMNM (being exposed where clothed guys can view (and/or be visual stimuated) seems to find his (me being one of them) thrill in being naked in front of guys (dressed or in a state of dressing/undressing) where it's is more or less socially acceptable or at least tolerated (even glorified) - like a public street fair or a no-pants or strip night at a male-oriented bar, etc, or more 'innocently' in a locker room or frat party. But I know that in my case, I get a lot more
social/psychological fulfillment / satisifaction (?) and some erotic/sexual pleasure from being in a CMNM situation - especially where I can establish a personal relationship with the clothed (or naked) guys. Recently, I find this often happens in a hostel or similar situation (campground, at the beach or gym showers, or clothing optional resort, etc, where you meet and befriend strangers who later get to see you naked or even aroused - almost by 'accident' not totally by design). 

I collect a lot of CMNM photos and have them for 'friends only' on: 

         You have to join Flickr (free) and add me as friend to view the pics. Please STATE on your profile that you are 18 years old or OVER 18  This makes things legal and I'll get less flack from Flickr for pandering to minors. There are also thousands of Flickr groups (little discussion but lots of photos) devoted to different aspects of this same idea: Frat parties, doctor's physical exams, being naked in public (not just flashing from a alley or window), sports locker rooms, etc.

 My own Net photos collections are categorized in sets as such. There are also scores of Net porn sites devoted to some particular 'flavor' or scene that is strongly related to CMNM. There are also a few private and public groups on Yahoo and devoted to CMNM. 

* You must be a Flickr member and my Flickr friend to view the private pics on my Flickr photostream:  seefallus or hardtwoholed

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