Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shifting Era -- Wanted: Tearoom Cruising for Sex Buzz

Tearoom Cruising

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CruZn 4 sechs:
I've had some really exciting sex-periences in public toilets at stations, airports (infrequent), dept. stores, campuses, and in park restrooms, pool/gym lockerrooms, and roadside rest areas - too many to describe now. In the UK, this practice is called cottaging.

My first blowjob (as giver and taker) was in my university library at age 19 with a total stranger of whom I never saw more than his cock. So it's been a part of my (sporadic) sexual habits ever since.

There seem to be far less 'cruisy' public spaces than before 9/11. Obviously, the HIV outbreak and aftermath before that drastically (for a time and is probably continuing still to some degree) reduced public cruising some. I think the anti-terrorism security measures have increased patrols, video surveillance cameras, and even closed some 'cruisy' spots.

What do you think? At the same time, I get a sense that the str8 populace all over (UK and US for example) is getting into 'dogging' and public exhibitionism and public sex more and more. Or at least, there are more ways to it to become known - maybe it was always there to an even greater extent than what homophiles were doing. I never knew so many women were involved in gloryhole sex until recently - chasing down cocks in some venues formerly (traditionally - WTF! - It's funny saying that) reserved for gay / curious men's anonymous sex. This is not only
true in the US but I've found stepped up security monitoring of these kinds of - what we used to call 'tearooms' to be increased (or increasing) everywhere.

For example, Tokyo used to have some pretty heavy cruising at the toilets in one very large train/subway station and it still exists, of course. These places are now monitored by roving security patrols (although I 'm not sure if vidcams are installed yet) and underground 'koban' - police boxes nearby. It seems to have cut down on the cruising -- although never completely (he he!)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Playing with a dildo down by the river

Recently, I have started a new hobby:  getting naked in the woods and impaling my ass on a big dildo, all the for the amusement of the men (strangers) who haunt the woods on the weekends.

 There is a river about two kilometers from where I live. In a partly deserted part of the river's very wide embankment is a wooded area where guys go to sunbathe nude and cruise for sex with other like-minded guys. I first got the idea from seeing one of the sunbathers pull out a nice fat dildo and proceed to sit on it.

Now when I go down the river, I take my trusty nine-inch rubber cock, and enjoy using while I lean up against a tree. The tree is near the edge of the forested area, so it's even possible that some people on the walking path about 300 meters away might catch a glimpse of someone - partly clothed and engaged in doing something nasty - but they really couldn't tell what unless that came over onto the little forested areas to get a closer lookl.