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The Naked Horny Hitchhiker - an original story by Saleguy

An original story (distributed on the Yahoo Group: Thorngay)
Written by Saleguy

I'm a 20-year old college stud, I have no purpose in my life during summers accept to travel around and get to fuck hot guys. I have blonde hair; I work out so I have a great body and my cock's about 9 inches. I'm horny, gay and very willing to share my man juices with other studs interested in pure male pleasure. I have been doing this summer-traveling since I was 18. It's always been a lot of fun and every year it's different - it always gets better. This story is about an adventure that happened on my last week of summer freedom - a summer that was about to turn out a total failure. Until that special day...

It was a hot day of July and I had been waiting by the empty highway for three hours for a car to take
me somewhere. Anywhere at all. I was wearing only blue satin running shorts without any underwear and a white T-shirt which was already soaking wet. In my bag I only had my boxers, a towel and my favorite issue of Zipper along with some lubricant for those special moments of self-pleasuring.
The sun was hot like hell and the rock I was lying on made me feel like I was melting. I was all sweaty so I decided to take off my T-shirt. It felt great to bask half naked in the sun and there was absolutely no wind, not even a soft breeze. I felt the sun caressing my tanned sweaty body. I looked down at my muscular chest and caressed it softly with my fingers. Suddenly I heard a car in the distance. I looked to the left and saw it approaching. It was a blue shiny brand new convertible. I grabbed my T-shirt and stuffed it in my bag, climbed off the rock and stood by the road.

Before I could raise my hand, the car stopped 10 feet from me. Now I saw a gorgeous young man about 23 with short blonde hair and a body of a Greek god behind the wheel. Alone. And he was wearing nothing but a pair of black, loose and rather revealing shorts and black sunglasses. I felt a wave of heat going through me, as I walked towards the car. The man was smiling and I stepped next to the car. "So, are you hitchhiking here all alone in the middle of nowhere?" he asked taking off his sunglasses. He was incredibly cute! "Yes. I'm Steve. Where are you heading?" I asked confidently.
"I'm Dylan. Nowhere really. I heard there's a motel on the side of the road in about a hundred miles. You know anything about it?" "No, but I think I might be going there, too." Guess what I meant with that. "Well, hop in. Let's go find out." I threw my bag in the car and got in.

We had been driving no more than 15 minutes, when we saw the motel by the side of the road. When we went to check in, it turned out the only room left was a single one. But since the motel had only five rooms
and the other four were taken, we had to accept to spend the night in the same room and the same bed. Now wasn't that just wonderful! I would get to sleep in the same bed with this gorgeous stud. Yummy!

We got to our room and I decided to grab a shower. So I went to the bathroom and stripped. I left the
bathroom door open not being ashamed of my rather good-looking body in front of another man, especially such a hunk. He didn't seem to care, but he did give my body a look. I stepped in the shower and enjoyed the cooling water running down my hot body. I turned the water off and got out of the shower. My cock was half hard and went to the room to get my towel. He was sitting on the bed, but when I entered, he got up and slipped off his shorts revealing a dick I had always dreamed of. Gigantic, uncut, with a little hair around it, huge shaved balls hanging below and half hard at the moment. An awesome piece of meat to suck on!

The owner of this magnificent tool caught a glimpse of my naked, wet body and stepped into the bathroom himself to wash off all the sweat that covered his tanned muscles. I switched on the TV to see if anything interesting was on and I soon spotted a porn channel. I threw the towel around my waist and sat on the bed to enjoy the movie. It was straight porn but it had two incredibly hot dudes fucking a chick - one on both ends. The close-
ups of the dude who was getting sucked were very hot. He had a dick at least 10 inches and the girl sucked on it real good. I felt a hard-on developing under my towel.

The action on the screen got really steamy and my cock responded to it with a raging hard-on. I felt pre-cum dribbling down the inside of my thighs and that turned me on even more.
I heard the water stop and the guy getting out of the shower. He came in with a towel around his waist just like me and stopped by the bed. I waited for his reaction.

"Watching porn, man? Fuckin' hot. Turn it up." He sat in the chair by the bed and we kept watching. The action was really hot and the guys were all sweaty and about to cum. I was incredibly turned on and I could have just jerked off right there. Then the guys on the screen started cumming. The shot their load right on the girl and each other. Oooh! "Fuckin' hot, man. This is a real turn-on. I see a stud like you gets hard on this."

I looked at his towel and saw that he was real hard. He didn't look at me, but I could feel his eyes on my body when I looked on the screen again. "Oh fuck, I'm so turned on I have a raging hard-on just like you, stud. I could just jerk off right now!" he said, sliding his fingers over his towel. "Yeah, man. I'm real hard too. I wish I could jerk off, too." I can't believe I actually said that! "Hell, I'm gonna pump my cock right here right now! You wanna rub your dick, too, man?" He threw his towel on the floor and revealed his huge hard-on.

"Hell, yeah! I'm gonna massage my shaft with you!" I threw my towel away and grabbed the lubricant from my bag, squeezed some on my hand and gave some to him. We spread the lubricant on our horny tools and started the action. He pumped his cock with round movements and I followed his technique. We just rubbed our dicks fiercely, speeding it up and slowing it down in turn, making each-other more hot with every second.

The pleasure was overwhelming, as we started to reach climax. He grunted loudly as he shot his load all over my body, covering my with hot spurts of his fresh man juice. I answered with a powerful shot that made me yell my lung out, as I felt the incredibly powerful load blow out of my cock. It hit his chest and legs, covering him with creamy stud-jizz and making him moan out of the heat of the moment. We both kept cumming for a while and then finally shot the last of our load. It was great! We laid there, covered in fresh hot sperm and trembling in the after shakes. It was the hottest orgasm of my life.


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Messing About: An original story

Messing about

My friend Mike and I live some way apart so when we meet up we mostly drive somewhere halfway for

 a chat and a little homoerotic activity, which usually means we have to do so in a public place. 

One of our favourite activities is meeting in a country pub 
after work. On these occasions we are both commando and both tend to wear
 loose suit trousers – mine is a vintage one which has 
a simply huge button fly that goes right under my crotch.

We get seated with a drink in a quiet corner away from too 
much scrutiny but still able to see and be seen, unbutton 
ourselves and gradually ease our cocks and balls into view 
of each other. Sometimes we put on paper on the table 
which we pretend to be reading and then when all along 
we’re enjoying the sight of seeing each other’s manhood 
hanging out virtually in public – well, I say hanging, but often they are pointing straight up.

Other times we will reach behind each other to give our bums a fondle, sometimes going right down to feel the balls from 

If the pub layout allows it, another fun thing is to both stand at the bar talking to the person serving with our flies open. 
The rule is, if one person is talking he gets his cock fondled by the other one.
 We’ve had a couple of times we’ve nearly been caught but that all adds to the thrill.

If we’re meeting during the day we often head for a sports centre as the changing rooms offer plenty of opportunities for
as much exposure as possible. Striking up a long intense conversation while stood naked at our lockers is one tactic, the
 aim being to see how long we can be plausibly nude and on view and it’s fun to catch other guys surreptitiously checking
 us out. 

We always go for the open showers and usually get stiff soaping up our cocks and letting others catch a glimpse of that.
 To show what close mates we are we will share a shower gel container and sometimes squirt the contents on each other
 and rub them in. We take as long as possible over this and of course never wrap ourselves in towels on the walk back.

When back by the lockers and dry ourselves with very slow exaggerated motions which draw attention to the cock and 
balls or bend over to dry our toes and show our bum holes
to full effect.

If there’s a pool then we have a game where we each bring trunks for the other to wear – usually small and revealing with
 the liner cut out to accentuate the bulge. Mike once
 brought me such a big pair of baggy shorts that the weight
of them pulled them off me spontaneously when I was
- getting out of the water, much to my “pretend” embarrass-
ment. To get my own back I made
 him wear a small white pair that went transparent in the water and he managed to get away with them the whole session
 by standing behind me when he needed to get out of the

Being in a pool or changing room it’s easier to spot other guys’ reactions on seeing our nudity and I’ve certainly seen quite
 a few unable to keep their eyes off us or hide their own erection and that’s a real turn-on.

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Urban Stress Relief or Sexual Molestation: Riding Tokyo's Trains

Urban Stress Relief or Sexual Molestation - Riding Tokyo's trains

As you have no doubt heard, there are now Women-Only train cars on the some of the public and private train and subway lines in Tokyo - it's an attempt to prevent sexual groping (men abusing women or teenage girls). They operate these cars mainly during peak rush hours. Yet, I wonder if the authorities realize that they may be encouraging male-male groping behavior by reducing the ratio of women on train cars.

When I lived there and travel to Tokyo, I found it somewhat erotic - although more frequently just plain frustrating and irritating -- to be crammed together like sardines in a train car. Especially during morning rush hour, there is invariably a time when your body or someone else's in pressed up against your front, back or side. Most people try to appear oblivious and just pull in their appendages, and bear it (not bare it), but there seem to be quite a few men (both str8 and otherwise) who seem to enjoy it.

I have had my share of being groped or at least rubbed provocatively by Japanese men on trains. Some of it, of course, is completely accidental. However, there were times when it definitely was not so innocent or at least was mutually pleasant -- to put it mildly.

One time I could feel the guys cock rubbing against my leg - I am taller than many Japanese men (altthough younger men are getting taller and taller as the years go by). He was obviously enjoying the sensation because as we rode along and the train just got more crowded, he proceeded to get a full on erection.

Another, I was on the Keio line leaving Shinjuku at night and it was very crowded. A young guy seemed to not only welcome have me pressed up against him, but he turned himself so that our crotches would be pressed together. This wasn't actually either of us groping, but the force of the bodies and the movement of the train keep us both aroused as we were smashed together at the groin.

There is an urban myth among gays in Tokyo that men who are seeking mutual accidental encounters (rubbing, groping or even stealthful mutual masturbation) will congregate in the last car (or is the first car). Once I saw a tall foreign guy in overall apparently getting a hand job from a shorter Japanese man (last car on the Chuo (Orange) train.

Finally, there used to be a wild event on or near Halloween (Oct 31) on the Yamate train (green circle line around central Tokyo). Each year, hundreds of people in costumes would all meet at Shinjuku station at 9:00pm and then jump all together in the same train (literally filling up the cars like morning rush hour, then at the next stop, everyone would rush like man to change cars -- sort of like musical chairs. I participated once and ended up being videoed on the national television news (since the media decided to show up and film the event). The JR authorities did NOT appreciate it -- especially since some 'regular' passengers were bumped into or caused inconveniences (like not being able to get off the train).

There was also a lot of trash (beer cans, wigs, and pieces of costumes) left on the trains - because most everybody was drinking or already drunk by the time the wide train parade got going (typically on a Friday or Saturday night). One guy who I befriended while riding this mad Halloween train rush, was wearing nothing but a yukata (casual cotton kimono) and proceeded to show me that he had nothing on underneath it.

Male-Male Sex in Public Places

Japanese men are not completely bashful - while modest in daily life, they certainly are not adverse to getting their rocks off and men of all persuasions will sometimes have sex in public trysting spots -- called 'hatten basho.' These cruising areas are sometimes in posh locations or in department stores and shopping centers, at public parks, and at the local swimming pools and gyms or sports clubs.

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